Annie Sloan – Chalk Paint® tutorial No.1 – one-colour distressing technique with dark wax.

Annie Sloan – Chalk Paint® tutorial No.1 – one-colour distressing technique with dark wax.

I’m going to use my paint, showing you some very simple techniques. I’m using here the smallest of my brushes. I could be using the bigger one. I just picked up one, it doesn’t really matter,
what ever feel comfortable with. first of all I’m going to show you how to do it using a smooth-ish brush stroke so I’m painting, if you noticed, every which
way. I’ll just slow that up I do these sort of techniques like that. but because i’m going for a sort of distressed look. I prefer to paint over these things also it’s a lot quicker. and the other thing I can do is to
take it and sort of stipple with it dabbing it fairly hard and quite dry, so
can you see that bit there where the paint is thicker and it’s more three-dimensional you’ll now need to wait aproximately 20 minutes for the paint to dry depending on the temerature and the thickness. So now the next step is to show you
how to do the wax, and of course the wax has been the thing that people have been the most intrigued by. So here’s my brush covered in wax, and I’ve got a cloth here as well. I’m painting over with the wax and you
can see the lack of paint has brought that up because I only did a thin coat. This is not laying a layer of wax on the paint but it’s a bit like, someone came up with the idea, when you put hand cream on you put hand cream on so it absorbs right in. You don’t put hand cream on and leave a layer so you walk around with really greasy hands. When I’ve waxed enough I will then go in wiping it. Because it’s metal underneath, just a
little bit without really much work is coming through, and you can see a little
bit of the metal and I think it looks quite nice So this is my Dark Wax. I know it looks really dark. What i’m doing now is something you will
probably be very scared of… but as long as you’ve got clear wax underneath that is not a problem. Now I’m just going to wipe that off. Quite lightly take it off. That’s where I did the stipples. What I tend to do is I work sort of painting it really. Take a little bit of clear wax, just very lightly go over the top leaving the top lighter, and the darkness really in the cracky bits. this is a sand paper which is quite fine. You can get finer. Just showing a little bit of the wood maybe.
Bring out that nice bit of gold on there. and I might just do a little bit more clear wax on to there.


  • A M says:

    Hi Annie, I have fallen in love with the painted furniture. I have a large bedroom suit that my parents gave to me years ago, it's solid pine but it's looking very dated and dried out. My husband and I have talked about painting it white but I wanted to achieve the dark look in the cracks (almost black). Do you have any suggestions?

  • helenka barth says:

    I love your colors.great video,great atmosphere.can you tell me what great music you have in this video.Thanks for your colors…

  • Rachelle Davis says:

    Awesome technique! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jai Sharma says:

    Hi Annie , I was wondering if there are any clips of you painting a wall ? I would like to paint my kitchen Paris grey ,how much water would I need to mix with the paint ?

  • jd2427 says:

    Could you do kitchen cabinets like this?

  • jd2427 says:

    You do amazing work!

  • weftyone says:

    Although I liked the pc before the paint. The paint is quite lovely.

  • kerry peppiatt says:

    I just love this look, just starting myself and about to purchase paint from one of your outlets in Melbourne Derbys 🙂 Can't wait, only used 'ordinary' paint so far – looking forward to trying the clear and dark waxes. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing all your techniques 🙂 xx

  • D. A. Cullen says:

    Years ago I saw a young woman on a TV furniture rehab show have hysterics when the "Helper Crew" painted over her beloved Aunt's beautiful dresser. It made me sick to see what these moron anencephalics did to that dresser and to the poor young woman's psyche. YOU must have been those moron anencephalic's instructor. You should be ashamed and you WILL be called to hell when you die.

  • 10101101 1010111011 says:

    I'm in the camp of not vandalising antique furniture like this , you just know that it will end up in a charity shop in 10 years and someone will have the fun job of restoring it again.

  • 10101101 1010111011 says:

    This is vandalism.

  • mrkthmn says:

    Ha ha ha, wow, there a bunch of pathetic "antique" snobs here! Whether she bought this and put it on a golden shrine and sacrificed particle board to it or painted it over, the piece is hers to do whatever she wants with. Cars are my passion but if someone wanted to buy a rare classic and cut it up then thats their car to cut up. Point is, that piece she just painted will never be yours so cut the elitist crap and stop telling her she's gonna go to hell you trolls.

  • minnis campbell says:

    Hi Annie i am new to using your paint but can not wait to experiment !! it is like doing a painting painting on a piece of old furniture .. wonderful endless hours of pleasure await .
    I was told that if i applied heavily and then hair drier apply to it that it would crackle ..its not happening . Is there more to this crackle effect than heat ? thankyou so much and so glad to have the ability now to make everything special ..and to easily access the product and expertise ..

  • Annie Sloan says:

    Hi Minnis,
    Thank you. I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying the painting!

    This is correct, the paint does crackle when the paint is applied unevenly – where the brush strokes are applied heavier in some parts than others. Humidity can have an affect on this and some colours can crack more easily than others. If you could get in touch with the stockist that you bought the paint from they will be happy to guide you through the process. I hope this helps!

  • Derek Harmon says:

    Great work!! So the Dark wax is basically a glaze for Chalk Paint? Can you use a top coat like a poly over chalk paint??

  • Jennifer Boston-Manning says:

    Love the paint. I used Paris Gray on my kitchen table and applied the dark wax yesterday. I wanted a "streaky" would grain look. I am afraid I have used too much. It is smooth if I wipe my hand across (24 hours later), but tacky if I press my hand on it. Should I buff or wait another day? Do I apply clear wax? or will it take off the dark wax effect? Thank you

  • Grace Smith says:

    love your paint techniques 
    I am starting my first project with your paint on an old china hutch.
    a little nervous but really excited to start!

  • Diademglo says:

    I love your paints, absolutely love them, what fun. I want to know if it is necessary to use the clear wax before the dark wax?

  • robin17ism says:

    creepy music

  • Luluu fourtytwo says:

    I'm loving the music on this clip … who's it by ?   Could listen to it while I paint my mahogany battered dining set . !

  • Charlie Forzano says:

    GREAT tutorial!!!…the piece was in bad repair…that's the kind of stuff I like to do…and as for the people giving you snarky comments….I admire you greatly….I think what you have done is fabulous! You've started a whole new wave of recycling furniture as well as a way for people to express themselves artistically….bravo for you!

  • Martin McHugh says:

    Sorry, it looks like a filthy box by the end.

  • Christopher Marcum says:

    Wow, you really did a great job of destroying a beautiful piece of furniture.

  • Kim Rowland says:


  • 26whosthatgirl says:

    love these paints, just painted a side table, think i may have gone ott on the dark wax though

  • debs oliver says:

    Being a renovating furniture maniac,I feel so sad I can´t find Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Brazil. Just Love it!

  • theadzioch says:

    Beautiful o.o

  • krizia Dalmacio says:

    Annie, i have just purchased your paint and I am super excited! Can you do a tutorial on how to use your paint on metal? 

  • shammi says:

    When i used Annie slogans paint on my chest of draws it the paint easily gets scratched and chipped. I used 3 layers of wax too! I didn't want to go for the distressed look. I wwanted a smooth sleek look. What aim i doing wrong?

  • Walkiria Celada Cajal. says:


  • Jeremy Bailey says:

    Looks like its been in an oily garage for couple years. Not a great look for someones house.

  • Typos Included says:

    Congratulations, you just ruined a perfectly fine piece of furniture.

  • Deformat says:

    how to make a beautiful antique look like shit in 3:40

  • Dawn Wadley says:

    lovely , just purchased 3 of your books waiting for them to arrive , and found a stockist in NZ of your paint , can't wait to get started  🙂 instead of using paint from the hardware store lol 

  • Vincent D'Amore says:

    What does the clear wax do ?

  • Angeline Rodriguez says:

    Amazing video!!! You are the only person that has truly explained how to gI've a piece of furniture a distress look with definition making a piece of furniture a true antique look!! Thank you so much.. I did things the hard way I wish I'd watch this video a day ago! Hehe.. well good thing that now I'm working on my armoire.. thank you so much for this tutorial!!! Love it very helpful and easy technique!

  • rambleberryfarm says:

    I like it. The stippling/texture gives it almost a stucco effect. With the dark wax it is really noticeable. Perked it right up.

  • Luke Nash says:


  • Michal Tramel says:

    LOL at everyone saying she ruined a beautiful antique!!  Its very clearly a reproduction and not in the best condition at that.  She painted it because SHE likes it like that and I think its cute!  If you don't like chalk paint or painted furniture at all…..WHY are you watching this video in the first place????? 

  • powertokanon says:

    I painted a piece for my kitchen in red and put the dark wax on.  It turned out beautiful but even after 3 coats of clear wax, the top was not as durable as I wanted it.  So I decided to do something that I was sure would drive Annie Sloan crazy.  I put a coat of clear varnish on the top only.  I love the piece now.  I can put anything down on it and just wipe it off with a damp cloth.  Has anyone else ever used varnish on an Annie Sloan piece? 

  • seattlebeard says:

    I used to have a neighbor who was obsessed with making antique furniture ugly.  She would love this.  I've been in shops where almost every piece of old furniture had been ruined with this sort of treatment.  It made me sad.

  • Nerdee79 says:

    that is NOT an antique.

  • Francine Hancock says:

    I hate antique, I love chalk paint cuz it covers the ugly antique look!!!

  • lynngroll1 says:

    I love it! Good job!!!

  • Maria Valente says:

    Hermoso, lástima no tener sus productos en mi país. Muy hermosa la técnica.

  • Dirk Maree says:

    A question: how do I care for my Annie Sloan furniture as every finger, tin or bottle leaves a scratch or stain. The surfaces stay soft. I put on two coats of paint as well as two coats of wax, rubbing very well after each coat of wax.


    I love it! Thank you very much!

  • Rory Moore says:

    Can I use Annie Sloan Chalk paint over a coat of water base paint ?

  • The Provincial Gentry says:


  • Jenn Ross says:

    Honestly I preferred the wood, the before look. I must admit, I am not a fan of the distressed look. I will keep checking this lady out. Recently a friend told me about Annie Sloan and chalk painting, and this same friend does chalk painting courses.
    Thanks for showing us how to do these creative steps.

  • GIA A says:

    I love it, video and audio is great, nice, simple and effective. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Alisha Sands says:

    love this video! How long do u have to wait after u apply a coat of clear wax to add dark wax? I was sure if u had to let it cure for 24 hrs or can u immediately apply the dark? thank u!

  • Susan Anderson Huitt says:


  • Lina Ekstrand says:

    This turned out gorgeous!!! 😀

  • Lynn Baber says:

    Finally used chalk paint. The result was a little disappointing at first and I found the waxing process a royal pain. Once I got over the hassle of the project I started appreciating the results. Then I needed to paint over part of it. The area was too small to justify buying another chalk paint color so got a small bit of latex. After reading Annie Sloan's recommendations I wiped thoroughly with mineral spirits after sanding. New paint looks great but after three days it's still tacky to the touch. CAUTION: chalk paint is easy to put on but pretty much limits you to chalk paint in the future. No product or technique is right for every project. Proceed with caution if you will be keeping the piece you're about to paint.

  • Con sabor a Gloria says:

    Ay no!!! Echó a perder ese mueble tan bonito!!! Los míos están bien traqueteados, por eso los quiero pintar! Pero ese estaba perfecto. No tenía nada!

  • JFBalz says:

    I'm out. Antique or reproduction, the finished product looks like shit.

  • MarMariO22555 says:

    Please return the piece to its original finish.

  • Tina Leary says:

    With the dark wax, willl the piece be the color you want it to be or will you always see the dark wax in your piece.

  • Georgette Orwell says:

    Annie Sloan chalk paint, waxes and brushes are good quality products but, IMHO, unreasonably expensive. You can get the same quality chalk paint at Walmart for 1/3 the cost. Or you can make your own using plaster of Paris. Why the crazy cost, Annie Sloan?

  • Dmonieluv says:

    Love the music!!!

  • Sciento Magician says:

    Ruined a beautiful bit of furniture, I wonder what the craftsperson would think…

  • D.i.S VINCENNES says:

    super technique :)))

  • Sue Duffy says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials, Christina. I just finished my first Annie Sloan restyle of a cherry-stained night table/cabinet in our master BR, using AS Old Ochre and Clear Wax (I chickened out on the Dark Wax for this project). Have no idea what kind of wood it is. I'm so proud of it for a first effort and now I seem to look at everything in our house with an eye to restyling it! You, You Tube, Christina Muscari, and Christen Bernsten provided just about all of my inspiration and lessons! Thank you, thank you! I wish I had known about your paints 10 years ago!

  • like it says:

    a good example of the application of paint and decor.
    look how I turned out black marble with putty and paint.

  • Marsha Balderrama says:

    How do i keep from getting brush strokes?

  • Sheila Taylor says:

    I have seen chalk painting that I really like however I was under the assumption that the pieces were already painted or in bad shape not a beautiful pristine piece of furniture. I would love to know what the piece was valued at before and after the "transformation", if you can't understand beautiful pristine furniture maybe you can understand value.
    I love chalk paint for furniture that has a lovely shape but has already been painted or for some reason can't be restored.
    Please Annie next time show your skill on a junk piece ally create something wonderful.

  • JaminGammy says:

    I have unfinished but old weathered rocking chairs. Do I need to use something to seal the wood I'm afraid if I don't the old weathered wood will soak up all the paint and it will take more paint. Do I need to put a sealer first if so what products should I use?

  • Designs By Sher says:

    ok I don't like brush marks. Does this leave brush marks with this technique ?

  • Love Love says:

    I hate it you just destroyed a wonderful piece of furniture

  • Barker Landar says:

    Rich people

  • vern600r says:

    Thank goodness a English person giving a tutorial and not that deep south hill billy twaaaang!

  • ThePinkCustard says:

    The paint and brushes are ridiculously expensive, the paint alone us like $40 a quarter. By the time you buy all the paint, wax and expensive Sloan brushes you could gave nought a new piece of lovely furniture

  • Donna Marie A says:

    I think she did a Beautiful job, quickly. Took me days, and I am not finished. When you let the clear wax dry for a week or 2, do you have to reapply more clear wax before coming in with the dark wax?

  • Mery Cool says:

    After clear waxing I awfully ruined a cupboard painted in latte brown chalk paint. It became on spots as if the cupboard is dirty.

  • Raechel Lyn Dawn says:

    Wow…I am new to this…just bought your pain Annie and I am getting addicted. At first I thought….Oh my…there is so much dark wax but then you went back with the clear and the sand paper and the finished result was beautiful. I am beginning to see that there really isn't any rules to this at all. Chalk painting is a unique expression of ones creativity. Thank you for making painted furniture, etc so much fun…. Loving it. And you are adorable. Nice to see the face behind the name…. Blessings.

  • Family Vlog XO says:

    I love the chalk paint n by watching few videos including this one gave me the courage to take such a big risk of pairing most of my antique furniture at home to a lighter Annie Sloan chalk paint. Her brushes she is using were quite expensive so I used a normal cheap one but bought Annie Sloan chalk paint which I am so happy of the outcome. You can watch my bed I painted
    Thanks a million time for sharing this as it a great tutorial for beginners like me.

  • Sonicspromo says:

    OMG, what she do to that antique cubby, the music totally fits to the pain ☺

  • Linda & Mark Knust says:

    Am I crazy to tackle a large buffet as my first big project?

  • GIA A says:

    Do not believe in this sh.. Anyway nothing new everybody can buy chalk paint not from her buissnes
    Never use for fabric!!!!!!!

  • Heather Way says:

    Sad mess.

  • Taylor Winfield says:

    This is Sparta!

  • Keith Leeuwen says:

    Kool !

  • HotSriracha says:

    So are we just going to ignore the painting in the background?

  • Zee Gray says:

    This is THE BOMB! Lol omg I cant waittttttt to paint my farmhouse china hutch!

  • Candice Ruvalcaba says:

    Thank you for the simple and clear video this help so much can't wait to do this!

  • TheNanologue says:

    About the last place I expected DJRUM to turn up…

  • עודד ברודר says:


  • Fran Perez says:

    I painted my bed frame with this tecnic but I don’t like how it looks can I put more chalk paint on the top of wax of I hve to sanding? Please hep me.

  • Bruce Stevens says:

    Hi there..I live in Canada on the South Shore of NS. I absolutely love your products and have watched all of your videos. However I cannot buy your products. New Minas is a long way to drive when your mobility is not good.To have it sent would be so expensive I couldn't even think about it. So I am forced to use the opposition. Can't get wax..can't get brushes…..and so on. I am very sad .

  • Dana R says:

    I personally wouldn't have painted that beautiful piece of furniture. I have a very old set of dressers that need to go in the garbage! Instead, I'm going to attempt this technique, and see what happens. I bought a smoked green chalk paint…the color of the dressers now is black. Then I bought the wax and the antiquing wax. Hopefully I'll get some more use out of the dressers. They can't look worse than they do now..

  • pasquale petruccelli says:


  • Murle Campbell says:

    I have made a kitchen hutch with all NEW wood….unstained….do I have to purposely stain the wood, then use chalk paint afterwards? How would the darkness show through from underneath, if there was no darkness to start off with? I want to just paint the new would, then make it look old and distressed. Please help…thanks..

  • Oreo Benavidez says:

    Great painting skills I love it

  • endless says:

    gross, who would want that in their house

  • AAAmoony says:

    God, the British are so ahead of everyone in class!

  • Begotxu Alcedo says:

    Es posible conseguir productos anni sloan en España?

  • Brandon Valenzuela says:

    I'm sorry, but that looks TERRIBLE. You completely ruined that piece of furniture.

  • Justoserv / Blandean says:


  • Marie Simmons says:

    just did this with a £60 white and wood top coffee table, using pale grey, finished with dark wax. The wooden top I covered with globes cut from tissue wrapping paper, layered and decoupaged till dry and also finished with dark wax. I saw a French provincial coffee table on Pinterest and did as close a copy as I could. It looks lovely, and it was bought for £3220 less. I know the original is fantastic quality wood, and mine is mdf, but to look at it, no one would know. Annie and others have allowed us mere mortals to have the look we want on a budget. Long may she continue!

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