Altered Paint Brush Collection

Altered Paint Brush Collection

hi everyone its Keren here and welcome
back to my channel I hope you enjoyed the last video I put on where I showed
all my artwork in my right art room so I know I didn’t show my art room
completely just because it’s such a mess and I think I mentioned in the other
video I’m in a little bit on a in a creative funk and I just wanted to show
you something else maybe something part of my life something that I display
everywhere and one of the things that I promised in the other videos that I was
going to show you my paintbrush collection I’ve recently exchanged some
paintbrushes and some people have sent me paint brushes from all over the world
and I basically love creating altered brushes and this is something that I
started collecting it just took its own kind of turn and everybody wanted to
start exchanging with me and I do love it’s changing although sometimes it’s
hard for me to exchange with everybody because I don’t have time to create so
many but I do love them so if you want to create something and you want to meet
to proudly display it in my room I would love to and we can communicate and you
can send me your information and/or I’ll send you my information you can send it
to me otherwise I will if there is lots of people that want to exchange and then
I will gladly take my time and select people that we can exchange with just
because I can’t exchange with everyone but I just want to show you my
collection so let’s start okay so I have all the brushes displayed kind of at the
top of my room just because I really run out of room so I’m going to quickly go
through it just to show you it’s kind of above the door and look how many I have
and I’m just going to show you all around and then I’m gonna go one by one
and get closer to them I’m kind of have to climb on a ladder to do that so sorry
for the shakiness I’m kind of stunning on a small ladder so I’m going to start
with this one this one was made by my friend Rina and it’s super 3d I’m like
amazed by how she added so much stuff to this there’s a lot of real shells and
starfish in this and she just painted and I’m gonna try
to get as close as possible so you can see it without my shadow getting on the
way this is a very large brush it’s beautiful you have to see all these
details unbelievable really really amazing and this one is kind of lowered
down just because it was such a large brush and with so much like the frame
was so big that I had to kind of place it enough in the middle of all the
artwork but the rest are kind of hanging up and you see even at the top it has
like little charms the next one was done on my hair friend Heather and this is so
beautiful it’s so artsy and so kind of like you know finna bear style really
grungy and it’s beautiful now for the next one you have to see what my friend
Robbie did this is amazing she created a dress form on top of the brush and I did
gel at the bottom so it would stand like a dress and that’s something you’re kind
of looking at it from the bottom because that’s where I’m standing but it’s just
beautiful the details are amazing and all of these have videos if I’m not
mistaken all three that I’ve shown you have videos I will try to see if I can
link the videos not the videos but I mean at least the channels so you can
visit my friends channel this one that you see here was made by me the one with
the butterfly and there’s actually a video on it and I use mica and gel to
create my own paints and that’s the one I created and I love it it’s one of my
favorites and I had to display it as well
the next one was created by Lynette and this is beautiful as well and there’s a
video on it as well the one that has the key and has all the nice shells it was
created by me as well so some of these have created I just love them so hung
them on the walls so some of these are not by other people but I were actually
created by me so I had to move this this I had to move the ladder so it would get
closer to it now this is one of the original brushes I made the k-1 i made
recently and it does have a video but I think this one maybe does as well this
is one of the original ultra brushes that I created the wellnitzes art and
after making this one I just love making it so much that I continued making so
many of them and I think this one was made furrows blue fern studios the next
one which is just beautifully pink was created by my friend Linda and look how
much detail there is on it it’s kind of looks shabby chic vintage just gorgeous
and look at the little bells at the bottom I just love it so much the next
one is also stunning created by my friend Anna and she made this like
octopus that she got inspired from Gaby Pollock oh and she used shells and
different mediums to create it I just love this one as well I love anything
beach themed or ocean themed so you see me doing a lot of that motif in my
artwork the next one is actually was created by me and you actually can’t
tell let me see if I can get in there but those ones are oh you see there it
is so it’s kind of like a dreamcatcher paint brush and I actually made a few of
those when I exchanged them with other people and this was the one I made for
me so it’s funny because every time I’ve exchanged something I ended up making
one for myself because I really wanted to have them as well IRA have a really
hard time parting from my artwork this one over here was made by my friend
Cheryl and it was used and she used mica flakes to actually create it and it’s
just super original it kind of reminds me of like Frida Kahlo I just really
loved it and has these wings and she said that it kind of reminded her of me
which I really appreciate it because I love so much so every friend that I’ve
exchanged with and sorry about the shakiness I’m still standing on the
ladder every friend that I’ve exchanged with
kind of made something that was special just for me and that made me feel really
special the next one was made by my friend Susan and look at that look how
detail this is and I just thought this was such an original idea the fact that
she made it look like grass the bristles look like brass she’s the only one who’s
made it backwards or upside down everybody else put the brush down
including myself and she thought to make this up and just basically have it
looked like grass and that word it’s in Hebrew and it says to fly or soar and it
was exactly perfect for this bird because she knew how much I love birds
and how much I love this thing right because I’ve always feel like when I’m
creating that I’m flying so I really like that as well this one is beautiful
as well let me just try to get further away from Aunt Emma and this was done by
my friend Alka from India and how beautiful is that
it’s just so grungy and amazing like I’m just shocked about how amazing everybody
everybody’s creations are really really cool I love it this one here is one of
the most interesting ones so this one was made sideways by my friend Kim and
she recently gave it to me and this was an old wooden fish that she decorated
and there’s an actual brush at the end I don’t know if you can tell she used a
brush to make the tail but she has so many cool elements on it including a bob
sticking out of the fish’s mouth so it’s just amazing the netting the details
just unbelievable really really really amazing so I love it so much thank you
Kim this little one here I’m kind of going down at the door this was made by
my family huh and look how beautiful this is it’s just so like metallic and
special I just really loved it so I really liked it and I hung it here
because it had the perfect spot right here by my door the next one which is
the one over here was created frank harry and she’s just uber talented
and she’s going through a lot always and i just feel like she needs always some
encouragement and love and because she really makes beautiful stuff so please
encourage like when you leave comments please in this video feel free to leave
comments on the brushes i really would love to encourage these girls and say
how amazing they are and with making these projects really really fantastic
i’m like in love with all of them the last three were the next one was made by
my friend Phoebe and it’s really hard to tell but this is kind of also like a
girls dress or a dress form really amazing I want to try to see if I can
zoom in it’s kind of above my cabinet so it’s really hard for me to zoom in as
much as I can but you can see she has a video on this one if I’m not mistaken so
you can actually go and watch it I have had to have my husband kind of hang
these ones out because I’m very short and I can’t reach anything so I’m
showing you the next one this one was created by my friend Sharon Sharon lacan
in who was like an amazing person from Prima and she has a video on this one as
well if you want to check it out on the Prima Facebook page you did a live show
on national scrapbook day and the last one last but not least so far because I
do have a whole wall still waiting for more brushes you see all that wall I’m
hoping that I will fill it up this one was made by my friend new NECA and how
beautiful is this I love earthy things I love butterflies and this one is just
perfect it’s just so beautiful so I am just so happy to have this collection
I’m gonna give you at the end the last tour of it so I really really hope you
liked my little tour of my paintbrushes and if you would like to exchange or
send me one without exchanging cuz of course I love gifts but I don’t have to
only receive I if there’s too many people I will basically do like a little
lottery and we can exchange and figure out what where to go from there if you
do want to exchange of paint that’s great if you want to send me one
we can communicate through Facebook or Instagram just let me know thank you so
much for visiting me today on my youtube channel if you like my paint brush tour
then just give this video a thumbs up if you often because my hands are really
dirty if you want to exchange any with me as I said please just write me down
or write me a message somewhere either on my email or Facebook or Instagram and
we can communicate if I get a lot of people wanting to exchange then I’ll
just do like a little draw and figure out I will try to exchange as many as
possible but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do all of you but if you guys
want to send me one I’ll proudly display it I love to have this collection grow
thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart for following me for
subscribing to my channel and for just being there for me and I try my best to
answer all your questions all your comments and please encourage one
another comment on the brushes because I really want the girls that made these to
read the comments some of them read and watch this video and will be so happy to
hear how amazing these brushes are so thank you so so much and have an amazing
day bye


  • Avid Abstractions says:

    Those are amazing! Cheers!

  • Lady Mile High says:

    Love them Keren, how special to have such loving friends. They are all so very talented ladies.

  • Melinda Fox says:

    Love all of the paint brushes, they are really amazing!!

  • lovewisdom grace says:

    Thank you for sharing your collection! I've been waiting to see them. Love the creativity of the artists. Wonderful!

  • Betty Graham says:

    Keren, This was SO worth a separate video! ALL the brushes are spectacular! Thanks for putting links in your video – I’m off to watch the videos now. Or at least start watching. πŸ˜† See you later! πŸ€— & πŸ’



  • Betty Hall says:

    Wow, beautiful , all of them. What great ideals. Tfs , hope you have a blessed day 😊

  • Liz Johnstone says:

    Love all your collection, and enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing.

  • Brenda Goulette says:

    They were amazing!! I kept saying that's my favorite then I'd see the next one. Lol You and your friends are so talented. I will be checking out some of their channels. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ilene McInnes says:

    I’m Inspired thanks for sharing 😊

  • MarΓ­a JosΓ© Soriano says:

    So beautiful Keren, I love it thank you very much for sharing πŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ’–πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’–πŸ’‹β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ’—

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    Ohhh my wow!!! What a lovely collection… That ocotopus! The dressform! The fish! and that butterfly one! Wow, thanks for sharing and so happy you liked mine πŸ™‚

  • cheryl7476 says:

    What a beautiful collection of altered brushes, Keren. They are all absolutely marvelous and inspiring treasures. Each one was obviously made from friendship and love for you, including mine. I bet, in time your upper space will become filled with more treasured expressions of how much your friends love you.πŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ˜Ž

  • Nancy Villebrun says:

    Your words are so kind and you are so kind, thank you for showing my brush, I am very flattered and honoured being on your wall with all of your very talented friends. Thank you, also for all your support it means the world to me. I wish one day I can have a room similar to yours, so I can displaying mine and the friends I make pieces of art. I have already started with your brush it has a very special place in heart and in my craft room. Please take care of yourself, if there is anything I can do to help get your mojo back just reach out I am always here for you. From your friend Kari Villebrun

  • Merete T. says:

    So many beautiful brushes!!

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    Love those paint brushes! Thanks for sharing your friends info, I went to each one & subscribed.

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    You are such a nice and kind lady , I love your style and all your work and your chats too 😊
    Many hugs and best wishes from me to you for a life full of happiness and success πŸ€—πŸ˜Š

  • Meerna Gosh says:

    And since you are very talented , its obvious that life gave you talented friends like you !😊😊
    I really really love all your brushes and all your friends' brushes as well ❀❀

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    Wow, love your Altered Paint Brush collection! They're all very unique and creative! I loved the steam punk looking one by your friend from India and the last one with butterflies, but they're all amazing! Hope I can come up with one sometime in the near future. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Wow!!! Your collection is AWESOME!! And you made me want to start my own lol!!! I already have yours!!! xoxox

  • Alexandria Diaz says:

    omg super cool! new subbie here !!

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