Akashiya Sai Watercolor Pens & Mama Elephant Bear Hugs – Color Wednesday #65

Akashiya Sai Watercolor Pens & Mama Elephant Bear Hugs – Color Wednesday #65

Hi everyone! Kristina here. Welcome to another
Color Wednesday video. I have to apologize before we get into the card here for uploading
this video a day late. I’ve just been running behind all week long. I’m sure you guys have
had weeks like that where you’re just playing catch up every single day of the week. So,
here we go here’s the card for Color Wednesday. Even though it is Thursday when I’m uploading
this. The stamp set I’m using today is from Mama Elephant. It’s called Bear Hugs. You
guys saw a sneak peek of these stamps last Friday in my video when I was showing you
these watercolor pens that I’m going to be using today. I picked these up from JetPens.com
and they are really really fun watercolor pens. I’m going to be using a Faber-Castell
Deluxe Water Brush today. I’m first painting on the color with the pen, with the brush
pen or it seems like waiting on because it has that brush tip and then I’m adding water.
The thing that I really love about these pens, and I mentioned it in last week’s video.
I love how vibrant they stay no matter how much water you add. I love that where ever
you place that initial color it stays dark and provides a lot of contrast and you can
really fade out that color really evenly. I love that as paint in circles here it’s
a really even radiant of color. The areas where it doesn’t get a good gradient or it’s
little bit too harsh of a line, while the water color paper is wet you can go over it
with that same color of marker or you can even add a different color marker and you
can add in more color. So you can see that as I add that color in the ink starts to wick
away. That’s because the water color paper is still wet as I apply this color. I’ve tried
to do that is Distress Markers in the past and the Distress Marker actually tens to soak
up the water from the paper instead of releasing color. So in that way these are different
from Distress Markers because you can add the color wet on wet straight from the marker.
I think it’s a really fun technique and it’s a really easy way to get the color moving.
So you guys have heard me say in the past that I really don’t prefer using a water brush.
I like to use a water color brush a traditional brush and pick up the color or the water with
the brush tip and then to my project. For some reason today I thought “You know what?
I’m going to try using just a water brush.” I didn’t have any water out on my desk at
the moment, but I did have my water brush. I thought I’m just going to go for convince
sake. I think that’s where your brush pens like this really shine. Is in the convince
factor. If you don’t have water nearby or you’re traveling, these water brushes are
fantastic. Especially when you’re using Distress Markers or these water color pens. These travel
fabulously. I think they would be great to just put in your travel bag when you’re out
and about. I colored the first bear and then I colored the second one in a very similar
fashion. Just adding a little bit of that brown color in the darkest areas and then
fading it out with the water rush. Taking the black pen and I’m adding quite a bit of
color down beneath the bears. I’m going to create a horizon line right there. So it’s
very dark on the bottom. That’s where I’m going to place the sentiment for the card
and then I’m planning to add some blue color above so it looks a little bit like sky. So
I started to work the color out and the black doesn’t spread quite as easily so I did end
up bringing brush pen back and adding more color. I really wanted to add quite a bit
of color so I could get it moving down to the bottom of that water color paper. So I
added more of that black color and then really started kind of swishing this water brush
back and forth trying to get that color moving and eventually it did start moving. I did
have to squeeze the brush a little bit and get a little more water out there. But it
did start to spread out. I added some more black pen and then came back in with my water
brush and really filled in all of those gaps and I really wanted to get that fading all
the way down to the bottom. The thing I like about these watercolor pens is they are kind
of forgiving in that you can add more and more color in top and really fade those areas
out. So now I’m using this light blue color. As I added it here on to this and I added
water I noticed that it really wasn’t moving at all. So after I had the area pretty saturated
with water I came back in with that pen once more and then it started getting everything
moving. I think that’s what you kind of have to remember with these water color pens is
that you will get a better blend and a better movement of color if you get the paper wet
first. Not completely saturated, but just a little bit wet, so that ink can really get
moving. So I dried that and then added this more teal color or a blue green color on top.
I wanted to have a little bit more of a greenish tinge to the darkest areas of this background.
So I started adding that in and spreading it around as much as I could. Making sure
to add more color as I moved. Sorry about that I just got a text message. We’ll just
put that phone on silent. Anyway so I’m adding more of that blue green color in all of those
areas. I also added a little bit up right there by his ears so that I could get that
going. Or rather I should say her ears, because I planning on giving this to my mom and the greeting
that goes on this card is really really cute and you’ll see that in a minute. So I heat
set that with my heat tool. It really doesn’t need heating setting, but it does need to
dry and I was impatient so I ended up helping it dry. So I’m peeling off that masking paper
or the masking tape. Then I have my water color piece here. Going to be stamping the
greeting below the bears. So I added some EK Success Powder tool to eliminate static
cling. You can see the powder on the project right now. Or on the water color piece now,
but once I’ve embossed I’ll be able to wipe it off and get rid of all that powder. So
I stamped the greeting then I coated it in Hero Arts White embossing powder. Then I melted
that with my heat tool. The greeting says “Thank You for being my Mama Bear”. I thought
it was just so so cute. I know it’s a little early for Mother’s Day cards for those of
us in the United States, but if you were looking for a great stamp set for Mother’s Day or
Father’s Day the greetings on this stamp set are fantastic and their so heartfelt. Mama
Elephant, they just really know how to add some really awesome greetings. So I’m going
to be using this metallic silver embossing paste from Dreamweaver. It’s so cool. This
is the first time I’m using it. It looked fantastic coming out, straight out of the
jar. The color you see spreading outright now is the color it will dry to. I wanted
to have a really smooth finish so I added quite a bit of this embossing paste. Then
I eventually pulled off that stencil and you can see it revealed on my card base here.
The finished card size is 4.75″x4.75″. I’m going to zoom in so you can see this embossing
paste. It’s really really neat. It gives an awesome metallic shine. You could also have
added VersaMark through the stencil and then put silver embossing powder on top. You would
get a slightly different look. I let that dry overnight actually, but I think it would
have been dry in about 30 minutes maybe. Then I adhered that water color piece on top using
some foam adhesive. I punched the top corners of the cards using my We R Memory Keepers
Corner Chomper. Then I took a Uniball Signo Broad white pen and added some dash lines
around the outside edge. I haven’t don’t dash lines in quite a while. When I had the
first thought the do that I thought I’m going to go ahead and do it. I haven’t done dash
lines in a long time. I added a little white heart on some foam adhesive up near the top
of the card. That heart was cut out using the Simon Says Stamp Mini heart dies and then
I kind of painted it red with a red marker and then put some Xmas Red Stickles Glitter
Glue on top. So that’s the card for today. I hope you guys enjoyed and I will catch you
guys tomorrow for this week’s Friday Focus video. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll
see you then. Once again thanks for watching today’s video.
All of the supplies that I used on today’s card are listed down below in the video description
with links to online stores where you can purchase them if you want to create a similar
card. On screen right now are three more videos for you to check out. That first one shows
that set of water color pens that I use in today’s video, so if you want to see me kind
of experimenting with those. My first initial thoughts on that go ahead and click on that
video. The other two videos on screen are just some of my recent videos where I did
some water coloring or used water color medium. Hope you guys enjoyed and I will catch you
guys in my next video.


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