Aging Wood | Vinegar & Steel Wool Solution (Easy) Stain New Wood To Look Old & Vintage

All right I wanted to show you guys how Hollywood Haunter makes our vinegar steel wool solution a
lot of you had asked for it so I’m going to show you guys so first thing you need is a clean container I’m going to use a two Galion white bucket here and this comes with the lid you can get at your
hardware store I think this one was about five dollars so just make sure its got a real nice tight lid
on there so that works really good also right here I have a half gallon of distilled white vinegar any kind will do I think you can find it
at the dollar store real cheap Then your going to need some steel wool I
have three right here I’m not sure if we are going to use all three but that’s the kind that we have then your gonna
need some gloves for your steel wool when you pull it
apart cause that could really hurt and give you a cut or something so safety first so the first thing I’m going to do is im going to dump my whole half gallon of vinegar into my bucket nothing like the smell of vinegar save this if you gonna do it this way
because you can I wanna put the same amount of water in later so I just
show you guys there’s the vinegar inside and it comes up to about right here which is perfect because we’re
gonna add the same amount of water which is gonna be here and for the steel wool what you
want to do is just break it apart a little bit so I’ll just
take one these and unravel it just like this this is
gonna be faster than just putting a whole chunk in there and just set it in there I’ll take another one open it up just like this spread apart a little bit and stick that in there just like that so now as you can see the steel wool is in there you
may want to get a little stick or something and push it down in there and a you just
gonna put the lid on seal it up nice and tight alright so it’s been 4 days and I wanted to show you what the solution
looks like as you can see there’s little grains and
looks all mucky and dirty in there which is perfect that’s what we want so now
what we’re gonna do is we are going to add a half gallon water to it cause it’s a 50:50 ratio set that aside then we going to take a paint stir stick stir it up real good and now I have two pieces of cedar they are
untreated there’s no paint there’s no stain there’s nothing on its just raw wood so what I wanted to do is just paint one and
then I’ll show you how quickly this works just give it a little you can see it’s already starting to
turn you can see some of the wood starting to get
a little dark right there and it doesn’t take very
long so we will just let that sit there for a
little bit alright so it’s been an hour you can see the wood is completely dry see the beautiful patina it has on it and here is the larger piece for
comparison so it really does work this is so cool and what’s going to happen now is the
mixture inside here is just gonna keep decomposing and its
gonna turn more of a orange rusty color so that’s going to
be really pretty and you can just keep adding water and
stretching it out as time goes because its going to get more and more concentrated so I hope that helps you guys and we will see all your aged projects soon

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