Advanced Paintball Tactics : Advanced Paintball: Sweeping a Bunker

Advanced Paintball Tactics : Advanced Paintball: Sweeping a Bunker

This is Robert Stewart with The
next thing that we’re going to look at on the board is how to bunker your opponent.
And what this is going to entail is both positional defense, prevent defense, and the offense
knowing how to use their shooting lanes effectively, and communicating between each other. In this
case, we have a bunker where the red team member can fire this lane, this lane, and
this lane, and as the green team has moved up, maybe they encounter fire from this red
player in this direction. This guy and this guy know that they have the hard side of the
bunker, meaning that the positional defense is stronger on that side than on that side,
and that very well may be the reason why the red player is stationed over here. Before
we can bunker this player, this guy has to go. What you need to have happen then, is
communication needs to take place between the attacking force. This player needs to
know that this guy is going to deliver suppression fire–covering fire–to this location, because
he can’t be hit from the player inside the bunker. So when this player fires on this
player here, and makes him get down, the green player can move in, flanking his opponent,
and deliver the blow. once this player is eliminated, and the green player has taken
this position, it is at this point that you can do one of two things: you can rush this
position in a feint to let him feel like you’re going to bunker him right then. When you have
his fire directed at these two players, your third player can move in from the other side
and bunker the opposing player.


  • Jennifer Thompson says:

    its a good plan, but just one thing: If that bottom red X is a good player that knows what he is doing, as soon as one side of his bunker starts getting pelted, he needs to spin around and start playing from the other side of the bunker. Ive seen to many people get bunkered cause they dont check both sides of their bunker, good vid though.

  • thescoutabout says:

    The Two red guys would definitely both be in the bunker

  • Bond Leung says:

    1:16 the green player cannot move in, the red will be guarding the spot where the green wanna move cuz there is no other way for the red to guard since suppressing fire is delivered at the other side

  • MassacreZR1 says:

    @pepsi89 well might be but in the first second u're under fire u just get down its normal, just to try to be safe and after that u use some more time to see if u cant still strike that guy the less experienced players are the more time they'll need for this to steps and the green flanker hopefully gets his paint delivered in less then 3 seconds u have to think of all of this more simultanios than it is shown because the flanker will start running while the other gives the suppressing-fire…….

  • mike212916 says:

    most your tactics are kinda of common sense, what you really need to show us is how to be that one guy left and get a win out of people attacking you. pretty much your same videos but having the other guy win lol.

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