Advanced Paintball Tactics : Advanced Paintball: Sniping

Advanced Paintball Tactics : Advanced Paintball: Sniping

This is Robert Stewart with The
next thing we’re going to talk about in terms of tactics and using those tactics effectively
on the field is the concept of sniping. Now especially with a lot of newer players this
is a really misunderstood area of the game. And the primary reason for that is, a paint
ball marker gun does not act in any way as a corollary for a fire arm. Fire arms are
using a lot of energy, the round is traveling at a high velocity and it has a flat sustainable
trajectory. Paint ball on the other hand can be affected by the internal working parts
of the gun and their condition, the air pressure in your tank, paint debris left from a broken
ball and just simply the quality of the paint and the weather conditions. So a lot of what
happens coming out of the end of your gun is affected by things that you really as a
player cannot completely control. Therefore the ballistics can be a lot sketchier than
a normal, say a fire arm would be. So when it comes to sniping the key thing you have
to, have to know and be able to employ is the range of your weapon. The other issue
with sniping is concealment because if you’re moving you’re not hiding. And if you’re
going to snipe effectively in paint ball you really do have to hide. You have to get yourself
into a position where you know you have what’s called a kill box. An area where if any player
walks into it, you already know the range, the effective range of your weapon and you
can put paint right on that target. That is about the only way sniping is effective in
paint ball. You can get barrels and you know, expensive parts, but at the end of the day
it’s are you effective and at what range with the weapon in your hands.


  • Gail Thomson says:


  • SIX4SEVEN says:

    paintball sniper markers should be bolt action, and the paint "balls" should be shaped like real bullets, to gain accracy… mabey it would work?

  • Jim Simons says:

    you can be sneeky…. but you can't "snipe"

  • Jim Simons says:

    next time you kill someone for a km away with a paintball gun, let me know, i'll believe in paintball snipers.

  • Jim Simons says:

    except for flatline barreled tippmanns, all field legal paintball guns shoot roughly the same distance. furthermore, if you sit in the back of a field shooting at people, your going to waste more paint than running up to the fight to get a smart shot. and if you do crawl to a concealed position where you have a clear shot, your still not sniping, your just sneaking around and playing smart. snipers are primarily for reconosance and assansinations, if your in the front lines your not sniping.

  • Captmorgann says:

    its a good 20-25 feet high tower, with a few walls around the bottom an it's called the church. then on the opposite side there is a clock tower that gotta be at least 24 geet high. it has nothing around it at the bottom. I play at Xcalibur Paint in a town called Boyle in Alberta Canada. My set up is a DP G3 with a Empire halohopper. I also have a BT delta with rip clip hopper an e-grip And a BT-4 iron horse.

  • Jim Simons says:

    thats cool, i'm in souther california, we don't have anything like that down here…. i have an a-5 with e-grip, but i want to get an older high end gun like an 06 intimidator. i guess sniping exists in that situation but none in on a level playing field.

  • Captmorgann says:

    im actually gonna get an a-5 an set it up to look like a 50 sniper rifle

  • FuzzballFury says:

    Easy way to hide and snipe, buy or make a ghillie suit.

  • grunt616 says:

    .68 are common

  • grunt616 says:

    thats only for woodsball….but i play woodsball alot…canada has good woodsball

  • E says:

    They don't. The nil-to-x velocity of the paint ball would shatter it inside the gun.

  • Corey Morrow says:

    Not really much to say about ACTUAL sniper tactics for paintball, just that they differ from Military snipers. Maybe it's just me, but, I wouldn't consider stating the obvious to warrant the title "Advanced Paintball Tactics: Advanced Paintball: Sniping"

  • grunt616 says:

    he has a pedophile beard…search pedophile beards in youtube

  • kingwilly1000 says:

    please use the word
    not weapon
    it is not leathel
    and we are not comparing it with FIREARMS
    it is totaly diffrent
    not weapons or firearms or guns

  • tacticalsabre says:

    Just throwing it out there. But with the new "First Strike" paintball round by Tiberius, made for their magazine fed paintball guns, the idea of a sniper with a range and accuracy advantage is a possibility. And before you flame me for there being no advantage and bla bla check it out at Tiberius's website.

  • Rorako says:

    It's styled after the M16, it says so on their site.

  • PrinzEugen says:

    M16 is a bit longer than the M4A1

  • randomvidz14 says:


  • tom311217 says:

    Cod 4 geeks

  • Anthony Diaz says:

    you mean the carbine version

  • spartan463 says:

    we have great fields in BC, los of bush, and moutains but with some flat open spots

  • piccanninni says:

    CIA = Camouflaged Idiot Alert!

  • A N says:

    I have a 12'' barrel and i pwn people on the other side of the field. ['?']

  • dabambz says:

    Fine I won't call my self a sniper anymore. I'll just call my self the guy who fires in concealed places, getting 1 shot headshots and the enemy not knowing where it came from. There are you happy?

  • keeganlchua says:

    I am more into sniping aswell… I tend to take out my opponents one by one while my teammates assault the base

  • bakuball says:

    @0CDpaintball Yoda you talk like!

  • Richard Clemson says:

    mee too

  • Loch Ness says:

    ya :D. Village'S*

  • rhn94 says:

    aren't even real snipers are challenged with the weather conditions and the corrolis effect?

  • Bart Czuj says:

    @kingwilly1000 how about you stop whining and start learning how to spell LETHAL . Who the f**k cares that he doesn't use marker. Relax

  • proteincheese says:

    @kingwilly1000 A weapon is considered anything that can harm a person of how its used. A paintball can DEF be considered a weapon since it can hurt people. My friend's eye was lost cuz some kid brought a loaded paintball gun into his house and accidently shot him. May not be a deadly weapon but it it a weapon.

  • Nato Teatame says:

    note:i have learnt that staying in one spot for an intire game is a BAD idea while sniping what you want to do is onec you have a target take him/her out and move instantley unless you are underfire as soon as you take your shot your going to be heard and your position is going to given away so keep on the move stelth is crucial unless your a front sniper in which case do what every you want relley

  • pwn3dn00b97 says:

    @kingwilly1000 Actually it is a lethal weapon, you've clearly never been paintballing, if you had you would know that in the safety briefing the marshals always say, and i quote: ' Keep your mask on at all times during games, if a paintball hits you in or around your eyes without your mask on, it will either blind or kill you '.

  • PublicAwkwardness says:

    this guy is retarded…

  • TheMasonGray says:

    well it could be used as a weapon, only when you use marbles as ammo, it works! 😛 but yeah its a marker in other wayz

  • Connor Frasier says:


  • sabulba57 says:

    its a marker, not a gun. you dont get shot, you get marked. and you dont act like its call of duty, or you end up looking like a christmas tree.

  • pwnputty says:

    @timisaboss lol haha nice

  • mike says:

    @spartan463 ya go canada whoo

  • Sorrythat111 says:

    real CIA guy, but nice videos. Thx

  • DrePwn says:

    Lol the field is called hill 13, and this guy got fired for being drunk

  • weoweoweo says:

    so then if what your saying is true then, then toasters don't toast toast, toast toasts. toasts.

  • Alex Fiske says:

    I'll call it whatever I want. The rest of the normal world calls it a paintball gun, so that's what I call it.

  • RapierKit says:

    It's good to know he doesn't know anything about firearms either.

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