Advanced Paintball Tactics : Advanced Paintball: Entering Buildings

Advanced Paintball Tactics : Advanced Paintball: Entering Buildings

This is Robert Stewart with When
you’re talking about building entry, you’re talking about the stock and trade of most
SWAT teams around the country, and that is a CQB talent, a close quarters battle talent,
and that is how you safely get you and your team inside a building without being unduly
exposed to fire from the opposing force. Now what we’re looking at here on the board is
very, a simple representation of the interior of a small three room building with a large
wooden wire spool kind of like a table set up inside of it. As you can tell here, the
red team have, have bunkered themselves in this building, there may be windows that they’re
firing from on this side, the green team needs to take this building and remove these players
from play so that they can win the game. The green players outside of the building when
they enter, they’re making a huge commitment. One of the things that we’ve talked about
before is avoiding tunnel vision. If you are already in a shoot out with the red team,
you can sort of tell in a general sense where their fire’s coming from, the paint may be
splashing on the walls here. The first thing that you should do upon entering the building,
is make sure that the man on the move has some level of cover. So, in this case if I
were leading the green team, my entry man would be this guy, and the reason why is,
I can hear the paint hitting here, on the inside of this wall. I can see the paint hitting
here. This man is probably the best to bring into the building first. So this player would
begin suppression fire into the building and it wouldn’t matter if he could see the guy
on this corner. All that matters is he knows where the fire’s coming from, so at least
if he puts fire into the building first, he can at least suppress this guy’s movement.
The entry style is called high and low, and what that means is, these two players are
going to cross one another, this guy will be going low, crouched to the ground, and
this guy will be firing over his head. So as he’s firing, he will allow this player
to run past, hopefully avoiding the paint from this player and arrive inside the building.
Now on the way in, as he’s crouched low he’s going to scan this side and make sure that
it’s clear. This player is going to shift just inside of the building here, and do the
same thing on his side. Now we have one player in the building here, one player in the building
here. At this point if they can find a line of a shooting lane on this player, hopefully
they can suppress his fire and this player can move up to a position here where he can
do the same thing to this red player. At that point, the third man can come inside and now
you have two players on this wall, and this player on this wall. Now by communicating
with one another they can, they can put enough suppression fire on this player that this,
on this red player so that the green player can hopefully move up and take a position
here. This movement would be used over and over in progression through each, each room
and in this case, as in almost every case inside of a building, players are going to
get eliminated pretty quickly.


  • Sebastian Pfeiffer says:

    cant imagine this tactic really works, cause when the second man enters the first room, hes directly in the line of fire of the left red guy and so the whole tactic is not going to work i think

  • iAmKav says:

    When I played EMR castle this year, in order to get into the castle walls we took a team to the rear wall first.
    We sort of did a tactic like this in order to get inside the castle wall, except we had our guy on the left and a guy on the right of either side of the door firing, and we had guys running from an angle and sliding for cover within the wall, seemed to work just fine, we took what was suppose to be a 6 hour scenario in 1 and a half hours, and then they had a 2nd match which we tk in2

  • Bond Leung says:

    3:01 the green player cant move up cuz the 2nd red player will be shooting there, this cia guy makes no sense sometimes

  • MrPURPLEpixels says:

    1:19 don't you think it would already be too late for player one if player 2 had to check that corridor unless you moved very quickly

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