Acrylic painting Ethereal🌈(Inspired by Living Coral Pantone Color of the year 2019)

Acrylic painting Ethereal🌈(Inspired by Living Coral Pantone Color of the year 2019)

Who doesn’t love mermaids? In this video, I’ll be painting this mermaid in acrylic paints. I was inspired by the color coral. It is Pantone’s color of the year Living Coral. If you want to see me mix
my own coral color, I’ll be linking that in the description. I’m Aggie Pixie, I like to paint and make videos about it. Please consider subscribing! So, let’s
take a trip to the sea and paint this mermaid! I’m gonna take out a pastel pencil and
this is what I use to sketch on my canvas. Sometimes a ruler really does
help in placing the eyes and making sure that everything’s straight. I like to use
a throw-away paper palette, I just slap on my color there and when I’m done with my
painting I just throw it away and it’s a lot easier and a lot cleaner. So, I am
going to mix up my colors on this palette and I decided for this mermaid, pixie mermaid to have one eye blue and one eye green… very “mermaid like” I
think… Anyways, so I am shading around her face adding highlights and this is my
technique that I do for almost all my big eyes… and if you do want to see a
more slowed down version of this I do offer a step-by-step tutorial on my
Skillshare channel, if you’re interested in seeing how I paint, kind of slowed
down real-time version. You can go check that out. I’ll just list it in the
description. So, back to this mermaid I decided to you know keeping the theme
of coral so I’m going to add in some Coral (y) cheeks and lips and I think it’s
a beautiful color it actually, it I think it goes really well with her green eyes,
her green blue eyes actually and as you can see, my original mermaid sketch did
have like starfish in her hair and then I want to add like seaweeds, so
you do see me paint in those items in her hair but as you see going forward I
do end up changing my mind. But I did include this in the video, just to show
you that, you know if you do end up changing your mind as you paint, it’s so
simple just to paint over any kind of painting. and you know, it’s never too
late to change your ideas as you paint so here I go I’m painting my starfish and like now that I’m looking back it wasn’t so bad I don’t know why I really
changed my mind but then I, I started adding the… the seaweed and then I just
figured you know what, I… I just had this really great idea to have this coral
crown because I was so inspired by Pantone’s color of the year and the
story behind it. So I decided to just have this huge coral crown! And there
we go! I’m tracing it out and then I paint it in. And please check the LINK in
my DESCRIPTION for the full tutorial on this coral crown if you’re interested in painting this coral crown with me! Now a little trick that I do with almost all my paintings is that I take a
picture of it, with my phone and then in my phone I go to edit it and I just
switch it around and there I can see that like the little mistakes that I
have made or you know, maybe one eye is bigger than the other, or that they’re
not straight or maybe I added too much shading, so when I looked at the picture I
noticed that I wanted to fix the shading under her neck maybe add a little bit
more color to her cheeks I, yes I’m adding more color to her cheeks I added
more highlights and I find by taking a picture of your final artwork with your
phone really changes your eye view and you really see what your artwork really
looks like because as you’re painting your eye does get used to your artwork and you usually can’t see the mistakes or I mean, I don’t want to say “mistakes” but you know, if your painting looks a little bit off, you can see it. It kind of changes your eye perspective. I made her hair blue because I wanted
the hair to sort of represent the sea and then the Coral Crown on top
of her blue sea hair. And here I’m just adding the last bits of highlights to
her face. And I add extra sparkle to her eyes. I really need to name this Pixie
Mermaid and I’m just not sure how to name her, so if you have any suggestions just leave your mermaid name suggestion in the comments! I did ask you, if you
preferred more acrylic or watercolor tutorials and most of you preferred
acrylic tutorials! and I have to say I do love painting with acrylic paint myself! So, I hope to make more videos like this and don’t forget to check out the LINKS
in the description. Aren’t these little fishes (fishees) so cute!!


  • Aggie Pixie says:

    ♥︎Time stamps to skip forward
    Skip to tutorial 0:32
    A quick overview of acrylic paints used 0:48
    Painting the mermaid eyes 1:05
    Painting the cheeks & lips 1:58
    Mermaid Hair 2:29
    Preview of Coral Crown 3:39
    Pixie Secret Tip 3:59
    Adding highlights to Face 5:24
    🐠A must watch Dancing Nemos 6:00

  • Aggie Pixie says:

    ♥︎Hi, Pixies! Any name suggestions for this Pixie mermaid? Please let me know in the description, thanks!

  • Jill S says:

    So beautiful

  • Dena Tollefson says:

    Hi Aggie! I enjoyed watching your previous video where you mix the Pantone living coral color and saw a little glimpse of your beautiful Coral Mermaid. It is great to see a full tutorial of how you painted her. I love her large eyes and pout. Her blue hair and the blue water really contrast well with her coral crown. She is so pretty!

  • Violet Connie Art says:

    This mermaid is gorgeous 💜 I absolutely love her coral crown!! She is so sweet looking, well done 🧜‍♀️😊🙂

  • Ist mir Wunst says:

    Your Mermaid is adorable. (big like from me)

  • Divine Art says:

    Hi Aggie,
    I love mermaids too, you created pretty beautiful mermaid with large eyes. And interestingly you made different colored eyes. Mixing portrait colors is always a headache for me but when I see your cute portraits I think they can be easy with your painting technique

  • Kerrie Woodhouse says:

    She is so very sweet, I love the colours you put together

  • Little Bud Art World says:

    Goodjob👏👏👏👏 and u won a sub🙂

  • Nick Atkos says:

    ou i love the eyes! 🙂 also for the name she looks like a danielle to me ^.^

  • Dena Tollefson says:

    Hi Aggie! I have popped back over to your video to invite you to participate in the Turquoise Challenge I am hosting. Everyone who participates will be part of a giant collab playlist. It is going to be a lot of fun and I hope you will join in, Aggie!

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