Abstract Pot Painting | Recycling Broken Pot | Matka Decoration Ideas with Acrylic Colours

Abstract Pot Painting | Recycling Broken Pot | Matka Decoration Ideas with Acrylic Colours

hello guys and welcome to DIY craftopedia. Its me
Sanathan and in this video we are going to do another pot painting
in case you’ve noticed that this pot slightly broken at the opening but
anyways I was determined to repair it and hence I bought it for a low price I
have a plan to make an abstract nail polish design on it
Hence, I’m going to put a yellow acrylic coat on it first now that the pot has dried I am going to
cover a few parts of the pot with brown tape so that our nail polish abstract
design doesn’t get painted on those areas all you’ve got to do is I cut a
few pieces of brown tape and attach them on the places where you don’t want the
design now let’s get to the fun part that is
the abstract painting effect the first step is to take a bowl with a huge
opening and fill it with lukewarm water ensure that it is warm if it’s cold the
nail polish will get dried up really quickly and it won’t get stuck to the
pot and the next step is to pour your favorite colors of nail polish in it and
create stunning designs now comes the slightly tricky part
you’ve got to hold the pot carefully with your hands and roll it slowly over
the water surface to transfer the design onto the pot you can do it once again to cover the
unpainted sides of your pot once you’re satisfied with the design just remove
the tape from the pot and let it dry the design has dried so let me get to
the repairing part I’m not going to give any specific instructions over here
because your pot might be slightly different from that of mine it might
have been broken in a different manner or you might have a completely unbroken
part as well so just use your creativity completely and repair your part and I’m
using white M-seal or Shilpkar to give a completely different shape to
the opening of the part the Shilpkar has dried and as I’ve
mentioned in my earlier videos I just love metallic colors on my pottery work
and hence I’m using metallic brown to cover up the remaining areas of the pot so that’s the finished part people hope
you liked it please give your views and suggestions in the comment section down
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video goodbye guys

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  • Stephy and Zabdy says:

    Hey! Thank you soooo much for this video, now I can repair them!! 🙂 and also check out my videos @ 2 infinite masters

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