$90 Dollars…For THIS?! Testing The PRICEY Inktober Subscription Box…

$90 Dollars…For THIS?! Testing The PRICEY Inktober Subscription Box…

* Hello everybody! It’s Inktober, everyone’s favorite 31-day challenge! Where you either succeed and have a great collection of 31 drawings, or if you’re like me, you give up like four days in, wonder what’s wrong with you, start questioning your priorities and break out into an existential crisis! But this year, Inktober is a little extra special because Jake Parker, the creator of Inktober, he teamed up with the month-to-month subscription box Artsnacks, and together they combined their powers and created the $90 Inktober box. When you purchase this box, you have no idea what’s inside. Like, they give you a big list of what might be inside but you have no idea. And again, for people in the back, it’s 90 dollars. I went ahead, I bit the bullet and I spent the 90 dollars so you don’t have to. Now I’m sure some of you guys are wondering, am I gonna be doing Inktober this year? And, yes and no. I’m gonna be doing a few Inktobers so if you want to follow my Instagram, you can check them out. I already have one uploaded. And if you’re new here and you would like to join the Raevolution, hit that subscribe button! We have a lot of fun here! And with that being said, y’all guys know I do not like long intros, *loud* even though this was a long intro, so yeah without further ado, let’s jump into the $90 Inktober box. First I want to say, look how large it is! This package is so big that I’m having to use a second angle just so you can see how big it is. And by the way, this is not sponsored at all. I paid that $80 out of my own pocket for this, baby. Oh, shoo -! I realize now that it’s kind of hard to see cause it’s like my white desk with my white box, but it’s really pretty! But wow, I love this little sticker they have here. Okay, here we go, $88 Inktober box. So the first thing is the- Oh, this is like the, Jake Parker, like, welcoming card. How cool is that? So this welcome card just tells you like, the rules and what the purpose of Inktober is; I think it’s really really sweet to be honest. And here’s what it says: “Hi! *Sped up chipmunk voices* Have a great Inktober. Love, Jake Parker.” And that’s what the point of Inktober is, is to challenge you go out of your comfort zone, push yourself to your limits, commit to something for 30 days and like, refresh yourself creatively. So I’m into that. Yeah! Now the next thing is the – ohhh! Ohhhhh! Look at this! This is the calendar of all the prompts. That is really really cool. Now, I’ve heard from a lot of people that these prompts are probably the hardest out of all… *Makes annoyed noise* These prompts are probably the hardest year yet, but I think that’s kind of good because it adds a little excitement, you know. So the first thing that I pulled out was 20 sheet – what?! 20? There’s only 20 sheets! Don’t mess up cause you only have 20 sheets to go. So what this is is premium cotton paper and this is some very thick paper so that’s really good, especially if you’re gonna be like heavily, heavily inking. *Whistles* Oh, cool! We get like a little Inktober sticker. That’s so freakin’ sick. I love this so much. You know, this can’t be called Artsnack unless we have *faraway voice* a snack. I love free food! Well technically not free, but you know what I mean. Okay. Now this part, I don’t know, I don’t know what this is. Apparently it comes with a lot of colors so that’s really nice. Because usually when you think of Inktober, you don’t think of color. So I’m not too sure exactly what this is so kind of excited to see. It says it’s a pen set, but I don’t know how to work with it. *Gasps* Oooh! Ooh, this is so pretty! Oh, these are beautiful! Wow, these are so beautiful. So here’s the bottom layer… Beautiful vibrant colors. Absolutely incredible. And here is the top colors. Again, just absolutely beautiful colors. Why don’t we check out what’s inside these babies? This is what I think of when I think of Inktober. And then on this side we have a bullet nib. So that’s really really nice. Apparently messy, too. *laughs* *Music* They’re very vibrant, they’re very like BAM, in your face, you know, which I think is so refreshing cause when you think of Inktober you think of black, you think of white, you think of just plain, and honestly this adds a very interesting element. So the next two things, oh these okay, so these are definitely what I think of when I think of Inktober. We have a pure black ink, like a black black India ink, which, this is like some of the darkest ink that you can find. We also get, eh, oh, I’ve never used one of these before! This is a fountain pen! Spoiler alert: It’s not a fountain pen. It’s a dip pen, very different, but I didn’t know so the whole video I’m gonna call it the wrong thing. To be honest, I don’t even know how fountain pens load. Like, how do they work? (Rap): Magnets? How do they work? We also have a – oh, Copic! We got a Copic drawing pen. Oh! What is this? Look at it, it’s kind of like a automatic fountain pen. That is so crazy, I had no idea these existed. Whoa! I’m kind of embarrassed to say but I truly know nothing about fountain pens. So I, I don’t know how to hold it. Yes! I know that’s so bad to say. Ohh! This is beautiful, oh my god. Wow you can get super – oh, wow! You can get so thin with this pen. Look how thin that is. Oh my god! Yep, this is what I think of. When I think of Inktober this is what I think, like a nice thick black ink. Now, even more embarrassing, I have no idea how to make a fountain pen. Like, do I just dip it? I don’t know how to put the thing in. I’m gonna need help. Zach? (Zach): How are you supposed to hold the ink inside? (Rae): I think you just dip it then. (Zach): You just dip it then? It’s not a fountain pen. (Rae): Then what is it? (Zach): It’s the color of a dip pen, I guess. (Rae): Yeah, that’s really cool. (Rae): Okay, well thank you Zach. (Zach): It’s not far off from a quill. (Rae): Oh, can you wave bye to them? (Zach): Bye bye. (Rae laughing uncontrollably) (Rae): That was good. Thank you. I’m – okay. So let me rephrase that. Not only have I never used a fountain pen, but I’ve never used a dip pen either. Oh, wow – ohh! Ohhh! This is amazing. That noise is so satisfying. Honestly, I kind of feel like Thomas Jefferson right now, like, writing the Declaration of Independence. This is some really good ink, it’s VERY very dark. It’s kind of hard to use though, I will tell you that. The way it dispenses ink is just out of this world! This is so incredible. Wow. And lastly, We have a limited edition square sketchbook. That’s very very handy. I was gonna say, we need more paper because 20 pages just ain’t gonna cut it. Okay, so before we open this, I have a feeling, just like a slight feeling that when I take off this little piece of paper, this thing right here, that it’s gonna say Inktober. Like I really really hope it does. *Gasps* Oh, it says it! It says it! Oh *beep* yeah. *beep* yeah. *beep* yeah. Dude, bro, oh! Look at that. That is so freakin dope, like the matte black with like, the white “Inktober,” that is freakin dope. Umm… I’m gonna be honest here, the paper is a little bit thinner than what I would prefer. I mean, especially if you’re gonna be dealing with, you know, India ink. This is so dope that I’m gonna like Instagram it right now on… Stories. That is dope. And the last thing that we got to like, end this whole entire Inktober thing are the famous Gelly Roll pens. Now these are the classic white ink pens that you see literally everywhere. Oh, apparently it has three different levels: fine medium and bold. Okay, coolio! I’ve never seen that before. So yeah, that’s really cool. So basically I think the white pens are absolutely ESSENTIAL if you’re gonna be doing any kind of black and white ink work. Because these are basically how you erase ink, is like you go over it with a white pen, you know what I’m saying? I think very very smart of Jake Parker to have these inserted. So yeah, here’s everything for one last overview and let’s get into the, uh, drawing portion. Okay, so for the drawing portion I know, I know this kind of might be a reach but Ash Williams, aka Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead series. Number 13: Ash! *Mechanical noises* Groovy. *Music* So, final thoughts on this $90 box: the products are dope, everything is so appropriate for Inktober, the little details included are very nice, but honestly for $90, this is just too much. I mean, especially when you consider like, the Jazzy art box which had literally everything that you could need at around the same price, it’s just too much. And then there’s the factor where you don’t know what’s inside so you don’t know what you’re investing in. Now if you’re really into Inktober and inking, trying new products out, you love the surprise and you have $90 hanging around, yeah, I mean this is, this is cool, it’s fun, I like it. But I feel like other than that, I feel like it’s just way out of price range. And if I had to give this my official Rae Dizzle rating, I would give it a B. Anyway, let me know down below if you agree with me. Again, if you would like to see my Inktober, follow my Instagram. Thank you so much again for watching. Hope you guys have a spooky and fun Inktober and with that being said, I will see you next video. Bye! *End music*


  • SuperRaeDizzle says:

    Hey. I’ve gotten some concerns, questions, even some shade for this video and I of course want to always be open and honest. Let me clear some stuff up:

    1) did you copy Chloe?
    She’s the one who gave me this idea.
    Last night I texted her and asked if I could reflect her title and thumbnail and she said “ABSOLUTELY”. She watched the video and liked it! We’re best friends in real life and talk about ideas in private. In fact her brother is gonna do the CC for this video. I filmed this way before her video went live. But yeah, I linked her video and I love her a lot and she approves of this! Plus us having similar topics helps each other grow because they get suggested. She’s the best

    2) you handled the dip pen badly.

    That’s understandable to see. I’ve never used one before, here in America we aren’t required to use one, and this was my first time ever using it…. and I was excited as heck hahah
    I didn’t know what was in the box, so it’s live footage of my reaction. I’ll look more into them in the future! I’ve already learned a lot from the comments feedback.

    And that’s it! Hope this cleared some stuff up. Thanks for reading!

  • Melissa Simon says:

    I know I'm late but THE RAEVOLUTION attacks now!! Thanks of what you do superraredizzle

  • Bina Turtle says:

    Ah the fountain pen – my second grade nightmare has returned.
    My left hand was always covered in blue ink. So glad times have changed!

  • Shadow Girl says:

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  • GirReporting4Duty says:

    I highly disagree that this is beginner friendly and feel it goes against the spirit of Inktober. Inktober is suppose to be accessible and freeing, placing a $90 barrier to entry on "doing it right" especially to people with no experience with that medium is going to shut a lot of people out. Beginners, should just do a bit of research, go to an art shop and buy some decent ink paper and some ink liners or even a fountain pen (back to school time=£5 metal shell fountain pens) and go at it from there. Having a $90 box of supplies that you're going to "ruin with your beginner mistakes" is sort of setting up those to fail and driving away beginners from partaking.
    So I agree it's a nice box that's too expenses for what it is, but it's definitely aimed at those with experience in the medium or with art in general and not to those just starting out.

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