(68) How to Do 2 Chain Pulls with Acrylic Paint.

(68) How to Do 2 Chain Pulls with Acrylic Paint.

ok good evening,its Carole and Im back in
my art room.tonight im going to do a video onanother what else another string pull this
time, Im not going to use string, Im going to try chain pulling I did a few samples yesterday,
and this is how theycame outi have, Im going to try a different colour tonight.so ive got
some purple made up,and a light purple and some white artist ;loft, the purple is a artist
loft purple in a tube, that Ive mixed with zensser abd water, 4 parts paint to 1 part
zensser. and theres my consinstanct, dont know if you can see, just runs of the stick
ive got some i made a lighter violet colour out of some craft paint folk art paint that
I have, mixed some colours together get this colour , didnt have enough of the lite so
I made my own. red blue and some lilac, ok so what Im going
to do,im gonna put some dark paint on here, not to thick i think im going to add a bit
of water to it, feels thick im going to spread it with this teflon brush my sister told me
about, works really good. not too thick for chain pull works better
if its not like a flip cup, not silicone in this
this is a canvas board, now im going to add some light paint on top use a different brush,
I happen to have 2. going put some light paint on here
just to give it a different effect. that looks so cool, I like that ok i might
do another one, ok i have my white paint mixed just pretty much the same consistency, I put
my chain in hope you can see this there we go lost the end there it is now the
trick to this is not to have too much paint oin the chain im going to scrape some off
splashing it everywhere using my finger alright here goes nothing opps a lighter bigger than
I wanted but thats ok i might have not taken enough paint off ok oh its ok id like to go
over that one dont know how it would work going to stick the end back in try something you never know how these things are going
to come out trial and error go slow. thats a big flower i didnt really need for
it to be so big ill rinse this off try another one, that looks cool with the purple coming
through sticking it in soapy water i’m just going
to do one on the side, a bit smaller smaller one can you see what im doing here ill come
on this side so im taking this chain my fingers going like this just to take the
excess off. i will do a small one. you get the idea anyway i wonder if I can
do a dark purple one right over that this is all about experimentation isnt it,
and were learning so im just going to put some dark paint in a cup
going to be a small one I better wash my chain. dry it with my paper towel ok im going to stick the chain im not going
to stick the whole thing in just to get dark purple on here can you see that im hopethis
is going to show up i dont know if i have enough paint on there ok lets try there that
cool like little small flowers well thats all oim going to do. move this aside and I have one ready to go
spread some light paint on it see how this one will go almost like using a comb
but a little better ok ill get the dark stick some on thats enough of that now the chain is clean
and dry oh i should try maybe a dark one in the middle cna you see
what im doing here my little stick taken my fingers running them down take a
slow i think you havw to go slow its better coming out really good hmm i thionk i just
keep doing purple add som more to my cup i dont want to dump all the paint in here i
dont want to waste any paint so I just do it as i go I not to worried about cleaning
the chain because it the same colour dipping it in
take my fingers again pull if off a shorter one here opps that one had a little more paint
i clean this one off more. i like how the liter colour is in the middle
of petals those are funky leave it like this I like it. dont like that one though, I’m just going
to clean off with a paper towel. clean it off a little bit. there its a separate little flower down there. thats it for me tonight. I hope you enjoyed this video, so there is
so many varations that can happen, different colour backgrounds and flowers, flip cup I
did this one yesterday, I didnt film it but I did it on a piece of cardboard for practice
one a flip cup your can seenthenchain marks there bring it close up no silicone, no cells
are needed, heres the white one. there you go! thanks for watching, and I hope
you subscribe to my channel hit the like button and hit the bell. good nite


  • Sara aki says:


  • Melinda Gillis says:

    😍 Awesome

  • diane rix says:

    Are you using a pastry brush? I do and that first brush looks like the one I have. Anyhow it works great. Thanks for the vid👍🏻

  • diane rix says:

    Possible to add an English closed caption? Thank you.

  • Leah Loopy says:

    Zinsser…is that.like in a pan can.like.for.walls? Can u show me.an image.of.it?

  • Leah Loopy says:

    I'm so sorry for my typos. So this is a latex extender
    .. I use acrylics. How does that differ?

  • Anne Flannery says:

    I bought a chain today because I enjoyed what you did so much! Can't wait to try it!

  • فردوس المغربية says:


  • Valerie Wells says:

    Love all your stuff. You're a rock star!

  • Dennis Beamish says:

    Hi Carole
    Love your work and would like to try it myself.
    You refer to I think "Zensir" — or something that sounds like that. What is this product and where do you by it please?
    Also you mention occasionally that you use silicone. What type of silicone are you referring to – just the silicone that comes in a tube?
    Dennis Beamish Cambridge Ontario Canada

  • msj6034 says:

    I have a question: Do you have to have a wet surface on which to make the chain (or string) pulls. I have a couple of flip cup paintings that were among my first attempts. I like them, but I think they'd make better backgrounds for something more interesting. Have you done a chain (or string) pull on a dry surface? Thanks!

  • Julie Blake says:

    Geeze mesmerised. Thanks for this, could only view but will listen tonight. Awesomeness

  • cindy borgen says:

    I just love it. Love the designs, the colors, love your trial and error, love your honesty. Thanks.

  • Manju Jindal says:

    Can we do it on fabric

  • Jus- Sayin says:

    Is your background wet or dry. I have not become a fan of cells.

  • Andy Chapman says:

    Too much paint on the chain i run my chain thro my fingers to remove as much as possible . Yes i know this was over a year ago and you have come a long way since then as they say practise makes perfect lot of love from the UK xx

  • Roxanne Guenette says:

    Really like the choice of colours… all your creations are wonderful

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