5 Ways to Use Liquid Watercolors you Probably Have Never Tried!

5 Ways to Use Liquid Watercolors you Probably Have Never Tried!

Hi , Welcome to Hedgehog Hollow; today we are hopping with all to you
now when today’s video is over you’re gonna want to make sure you hop to the
Hedgehog Ohio blog links in the description below not only do we have a
brand new website for you to check out but also we have fun giveaways to go
with this and the more blogs you hop to the more chances of winning fantastic
prizes you have but today I’ll chew are launching this awesome brush marker
refills and I have tons of them to share with you can see some here there’s even
more colors stood up for me to share with you and I’m gonna show you five
different ways to use them in your crafting so lots and lots of inspiration
now these marker refills aren’t meant to go in your really lovely markers here
now here a video a while back again showing you lots and lots of different
ways to use these brush markers in your crafting if you missed that check the
video out of course after this one in that top right hand corner we will link
it up in the blog post too and there’s a few different sets of these markers that
you can use and there’s a spring set I think as a winter stair and they look
like the original basic set but really really great to use really fun color
selections but the refills of course are designed to refill your pens but today
I’m going to show you some really different ways you can use them as part
of your crafting so the first thing I want to do is grab a piece of watercolor
paper and you can use whatever your preference is and I’ve got some here I
also have pre-cut a few things that’s ready to go so this is a leaf medallion
I wanted to show it to you in large and in a small version here so I’m just
gonna grab a wide brush and I have my rinse well ready if you’ve never seen
this it is the most awesome tool because every time I press this plunger it
empties out into the tray below and it refills automatically from this canister
with clean water which is just super super cool so I’m going to just pop this
all down here and you can do any color you like
but I just want to make sure that this is wet and I’m going to do the same on
my medallion you could do it on a full piece and then
die cut it afterwards but just for time in the video I pre-cut my watercolor
paper with that beautiful leaf medallion die and I’m just going to choose a
couple of colors to work with then you want to go with purple wine and Lagoon
so inside the boxes they have their refills just like this
and I’m not going to keep the boxes afterwards they just happen to all come
in these cute little boxes now my trash is down there and I’m going to squeeze
some out onto my easy clean mat just like this so you can use them direct or
you can use them in the Pens of course and I’m going to grab a second paint
brush because I want to mix up my colors this one and so I’m going to pick up
some of that Lagoon first of all and I just want to make some fun backgrounds
so I’m just going to dot the color around no real kind of pattern to it I’m
gonna I knew these colors would mix nicely to make pinks and purples and you
know all kinds of colors so that’s kind of my aim with this just to make some
random colors so it doesn’t have to be anything super difficult but I kind of
wanted that tie-dye effect in here and now what I’m going to do which is kind
of the really fun part of this is I’m going to grab my water bottle back here
spritz them because I want it to be reasonably wet and I also want to clear
some space because I need that back there grab some rice just regular
cooking rice and when I asked up to do you have any rice right home look to me
a bit strangely and what you want to do is throw some rice on your project now
the rice is going to absorb some of your water color you can throw a little or a
on that and we’re gonna leave this to dry that’s why I wanted to do this one
first so if you don’t come to dinner at my house I do keep rice in the craft
room yes I do I also keep salt in the craft room
bleach now this is the coolest parts you see how I have this really dirty purple
water and now I empty out my water refills clean and I don’t have to go and
change my water ball isn’t that just the coolest thing so now I can make it blue
and I can empty it out make sure it’s nice and clean and it refills clean so
that’s what the rinse well does as always of course we’ll think all these
cool tools up for you but I’m just going to pop this over here to dry but that’s
what you want to do just leave it over there the rice is going to absorb some
of that water and you’re gonna get some cool textures in your project now my
next project we want some card stock again and I’m going to choose a color
this time I think I want to go silver and I’m gonna go really simple so I’m
just clear this a little bit of a shake because I think it has a little bit of
pigment in the bottom so I want to make sure I pick up any of that can see
there’s some my current stuff in here I don’t think it’s got a metal ball in it
so I just want to make sure I give it a good shake to mix everything up just
like this we’re nearly there good shake oh yeah and then I’m going to
put some down just like that again don’t need a huge amount and then I want to
use a round brush thinking not too thick not too thin I’m gonna freehand
something kind of feeling brave here not my speciality and I also don’t want it
too wet so kitchen towel to the rescue I’m going
to just dump it off a little bit pick up some of your ink and then I’m just going
to drag my paint brush across for straight ish line and if she’s kind of
important in this one and you’re not going for perfection you are going for
thick thin just Organic stripes and that’s going to add to the list so what
I do is I’m stabilizing my hand with mindful finger with my pinkie and I’m
just dragging and I’m letting the brush go from thick to thin to thick because I
want it to look like an organic stripe and you see how that gets dragged across
and if you need to you can pick up some more paint and you can go over the top
so you see really really simple if you find it easier you can go up in the air
and I always start left to right because then you’re you always kind of start in
a different way to how you finish and we’re gonna use this as a really really
pretty background and then that’s it really simple we’re going to mount all
of these in two carts I’m gonna show you how the finished cards come out to and
I’ll leave that one now to dry so that was one idea I had now the next idea I
have to share with you is another really fun idea and for this one we need a
little bit of press’n seal and you all know I love my press and seal you can
also use saran wrap for this technique or clean film and you want it non sticky
side up if you’re using press and seal there is a difference you’ll feel the
underside is a little bit sticky up again I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna
grab some water I’m gonna clean up my water here we go
you kind of want to remember where you put the water area so I’m going to put
mine here ish and then think about what colors you want to do so I’m just trying
to remember what items I had to go on top so I’m going to go with the light
turquoise I’m going to go with some – I’m gonna go desert night I’m going to
change my mind and some midnight violet just because I happen to know that these
two colors mix together beautifully you could also add maybe a little bit of
pink in if you wanted to there’s all sorts of fun things you can do but I
just need a dot of each on your surface and you could use the alter new stamping
mat I just ordered mine I’m looking forward to trying it you can use
something like the glass mat anything non-porous a piece of acetate would work
fine you just want something that you can drop your colors onto and have a
little bit of working space with so then I’m going to take paintbrush and I’m
gonna pick up some color and I’m just going to drop some around maybe a bit in
the middle there and then I’m gonna take another paintbrush and I’m gonna do the
same again not really kind of thinking about where I put it and then you take
your watercolor paper same again and put it down smush it technical term of
course turn this over and then you want to press and this is why it’s important
to have non sticky side up and then you can kind of decide how you want to do
this and you’ll see sometimes you get kind of creases and you might like those
creases you might want to straighten them out up to here but when you lift
this up you see how you get this really kind of soft mixed together color and it
just gives you a different effect you wouldn’t get that same effect if you
dropped the color onto the cardstock you wouldn’t get these same lines it
gives you a more organic affection if you’re a bit like me
and you really struggle to just kind of be random about where you put your
colors down and you struggle to get these organic edges doing it with the
saran wrap or the press and seal is a really really great way to go it will
give you a fantastic effect without having to think about it and it kind of
forces you to get that organic effect so that’s another option for you I’m just
checking my notes as to all the different fun things that we wanted to
show you so we’ve done three so far and other things you can do is kind of a
more rainbow effect so if we grab a couple of things so if we go for a
Richard and then I was going to go more into like a sunshine lime so I think
it’ll start with an orange and then I sort of go into a blue I’m kind of going
on to the lighter shades as opposed to darker shades
making sure I like that I think run then I’m gonna go fresh 11 so I want light
shades and I’m gonna stick in these ones here so I’m going with skunk is fresh
lemon lime and turquoise again I’m just going to do a drop of each and I’m going
to put them in the order that I want to put them on my card because I find that
that means I actually have a chance of putting them down in the correct order
so that’s these down lights so yellow then we’re going to move into lime and
really easy to open to you this is no extra packaging so nice and easy here
lime and then we’re gonna move into turquoise it’s like this and you can see
how easy these backgrounds are to create as well and then everything I’m going to
add to them is either a stamp or a die so I’m not doing anything difficult to
add on to it at all I want it to be super super easy card-making so we’re
just going to take a couple of wide brushes roughly the same width there
there abouts so again it’s super easy I’m going to make sure they are all wet
and ready to go there we go I’m not popping my kitchen towel and then we’re
just going to add some fairly loose stripes across the middle here so
something like this and then I’m just overlapping slightly if you did it wet
wet paper you get a different effect but I’m doing wet on dry so of course you
can play about with different effects depending on what you want it to do I’m
just kind of adding that color block in the background
and then I’m going to add a blue block just like this and so what am I actually gonna end up
doing in the end is I think this is my orange I can just extend my orange up
slightly of course I’m going to cut this card stock down for mounting so I’m
gonna add my element just over this here and it’s gonna be a really quick simple
easy card so you can just add color blocks like that in as well then add a
sentiment over the top and it’s super super simple and we love love love
simple here so and we’ve done our stripes we’ve done our rainbows and the
other last one I want to show you is something just called exposure so we’re
really used to doing smushed backgrounds I guess it’s the technical term we’re
going to be using here with our distress inks but you can do the same with water
colors it’s not limited to distress inks so let me show you what I mean let’s
pick out some other fun colors to work with so let’s grab some sea breeze and
I’m going to go back to that fun pink that we have wine and let’s also throw
in some dusk I’m gonna throw three colors in here I’m going to show you
that you can absolutely do a smushy background so I’m just going to throw a
couple of drops down of one color and then I’m gonna throw down some blue and
of course you just kind of want to make sure you know where you’re throwing that
it’s easier if you throw it on white but I’ve kind of filled up my white here and
then again I’m going to throw some pink purple you pink down maybe you want to
throw a drop of purple in there just so it blends in a little bit and then just
to help those colors move around and activate I’m gonna make sure I split
spritz and you see as soon as i spritz those colors already started to move so
water colors react with water so again I’m just gonna take these colors I’m
gonna smush my way down you can see one went out the edge and then I’m going to
do a pickup and you can see I already created some beautiful kind of movement
you can go back in you can kind of add to it maybe you don’t
like one area but again it kind of forces you to be more organic if you
like me as I say I’m terrible but taking my paintbrush and then I’m
like oh I just want that bit there or those kinds of things like this one I’d
like a little bit more pink in that’s what I can do is I can just dab some
pink off to the side like this and I can spritz my pink just like that and then I
can go and pick up pinks and kind of add it in and then I’ll dry this off and
I’ve got a really pretty panel to work with on my background to add die-cuts to
to now add things too so I’m gonna do some quick clearing up and then I’m
going to show you how these mounted up into really really pretty cards okay so
we made some really really pretty colors I want you to show you how that rice
piece came out so you see this really cool texture that you ended up with win
the right so I dried it with the rice on with my heat gun and then kind of
flicked the rice off afterwards and this is how my piece ended up so you can see
on the die cut piece it just kind of picked up lights and darks but I’m
really happy with how it came up I cut some of the edge of this leaf mandala up
as well so I just ended then for someone special which is out of that leaf
medallion stamp set that coordinates with it as well and I just loved the
quick easy kind of clean and modern effect of that card and then there’s
just some black velvet card stock underneath so really really simple but
really effective on there and then with the other ones again just a very simple
card here just use the you I loved and they just double stacked and then offset
the sentiment so this is the brushed gold cardstock and again cut one out in
black underneath and just kind of shadowed it just to really make it pop
out black layer underneath and cut it down so we can really simple matting’s
and things but made it look super super simple under there too so really kind of
nothing difficult quick and easy bulk cards on the hello here I used the new
up sidon ink and then put clear embossing powder over the top so it
comes up a little bit of an enamel on there
a bit of a nice glossy finish on there too but that bold sentiment on the top
just pops off nicely then on our rainbow piece here you can see I turned it on
its side I added one of their doily dies and then a miss you on there just to
kind of highlight that little accent too so I get really really simple really
nice but again just that pop finish on there too and then again our stripes so
just accented them with that friend again being a silver and another one of
the simple background dyes to cut it out some matte satin stuck cardstock in like
a peacock blue underneath this time everything will be linked up on the blog
for you we’ll put all the different colors of card stocks that we use but
really really quick and simple Mattox you can create vault cards all of those
beautiful things in there for you now a couple of quick things I also want you
to mention to you I think you’ll find really useful if you enjoyed all of
these hints and tips go and join our crafts challenge it’s the craft
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little bit different we even have two videos for you today because we still
have that courier takeover going on so go check out that kraler video as well
and I’ll see you again tomorrow crafty everyone I’ll see you again soon bye


  • LuAnn Carrig says:

    Everyone should have a rinse well! Purchased mine after seeing you use it.

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    Alexandra, i am still waiting for someone to contact me regarding the September subscription box and my inability to log into your website. I have sent multiple messages…have requested password changes multiple times and have left messages on videos and still no one has responded to me. I am beyond frustrated and upset at this point. Please let me know how I can contact you and get a response. PLEASE!!

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    You made such pretty cards in this one! Great video! I’m loving those watercolours!

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    Very nice learned something new today-thank you very much-hugs

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    I love the vibrant colors these make. I have to give these a try.

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    Going to give these techniques a go, it will be a different approach to coloring for me! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring, hugs!!!

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    Great tips. I hadn’t thought of using the smooshing technique

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    This tutorial was fantastic. I needed that. You are an incredible artist. Tfs. Blessings !

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    May I ask what kind of rice you used? I know it isn't a kind I've seen before. Love the techniques and the cards are awesome! Thanks!

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