5. Painting 101 – Matching Colours – How to accurately match colours

hello youtube quick video on how to match colours i have some painter fan decks here, colour
chips and some colour charts I generally try to use the biggest colour
chips possible This is a typical painter fan deck most painters will have one of these with
them It is harder to match off a small colour chip than off a larger one colour charts are also quite small colour
chips When you look at the colour chart like this your eyes will actually be put off by the
other colours they will make the colours look different you can not just hold it on the wall and hope
to match it you must isolate the individual colours so you cannot see the other ones and then hold the colour one at a time against the wall It is the same process with a painter fan
deck you then must seperate or isolate the other
colours and compare it to the wall do this in an area of the home with good natural
light not too bright and not too dark these are the best ones to use i get these from my local paint shop in australia they are wattyl colour chips Of these i will pick about ten i will then hold the ten to the wall and then i throw out the chips which are obviously
not right and i keep the ones which are close in a seperate
pile on the floor i’ll keep doing this five or six times until i have a pile of about tensimilar colours
to choose from im just taking out the ones that are the worst
match im now left with three very similar colours
now i do this again with another pile now we have a pile left which are all fairly
similar colours too much red in that one too much beige in that one too much creame too dark too dark again too light out of those four that are left too much red too much blue two left either of these colours would be an acceptable
colour match This is the colour match for the wall, it
is called Natural Silver Different paint shops have different colours. when you ask for a colour match at the paint
shop you have to make sure you tell them the brand
of colour chip you matched to There could be several colours with the same
name and they will very likely be completely different
colours Sometimes the same paint shop will have both
an old and a new colour formulation

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