3 Ways to Make Your Paint Brushes Last Longer

3 Ways to Make Your Paint Brushes Last Longer

Do you want to make your brushes last longer,
saving you time and money? Stick around, I’ll show you how. So you want your brushes to last a long time.
Where are you storing them? You have got to get one of these boxes, not necessarily this
exact box here, but you’ve got to have a nice place to store your brushes because they shouldn’t
be running into one another or leaning on the bristles. The other thing you don’t want to do with
your paint brushes is stand them up on top of the bristles. A little brush like this
will get ruined very, very quickly. The third and final thing you should absolutely
avoid at all times is keeping your paint brushes in a container of water for a long period
of time. What happens if you do that is the water ends up soaking up into the wooden part,
the handle, it ends up swelling the wood, it cracks the varnish and then the metal part
which is called the ferrule loosens up and your bristles separate from the handle. Nobody
likes that. So if you follow these three rules your brushes
should last a long time. I’m John Morfis from helloartsy.com, thanks for watching!


  • Misana says:

    Also, don't lend brushes to friends. Lol. Learned that the hard way. 🙁

  • Inbreadsandwich says:

    good tips, but how do you change colors on a brush "during" painting, without wearing the brush out? I paint figurines and i only used one brush with 6 different colors. I cleaned my brush after every color, but i feel like the brush is wearing out quickly

  • Jeffrey L Songate says:

    Good job

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