3 marker challenge with copic markers | collab with my mom! | Art by Sabrina

3 marker challenge with copic markers | collab with my mom! | Art by Sabrina

Hi guys, my name is Sabrina and welcome back to my channel I am here today with My mom and it’s so weird to record right in front of my own mother and she doesn’t want to show her hands for some reason Hello We are going to do a three marker challenge. I Check with my mom and this is the first time she will be using Copic markers So this will be quite a challenge for the both of us because we will be very limited with colors so I have with me a Black bag Of all my Copic colors and there are 92 Copic colors that I have right now. So what we’re going to do is I’m going to And we’re not allowed to see the colors ourselves, so once we pick we will tell you guys which color we fix and We have to work with those three markers only now we are allowed to use pencils for making the drawing the outline of the drawing and Fineliners and gel pens or paint pens for just finding details But the main colors will be the ones we pick right now, so Let’s go eat. I’ll give you honor to my mom first Listen so my mom’s kept the color, yr. 16 in color apricots And I’ve got the color our 59 in Cardinal so that’s the shade over and So my mom My mom’s got the Connor is da next so that’s a cool gray So this book so much Because I had great I’m afraid though Yes, little nice, so I have a blue called be 21 in baby blue Oh, yeah, that’s nice so mom’s got the color B is 0-2 in robin’s egg blue, that’s a nice. Yeah Oh I Bet the Condor rv6 9 + p9y peony. I don’t know. How you pronounce it So let’s go smash the Connors and see what we have to work with. So this is the color RF 3 6 9 It’s like a reddish pink like a copy These have a nice contrast and my red So it’s a bit more saturated than my blue So these are the colors we have to use so Weight and How about mom? We will mean that our line art magically appear in the paper. Yeah, you want to try the trick? Yeah, this one’s your fine liner. Okay, and they’re going to do one two three There we go, are you mine are we deciding not to report the line art just speed up the video so right now we’re going to color the actual drawing in so we made our Drawings basically off the color and style we picked and I thought I had a hard time thinking what I wanted to draw I don’t know how you feel, but I Felt good. Yeah. Yeah, I felt good So we’ll show you guys how we’re drawing it in so So now that you’ve used these markers for a little while how do you think they work? Like… do you like them? or.. Yeah. I like them a lot. They work very easy… Are these markers what you expected when you picked them. When you first put your lines on the paper? Or are they quite a bit different than.. Nah they’re different like usual markers. They work very fast. Very smoothly. Like.. I find that you have to practice a little bit before you fully get used to these markers marker. Yes Otherwise your drawings will be patchy if you don’t know what to do with them. But you can get some really nice effects. yeah you really can. Though I have to say I find it hard to put shadows in the face and in the clothes with just one marker Yeah. That’s difficult. What do you like about drawing? I like it that you don’t have to think about anything else. Yes, just.. zone off. Yeah. Being in your own mind. Yeah you know. Not thinking about anything. No Here we are again the end of the video I hope you guys enjoyed watching this I had a blast making a video with my mom. Although it was a bit weird recording with her right next to me I’ve never done this with anyone else. So this was really great first collab really? So thank you mom for doing this with me I really enjoyed the whole process and I really liked the outcome of our drawings. You did great Thank you If you guys enjoyed watching, please don’t forget hit that like and subscribe button down below and I’ll see you guys next week Thank you. Bye


  • The Mackem Nerd says:

    This was a fun challenge, my girlfriend would love this kind of challenge but she would win easily against me

  • Miscast Entertainment says:

    How much fun is this?! You guys are so talented! What beautiful end products!😁👏💥

  • Simple Solutions Math Videos says:

    So glad to see you have so much fun in this one. Love it! 💓😂
    And yeah, impressive art from both of you guys!

  • Lowwe & Mixer says:

    Hi!!! I saw your video in recommendations!! That means that more people will see it!

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