#3 #BigArtQuest  Acrylic Art BRUSHES  | The Art Sherpa

#3 #BigArtQuest Acrylic Art BRUSHES | The Art Sherpa

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When everybody paints and forgets Hey everybody, its Cinnamon Cooney your Art Sherpa Welcome to Big Art Quest #3 All about acrylic brushes Today we are going to be covering how to buy brushes, deals on brushes how to wash brushes kinds of brushes that you might that there are and that you might want to use and what you would use them for so its just kind of a simple, easy introduction to what somebody who is new to painting or recently back to painting might need to know about brushes On the other mic today is my fabulous husband John he is going to be following me with the cameras and pulling up clips and helping us explain these brushes We are going to try, he is going to try He’s been doing research with me, so [Laughing] So he is all brushed up too Laughing
(John) I am too So we are not going to cover all the brushes there are in the world, there are a lot of brushes when you go into the brush store , um when you go into Hobby Lobby or Michael’s or your local art store, Texas Art Supply or Jerry’s Artaramia, you see the kind of rows and rows and rows and rows of brushes and they have sizes, and the sizes are crazy and they have shapes, and the shapes are crazy and you are just thinking to yourself, I just need to economically pick some of these things out so I can paint a painting, right (John) Pretty much. (Cinnamon) Basically that’s all you want out of a brush And right now thanks to social painting and the way painting is having a renaissance in people’s lives, a lot more people are getting interested in painting John: Oh ya But you know the interesting thing is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. No. It can be, it can get crazy, just like anything else us humans do. He he, it can get bananas. (John) This is true, it absolutely can. In researching I think we saw a brush today with a 22 carat gold handle. (John) No, a ferrule. That’s right, the ferrule was 22 carat gold and I was like, there is actually a reason for that, but its just so funny, I’m just saying, it gets up into that place. We use mink, 22 carat gold ferrules (John) boars hair So the brush. I am going to pull up a brush here. We are going to pull out my favorite, the one I have been so much in love with lately the one we are calling Goldilocks. Somebody wrote about Goldilocks to Simply Simmons (John) It’s funny [Laughing] I heard back. (John) I think that is a rep brush or something weird. No, you know what, they all say dom rep. So I think maybe this is just constantly sold out, because its the best brush. And I think maybe that’s what it is. (Laughing) Its the best brush and artists are figuring it out and its sold out So in this we’ve got the bristles, you have the ferrule, you have the crimp and you have the handle The bristles, right, which is the business end of your brush are generally made with either natural fibers or synthetic. Now natural fibers are fantastic in oil and watercolor, but I really drill down into synthetic fibers for acrylic Acrylic is hard on your brushes. (John) Yes. (Cinnamon) And a little science, (chuckles) a little science goes a long, long way Brushes either have like a wood handle or a plastic handle, umm personally I find that I’m a little hard on the wood handles, umm, this nonsense tends to happen to me. (John) When you leave them in there they tend to delaminate. (Cinnamon) Ya, they delaminate It’s kind of a whole thing. (John) See, if you treat your brushes properly (Cinnamon) They last forever (John) They don’t delaminate. (Cinnamon) They don’t. (John) But she leaves them soaking in water, where they.. (Cinnamon) I have 3 kids, I have a life, somebody will scream and I will have brushes in water and I’m gonna run out So I generally have to have brushes that are either so inexpensive when I purchase them, if I kill them I am not upset or are hardy enough to survive me. I especially love when a brush is inexpensive and hardy. That’s my favorite and that has been until recently pretty hard to find. (John) Ya. That’s how you’ve come to where you are at. (Cinnamon) That’s where I’ve come to where I’m at. Because you know in my past I’ve bought the top of the brush lines. (John) Umm, hum. Like the Da Vinci, and all the stuff, the Satin Silver, the Ruby Satin Silvers, all the hand made like crazy brushes (John) And you killed them. (Cinnamon) I killed them. I really honestly, if my mom and I can’t kill a brush, it’s like, (chuckles) it’s pretty impressive, (laugher). So when you are out shopping for brushes you really need to get your budget in mind ahead of time. (John) Um hum. (Cinnamon) The other thing I really want you to think about when you are shopping for brushes, wherever you are in the world, find a company that’s been open more than a minute. (John) Oh ya. Seriously. (Cinnamon) Ya. You need somebody that is going to answer their customer service line. I want you to find a company that has a website, with more information about how they make their brushes. (John) Um hum. (Cinammon) And I want you to find a company that likely has some YouTube videos. If they have all of that, right, this is wherever you live, if they have all of that they are probably going to be inclined to help you. There are some real fly by night brush companies. Umm, I didn’t realize this until I got on YouTube, people will try to send you art materials to review them. Right. Like I had some markers sent to me, some chalk markers, I couldn’t even review them. (John) No. I was like, uhhh, I won’t say anything, like I won’t ever run anybody’s brand down, ever, but some stuff isn’t going to make it on the show because I’m like, Huh, (John) Didn’t work out. (Cinnamon) It didn’t work out. So I’ve kinda noticed that with brushes too. So I do sometimes see stuff that you don’t see. (John) Ya, we just want to make sure that all the stuff works for you guys. (Cinnamon) Ya, because you are at home So here’s the number one thing. And this is the shocking thing, the number one thing you need to know about brushes. Unless you know the make and model of your brush you cannot buy it online. (John) Ya. (Cinnamon) Unfortunately guys, its actually true. Until you know the exact brush, from the exact company and the exact size, you cannot buy your brushes online period. And not even from the same company, same line. I know that’s upsetting news. (John) Wow. But that is the truth about brush buying because what happens is, is that you have to touch a brush You have to feel a brush to buy it, because an acrylic brush has to be, and this is a crazy science, but it works. If it would make a lovely make-up brush, like this one right here, if I had felt this without the sizing See its lovely to brush on my cheek, this is a terrible acrylic brush. (John) Too soft. Its too soft. If I could use it for make-up and make make-up tutorials with it, if this just feels lovely and you will want to take it home because oh this is so nice, don’t take this brush home. It shouldn’t be hard enough to take rust off your husband’s car, that would be too hard But it should be uncomfortable to your skin, because a good brush needs to pull a bead of paint off your little paint plop, doesn’t it. We talk about that all the time on the show, pull a bead of paint. It needs to be able to work that paint into your canvas. Now my very favorite brush I’ve been using lately, which is this number 10 bright by Simply Simmons and this is part of the Robert Simmons line. (John) Ya. (Cinnamon) Right, so this is a big time, long time established company. I think they’re 200 years, (John) Over 200 years. (Cinnamon) Ya. So they’ve been around, they have a website, they’ve got YouTube videos Right, all the products I ever talk about on here have a website and YouTube videos and somebody backing their product, okay. (John) So this really tripped me about those brushes. So you love these brushes. (Cinnamon) I do. I’m like the more I’m using them, the more I’m becoming a fan of them. By the way, I’m not paid you guys, at all. This is just what I found. (John) But what’s really cool is that, there they are right there, these are like, these are the base line professional brushes. Like they go up from here. (Cinnamon) They are $2.85 per brush at Texas Art Supply. (John) You can’t, those are a smoking deal and here’s what I’ll say, I have never picked up one of these brushes, that number 10 has been around a lot longer than the other brushes that you buy all the time. Ya, I stole it from my Mom. She actually got it from a Simply Simmons rep that was coming by Jerry’s Artarama explaining why their brushes were good. We hadn’t used them as a family and she grabbed a grip and dropped some with me to try and I was like WHAT is this. This is so good. So actually I’ve been kinda changing my brush loyalties as of late. But here’s the thing, sometimes you are in a place where you can’t get a line of brushes. So what I want you to think about on acrylic brushes, what are the features that you would want. I want in an acrylic brush, I’m going to show you this is a 3/4 inch wash, right. Now this is a synthetic fiber you want a synthetic fiber, I don’t know, can we hear the flick? (John) Yaa. See Mocuts was just asking about that, right. (John) Um, ahh, she said that she was having some trouble getting the bead of paint that you get. (Cinnamon) Its the brush. (John) Its the softness of the brush. (Cinammon) Its the softness of the brush. In the store they put this stuff called sizing in the brush. Its like starch. (John) Ok, yup. So you go in the store you are going to have to pick up your brush. You say alright, I need a 3/4 inch, this is a wash, right, which means its going to pull a little more fluid into it, to make nice flat strokes, its kinda a cousin to a bright Right, everything is a flat, and there are washes and brights, and its about brush length and the brush density and the interlocking that’s happening here. So flick it, flick it, get all the sizing out. Pick the brush up, they’re going to not like it at the art store, but flick it out. Get it so that its, I go like this, John’s seen me do this (John) Yup, yup, yup. (Cinnamon) Once I have it out, I feel it. I feel the spring. You will hear good brush makers, brush makers are like diamond cutters. So, like, that’s Simply Simmons is Robert Simmons he is a brush maker. Really good brush companies all of them have a brush maker and just like a diamond cutter, they’re somebody who specializes in the craftsmanship of making these brushes and there’s some real science to this. How it sits in your hand and does not cause you problems. I like short handles, see this is a short handle. This is a long handle. I don’t get any longer than this, it annoys me. I don’t suggest you get any longer than this. Its annoying, you poke yourself in the eye. Its for when people want to be all like I’m back here painting on my canvas… None of us are painting like that. So, its a pointless tool. Hopefully that’s helpful. Flick it out, feel it, and if you’re like, it shouldn’t hurt, but it should be like I would not really want to put my make-up on with this. Its just a little too forte, as the french would say. Its a little too forte and you will feel it, look this just took some make-up right off my face. (laughing) It did. (John) There a bunch of questions coming up. (Cinnamon) No you pay attention to that. You can have metal allergies to your brushes. (John) Oh really. (Cinnamon) Yes. Some of these are made with products, that’s the other reason why I’m telling you to watch the company you are buying from, some of them are made with products you can have a real allergy to. Nickel. (John) Really? (Cinnamon) Ya, all kinds of craziness. So that’s why some of these companies that are good companies are kind of like, we make brushes like this, because they know there are some companies out there that will cause you to get hives all over your body. I don’t know if any of you have had that experience yet, but I know people who have and you can have an allergic reaction to your brush. Just a weird thing. (John) I would say like that would be, if you had a crazy reaction to other things you would probably keep that in mind. Umhhmm, but like you know, I don’t think they. (Cinnamon) Read about the metal allergies. Brushes get big. (John)Ya. I guess that’s true if you are hanging onto that ferrule all the time, then you have to be careful. (Cinnamon)Look at this brush. (John) That’s a crazy big brush. (Cinnamon) Now this is a round. Is this a detailed round? No, but it is a round. (John) Ok, so ya, I missed who was asking. Someone was asking they were struggling with thin lines. and she said she’s got six brushes, inexpensive and cheap and all of them are useless. What brush should she get? to make those nice thin, (Cinnamon) A detailed round. (John)Can you show us a good detailed round? (Cinnamon) So what I’m going to do here is I’m going to show you some detail rounds. Here’s a nice detailed round See how that comes to a sharp point . I wouldn’t get any bigger than that if you are talking about thin lines. If you have a very good bright, I’m going to show you a very good bright, see this bright right here Look at the sharpness of that point (John) Show it down on the other camera too Can you see the sharpness of that point? You can get a good line from that. Okay. Brushes are going to come in, we like to talk about, here’s a filbert. Here’s a filbert. This is a long haired filbert. What I mean by long haired. Its bristles are just a little bit longer. Okay. But this still has a really good flick. This is a number 6 Simply Simmons Filbert. Its a good filbert. Its a good filbert. And its gonna give you some nice little blended strokes. Uh one of my favorite art instructors out there William Kemp says a very interesting thing. If you can only have one brush to paint with acrylic paint you paint a bright and if you have one brush to paint oils you paint a filbert. I don’t know why we are in a one brush scenario, but its an interesting thing. I don’t know what happened up in Williams’ land that its one brush, but (laughing) (John) Awesome, how artists think, if I only had one brush and two colors of paint, what would they be Right, just as if somehow you are trapped on a desert island and only this floated up on shore And I think there is something to be said about that. You can pretty much do anything with a bright You can get thin lines, you can get all kinds of strokes. We are gonna talk about the strokes on the episode we call “the stroke”. So you got to have, you need a bright. You need a bright. I like this 1 inch bright. I like to then add to this 1 inch bright a 1/2 inch, this actually says 1/2 inch Wash and flats will have longer bristles in general, right, here we go, here’s my number 4 This is my number 4. You know its mine cause its got paint on it. Cause when I wash it I don’t get the paint off See my number 4 bright. Its a fabulous little bright. And then, here’s a number 2 shader, which is really essentially the same shape as a bright. Can you guys see it. That’s a fantastic detail. When I’m doing eye work, I’m in with this brush. I love this brush. Right, I think this company does a really good 1/2 inch angle. If you are painting with Clive and you are painting with Pandora and you are painting with my Mom and you are painting with me, you need a 1/2 inch angel guys (John) Oh Ya. (Cinnamon) Cause we all use them. This is the multi-purpose brush, 1/2 inch angle shader Um, so you’ve got fans, you’ve got points, you’ve got washes, you’ve got flats. People say you need a flat or a bright. What’s the difference between a flat or a bright, does anybody know? does anybody know? (John) Uh, no, I don’t know. (Cinnamon) Its just bristle length. Brights tend to have a shorter bristle and sometimes a company will trim their edges a little bit, but they are both basically a flat that means the ferrule has been squished flat, its not round like in a round. Washes are for exactly what they say they are, making washes, which is fantastic in water color painting and not useful all the time in acrylic. Cause you don’t want to underbind your paint, so at the point you are doing washes you probably have a bunch of brushes, cause you’ve got, you know, mediums for making washes cause you want your paint to stick to the canvas and you’re into some specialty tools and you will be that person by the end of the year by the way. Ok (John)Angela Anderson was here earlier talking about that she kills brushes and I was just trying to ask her in chat what her favorite brush was, but I don’t think that she caught it. (Cinnamon) Oh, I know, I’m going to show one, I’ve got a couple of these, this is a pack I found I found these packs, these weird little packs. See these little packs, I got these at Michael’s. I’m going to open this little pack. (John) How do you like those? (Cinnamon)Ehhh, (John)Cause Eve was asking what are good packs? (Cinnamon) So like right now I’m feeling this, here it is this is a deerfoot stipler, Angela talks about this a lot This, umm, this is Royale & Nickel deerfoot stipler, its, its, this is really soft, I don’t know what you would stiple with this. I could put makeup on with this and that’s the problem I had with the packs You can’t open the packs and feel them, this however is a natural, this is the hog’s hair bristles Hog’s hair bristles are perfectly okay, they just require a little more care and by the way, don’t panic when your brushes stain, they all stain. The stain is interlocked into the fibers and will not get onto your canvas. This is a very interesting, you could make a little cloud with this little puff. So this guy is kind of okay. Um, and these two little hum dingers. So there, in brushes there are all these sort of like, I like to call them technique heavy brushes. Right, so these brushes right here are technique heavy brushes, these are grass and trees. If you are just really struggling with those things and you just need something to make that for you, right (John) Yup These two are actually pretty good So this brush kit overall and it was inexpensive is the Artist Loft Specialty Brush set and it was okay If you just wanted some toys. (John) Now, I don’t know necessarily Now that’s not necessarily your everyday brushes Your everyday brushes I try to have listed in the bottom where I say you’ve got to have I always have it in the description, the list of brushes, that’s what I’m saying is your basic kit that you should have on hand (John) Okay, so there are a lot of questions (Cinnamon) Okay, I’ve got answers (John) To pack or not to pack, seems to be the question. Oh, okay, if you really, really, really, really know the company, pack away If you don’t know the company, don’t pack. Touch. You have to go to the art store and touch. You cannot believe the variety, even in a single line of brushes that you will feel, these things are hand made How many craftsman did that info, that commercial, but that information, we were watching information on the different brushes, we were watching the Dowler & Rowley, Robert Simmons, there are 12 craftsmen (John) On the Dawler & Rowley they own their own factory and like on, that’s what I found kind of cool was that like 12, like an average of 12 craftsmen touch each brush that they make and they have a lifetime warranty on them So its kinda like, well crazy. (Cinnamon) Most of the companies that I would recommend to you will have a factory and will have craftsmen and will have a designer. (John) So they know brushes. (John)There is stuff about brushes that we don’t even remotely consider, just like Golden with the paints they know paint (Cinnamon) They know paint. (John) They know stuff about paint we don’t even consider about our paint that makes the paint great. (Cinnamon) Right, like ya this little sucker here, right this is a $50.00 brush, right, um some brush in the Simply Simmons was like $18.00, so there is some difference Look at this, this crazy thing, we played with this, these are specialty splatters, I have two of these suckers they are each built different. I don’t know where my other specialty splatter brush is, right, But you know, that’s the deal. You can get the micro mini’s. (John) Ahh, yes. (John) Is that one of mine you stole? (Cinnamon)Yes, and look what I’ve done to it, its so terrible (John) I used to use that to paint miniatures (Cinnamon) Okay, this here would not be a good brush set for you guys to get I grabbed it because it had a deerfoot stipler in it and I really like this one here for this like feathered stroke But this brush and this brush, even though this is a fan brush and you think to yourself, oh that’s like what Bob used, that’s good No, Bob’s brush was better. No pretty much 99% of the fan brushes I see out there are just junk. (John) Now that’s a good question. (Cinnamon) They are terrible fans, I hate that which is why I don’t use them on the show. (John)So we love Bob, why not run out and grab a set of Bob brushes? (Cinnamon) Ahh, his brushes are made for oil painting. He has the best palette knives, (John)Laughing, so that’s right, you always are using the Bob palette knives Ya, so actually I have the Dowler & Rowley palette knives, I have the Bob palette knives, I just really like a good palette knife Palette knives matter. And we are going to cover the knife, that’s a quest, the knife is a quest. (John) We’ll go back over that later. So you just have to have that list I have down there, which is the 1 inch bright, 1 inch filbert, 1/2 inch bright, 1/2 inch filbert if you can get it, go ahead and get the detail 1/4 inch or smaller filberts and brights or shaders get an angle brush and get a couple of sizes of rounds which means guys, that you’re going to want you know, let’s see if I’ve got anything in any kind of condition, right, so you want some sizes of some rounds see how i have some sizes of some rounds here. Get some sizes of some rounds. I am not recommending any of these and they are all in perfect condition I bought these on sale, you know how I talk about that sale that is like half off and everything is like a few dollars And did not flick the sizing out of them. Happens to any of us, you get excited, you like a company, you don’t flick out the sizing and then what happens, you have brushes you don’t use. They look very pretty in the cup.(John)Can you put the sizing back in. Umm, hmmm. There are actually brush conditioners so let’s go to washing brushes. How do you wash your acrylic brushes? (John) Oh, I have more questions so real quick go back to those. (John) Are we going to go on to washing brushes right now (Cinnamon)We can answer a question before washing brushes (John) So this is actually interesting because so Angela was saying she likes a number 4 round, a 3/8ths angle and a good 1 inch flat. (Cinnamon)Fantastic list. (John) The second two are very specific, those are a 3/8ths and a number one. But the first one is a number 4 round. Can you talk about those numbers and how those numbers relate to each other (Cinnamon) Ohh, and I don’t know if Angela has noticed this but my Mom and I are so frustrated with this. So because its like the wild west out there in brushes. There are companies that have been around forever and they try to think up a sensible reason how they’re numbering and sizing their brushes And then there is just new dog and pony shows that show up and they have some new fangled brush and sometimes its brilliant and sometimes it not, but they all just seem to kind of size their stuff willy nilly So, its why sometimes teachers like Angela and I will show you like that QVC version of the brush where we give you some size relationship. So you go like number 4 should look like this. Because sometimes a number 4 in one brush line will look completely different than a number 4 in another brush line. In some psychotic brush lines its different per series of brush, So that makes me really crazy Like on the first entry level series they are all sized like this but on the pro series the numbers mean something completely different and I’m like WHAT is happening? (John) Your brain is breaking. (Cinnamon)My brain is breaking. I did a Periscope just to show this off. I was like here’s my rant, this is why, I’m just in a random Michael’s and here’s how it is and this is why you can’t and then the feeling when I had everybody at the thing with me umm, when I had everybody at Texas Art Supply with me, the best thing about it was being able to pull brushes, feel them and go, this is bad and this is why this is great and this is why cause there is nothing like feeling it. But you want something stiff and sharp enough to pull a bead you want, even your filbert should have enough pull to pull a little bead of paint and if it’s not, the brush is too soft Brushes that are for multi-purpose. Okay, some brushes will say they are multi-purpose and in some lines that is an okay to buy. Simply Simmons says that and I haven’t had any problem with it, I love em, right I have seen multi-purpose brushes be horrible. I don’t know what multi-purpose they have. But its horrible and I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever recommend them to you. So that’s when we go back to is it a company that has a website, is an established business, has an artisan brush maker that is designing their brushes, do they have extra material, are they bragging, that’s always good. Now all of them brag, but you can kind of tell the difference between the brag of we are master diamond cutters since 1776 is a completely different brag than you know some of these new guys that just sort of copied and pasted everybody else, cause that happens It is the wild west out there. That’s why we are going to the art materials show, right. So companies that you can trust have been around a minute. You want them to be around. Like I think one of the most expensive brushes in the world is a Windsor Newton sable, its made from mink it was given to the Queen, its like a whole thing. Chances are that they have somebody up on a help desk that can talk to you if your watercolor brush breaks. Oh, the Robert Simmons, weren’t they guaranteed for life? There’s a good sign, if they will guarantee their brush for life. (John) I don’t think the Simply Simmons is (Cinnamon) No, I haven’t broke one yet so I’m not that worried about it. (John) But every other one They have, I’ve gotten my money out of it, I am just starting now to wear the brushes out and you know how heavily I work my brushes. (John) Ya that’s why I felt good about, I was like, ya, those are pretty awesome. If they are willing to stand behind something for life, its a good thing because you know what can happen I don’t know if I have any here, I can pop these ferrules right off on some of them. Some of them I have just, just done in – scrubber Here’s a scrubber, this is, can we hear this, can you hear that, hear how stiff that is, this is literally a scrubber I t is, you would, this is almost, this hurts, this could take paint, maybe rust off a thing, but this does some nice little scrumbling. If you need to get in there and scrumble it, yaa (John) Judy wants to know, are you using the regular Simply Simmons oil acrylic or the extra firm Extra firm. Ya. (John) So show us, you had some brush washing. (Cinnamon) Let’s show the brush washing Let’s talk about how we wash these things. (John) Okay, lets roll that beautiful washing footage. So you want to get your water on, you don’t want it to be extremely hot, right, I don’t like it to be extremely cold cause I want to be able to get the acrylic paint out and I don’t want to open up the polymers Now I am using Dawn right there, I just wanted to share that with you because Dawn works. Its not great for natural hair bristles, right but you know if you are in a pinch its an acceptable thing, sometimes its a dollar and you might not want to spend money on specialty soap Now I am wringing the water out of this brush and I am reshaping it with my hand I am putting it back in its shape and I’m going to dry it flat That is a do. Reshape the brush, pull the excess water out gently with your hand, reshape it to its original intended shape Now there I’m using my specialty soap, this is by the Pencil Company, its Master’s Soap it comes in a tub and it comes in these bars and it has conditioners in it now, if you can see this, I had, no, no back to the clip John I am working my nail through the bottom because I’ve gotten paint up into the ferrule. This opens up the bristles and throws off the shape of the brush. This is about, this is a bad brush management, that is how you get that. So I’m going to pull one here, I’ve got my happy, happy now you can scrub all the paint off, you can clean these, I wouldn’t clean these too gently, this is acrylic paint I always work my fingers, see, cause I’m trying to get the paint that is hiding out in the brush Squeeze it out, reshape it to its point, lay it flat Now I think I’m about to wash a point here. And I kinda change up my washing technique on the point So I kinda get the excess paint out, swirly, swirly, swirly, I like to swirl the points, back and forth with brights and flats, but I swirl a point I’m a little more careful with how I pull through the brush, pull it to a point, you can actually at this stage add those crazy brush conditioners. If you’ve like spent $160 on a brush, you are probably going to have a whole longer brush washing routine than what I have. Here’s a big brush, I just get em, get em, get em. This is natural bristles, see I’m just working it so I’m deep with the soap into the brush, my fingers are pulling through the bristles, I’m making sure that the stuff is out (John) Now if anything is in the ferrule do you just work that out? You just keep working it out, you really want to get it out if you can. Just work it out as much as possible. Because that’s the biggest thing that is going to start damaging your brushes during the rest stage. Dry them flat on a towel. The other nice thing about the towel is you can see if you’ve got the paint out. Because it will bleed out a color if you didn’t and give you a second chance to fix that if you missed that. Things that I do wrong. Things I do that you should never do. I leave my brushes in water. I don’t rest them. Most acrylic artists will have a brush rest, they are a couple of bucks at the store and have little grooves and you kind of rinse them and dry them and rest them You may have noticed that I am kinda scooting along doing a painting. I just don’t feel I have the time and they sit in the water bristles down and that does open up the bristles, that does shorten the length of your brush life Again, that’s why I buy cheap. (John) Your brushes are a casualty. For $2.85 I can let that brush have its moment, for a couple of bucks. At $22 then I have to be all mental, right So then that brush has to last so long that I get my money back, right, so I have this sort of internal feeling that I need to get so many paintings done from a brush. I should actually create that formula. Like I should mark that, like when do I feel I’ve gotten my money out of a brush. What do you do if you ruin a brush? What happens if you left the paint in it and it dried? Never do that, but what if you did? (John) You turn it into the stick that you use for other things. You can. Other things that you can do is you can soak it in Murphy’s Oil Soap overnight will sometimes get it out But, here’s the thing, rubbing alcohol, this one 91%, rubbing alcohol breaks down the polymyers in acrylic paint, it breaks it down. It will take it off your brushes, it will take it off your nails, it will take it off your clothes, it will take it out of your floor, this like, you’ve got to have a bottle around of this if you are painting with acrylic anyways just to get it off of everything. Now if you have those gel shallacy nails that I have, you can use acetone to get it off but if you don’t then you are going to have to use this. Someone posted this up and its true and I’m going to explain why its true. Now I have Unicorn Farts, (laughing) OCD hand sanitizer by the Fortune Cookie Soap Company. If you guys watch Graveyard Girl then you know why I have that. Cause I saw her reviewing that company and it was like, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen and I went and bought everything So I am so completely influenced by YouTube. YouTube said go buy Unicorn Farts and I did. There’s matching soap and shower gel and my daughter had like unicorn fart hair for a long time, laughing, But any hand sanitizer will work. Because what is hand sanitizer basically, John? (John) Its alcohol. (Cinnamon) Its alcohol. So you just put it in a cup and leave it. It will, I mean like I don’t know if it cured for like a week, if it will if its just gone stiff but it hasn’t set, you might save that brush (John) Now, we actually have some stuff that I’ve used to take dried paint out of clothes. Yes, there’s like some Opps Out and there are a couple of products at Home Depot that you look at them kind of like wow, they say that they’ll get, (Cinnamon)They do. Its about breaking down the polymers of the paint. Right So you don’t need every brush on the planet, you just need that grip of brushes. You guys always get excited about like a sword brush, there are rubber brushes, there are spatulas there are all kinds of things, but what you need is a series of brushes that get paint on the canvas and sizes that give you control. So you need, you are gonna need that 1 inch if you are going to be painting anything significant, 16×20, right, or bigger, and you may need to go bigger the bigger your canvas the bigger your brush. Smaller canvas, smaller brush that you can get away with. (John) Now someone was asking about that, hold on. Just a second, let me make a note here for Danielle so I can ask her question in a second. So on brush sizes, lets say that you are going to use some arbitrary sized brush number, we’ll just call it lets say a 1/2 inch brush on a 16×20, when you scale that up to a 20×30, do you need to scale your brush up to a 3/4 inch or ….. (Cinnamon) I would probably scale it up to a 1 inch. If I am going, if I’m doing this is a 5/8ths, right I would probably go up to the next size, any bigger than this canvas. Oh here’s my other thing, show you my other thing There’s an abused palette knife that has been my mom’s like forever and now its mine Cause what are you gonna do to this thing? What you are gonna due is breakdown the glue and pull the blade out is what you are gonna do, I haven’t done that to this yet but it’s thinking about it Here’s the bigger splatter. So there’s always some flangly… Is it better than a toothbrush? Right not after we looked at the space thing is it. 1/2 inch angle, gotta have one, gotta have that (John) WOW, did you hear that? (Cinnamon)Ya, I heard the storm. So, you know, that’s what you want to think about. You don’t have to have all the brushes on the planet You just need to have enough brushes. Ya now you look at me and I’m like, I’ve got all these brushes. (John) Most of them are just decorative. (Cinnamon) Look, here’s the stain on this. So this is a mix of synthetic and natural fibers and they stain and that’s okay (John) Like you’ve got a couple dozen brushes that you actually use, but a lot of these are just ones that you killed and you are just hanging on to Ya, I know, cause I keep thinking I might use it for something. This brush here is too soft. Look, you can barely hear it, nothing. So nice on my face. I just wish I had pulled the sizing out of it. Pull the sizing out. (John) So Danielle had a question here. I’ve got a couple of questions here. (Cinnamon) I’m here to answer brush questions. We’re questing, questers. Danielle bought a new Ebony Splendor brush and has only used it a few times and now when she is painting the edges of the bristles are spreading out and its hard to make a crisp line Is she cleaning it wrong? (Cinnamon) Ya. That’s what it is. The paint is getting into the ferrule and its opening it up. (John)Causing those bristles to fray out a bit. (Cinnamon)Ya. You can try doing the hand sanitizer soak or an alcohol soak see if you can get the paint out. You can try. Oh, one good cheap thing is like I’ve seen people leave the soap in the brush, they use the soap as sizing. I’ve done that too. The soap will dry hard So do the soap and instead of rinsing it out just squeeze like, get the paint all the way out, Get the paint all the way out. Then on the last thing when you would normally be squeezing out and resizing it and putting it down, get the soap on it, squeeze the excess soap out, shape it and lay it down and it will size it. (John) I imagine that takes some experimenting. (Cinnamon) No, its just something you figure out you can do when you go paint somewhere else and you realize you didn’t bring, cause you know there’s this stage in art where you have like every single possible addition and then you start traveling with your stuff and then you realize that you’ve forgotten 5 things, laughing, How can I resize these brushes? Oh, I don’t have one here and I meant to have one, my favorite way to carry brushes. There’s all kinds of wonderful, beautiful packs and rolls and things that you can use to put brushes in. But my very favorite idea I’ve ever seen was an empty Reynolds Wrap box, with a rubber band around it You know what I’m talking about? Ya, that’s a really great way to carry your brushes. Just in case, I might make a video on that. (John)Ya, we could just put a little foam at the tip at the back and then boom, your good to go. Your good to go. You never, ever want to put your brushes obviously down in the cup, (John) Which you do all the time (Cinnamon) No, I mean in a dry cup. Don’t dry your brushes in a cup. You saw me lay them flat on the towel, lay them flat on the towel. Is there more fussy, correct archival ways to care for your brushes? Ya, ya, but that’s not what this is about. This is about can I get these things clean, can I keep them in shape long enough for them to be a good brush for me over time. Now, I can show you what happens if you don’t reshape your brush. This happens. Right. So this is, you can kinda see its just, I think my mom and I are the story that brushes tell their baby brush children what happens to them if they are bad and they go to live in my studio (laughing) Cause I’m a little hard on them. Now I could resize that though and probably get it back. I could. I could resize it and get it back. (John) So you think, sometimes resizing will bring it back? Ya I think sometimes resizing will bring it back. There is really, that’s just sort of the basics of your brushes. You just need that grip of brushes. I’m gonna look for, I’m going to try to figure out some exact brands And when we get the blog posting function going, when that happens, I think I’m gonna start like this is the six, ya right, that you can just get for sure The problem is that YouTube is global so I know there are people all over the world who can’t get the products I am demoing, so that’s why I’m like trying to give you that description of what is a short handle, short bristle not a nice make up brush. (John) We’ll work on that in the coming months just to see what we can do to try and find good links to suppliers that you guys can get this stuff around the world. I have a great Ginger tip for them. You know my mom Ginger wanted me to share a trip with you. If you have bought cheap brushes, you had a moment of weakness you saw a deal it was in a pack and you bought them, vigorously wash them before using them, vigorously, to try to pull out the loose bristles because one of the biggest problems of a cheap, off brand company, is all the bristles fall out on your canvas Now mom likes to say, then it proves its not a print. But some people are not okay with the hairy canvas. (Laughing) (John) So, what do you think about cutting and shaping your old brushes? I would say that I have never done it and that’s, now like I have made a brush? Yes I’ve made a brush I had to do that in art school. So in that sense I have. In the sense do I cut and shape a brush, I am not that precision person, there are really good videos on that. And you can do it, but I am not that person. I will just go buy a good new cheap brush. That’s what I do. But you can cut them, I can’t. (John) So as I just sit watching the Sherpa as her partner, I mean, I would say brushes are a tool So go find one that works for you and use it and then when you need to replace it, replace that tool and don’t be afraid or think too much about it, don’t try to obsess and save too much, find a good working one and just paint with it. (Cinnamon) Ya, the best brush on the market is not the most expensive. I have fallen in the most expensive hole and it did not make me happy and it just made me mad at that brush So now what my formula is, is something all these brushes have in common in my studio that you are seeing, none of them are more than $5. (John)Ya and we’ve found some good brushes at Walmart, you just have to kind of dig through them. (Cinnamon) You have to feel them, right. You want to know the bristles are not going to come out, you are going to want to know that the ferrule is not going to fall out, You are going to want to know that the sizing isn’t making it stiff, cause the minute you get your brush wet, its gonna go soft and remember however stiff it feels in the store, its going to be a little softer when its wet Right, so you’ve got to feel em. (John) And keep in mind, sometimes buying things at your local retailer you are paying for convenience. So if you can wait a little longer and order online, you can get something for the same price (Cinnamon)Ya, but then you can’t feel em. (John) Ya, but when you know. (Cinnamon) When you know your brush, you know the make, model, everything about the specs, so you know the exact brush you buy, this only works from big companies, doesn’t work for fly by night companies. Cause they will literally be different per manufacturing run, ya that happens, Like you will get a great brush from some off brand company and you think, oh my gosh, I’ve discovered the mother land of cheap, free, great brushes, right, and then the next run of brushes they make all the bristles fall out and you’re like, whattttt???? No, you have to build a relationship to the company you are buying from, you are just gonna have to and you are going to have to get to know them as a company and you want to see consistent manufacturing from them Right, even though I’m spending, this is why, so I’ve been dealing with these for a while before I’ve even been willing to talk to you guys about them, because I needed to make sure this didn’t fall out and I need to make sure these didn’t fall out, I need to make sure that this thing when I scrumbled with it, which I shouldn’t do, should have a dedicated scrumbling brush, but that it kind of held its shape, I needed to make sure that I wasn’t popping. Oh my goodness, if this thing hasn’t popped its a miracle. (John) It’s solid acrylic. This is like the Volvo now. (John) That one is a solid acrylic. (Cinnamon) Ya and I need that cause I have three kids and I’m going to run out and at $2.85 it fits my needs, cause that was $2.85 at Mister Art in Texas and you will have to check Jerry’s Artarama and Dick Blick for what it is there. But I think they have these nationally, I don’t know, I don’t think that the Simply Simmons is out of North America but I do believe this brush line by Robert Simmons is. I would like to try the 22 carat gold (Laughing) (John) I thought that was just so cool. I don’t know that you would paint, like I would paint a picture of that paint brush It’s not like, you know, could we use it for a center piece of a still life? (Cinnamon) Its for my show painting when I’m showing and I’m painting my darling. I have my show paintings and my glitter and my bling. Um, I hope you are laughing at home when we do that. (John) Couple of questions. (John) So you have those extra soft brushes that you pulled out earlier. So would those be good for varnishing? (Cinnamon) Yes. Oh thank you for reminding me of one last thing. Varnishing. You have to have a dedictated varnishing brush. Ya. (John) You can’t mix them? (Cinnamon)No. Ya and the softer the brush for varnishing, the better. Because if you use a stiff brush for varnishing you get ripples. Thank you John, Thank you. This is why he’s my partner cause then I have to come back and make a whole nuther, and we’re going to talk about the varnish but here I want to say this to you. Now most companies have a beautiful thin, its a flat, its long, its thin, I don’t have one, I just tend to use my softest brush, but I get away with a lot of murder on varnishing. Um, but you want a pretty wide, flat, thin, varnishing brush Because you want it to leave no brush strokes. None. Cause even if you are going across and then you are going like this, or you are doing what my mom does which is, you try to keep track of where you varnished and directionally varnish, if you get the, especially in the gel medium varnish, if you put it on thick and then you use a stiff brush, you are going to get grooves, which interestingly enough is how they sell giclee, when they are like it an embellished giclee that’s just varnish on a print, let’s be honest guys, that’s varnish on a print. Sorry giclee company that’s what that is. You printed something with your big format printer and then you put some varnish on it, I do that at home. So $1,500 (laughing). (John) So Sarah is, she’s cleaning her brushes right now and she’s like John, John, I’ve got to know, will alcohol dry out my brushes? She’s like right now washing her brushes. (Cinnamon) Don’t do it every day. Do it when you need it. Ya, it will, dry out your brushes. It does not condition them. Would you put alcohol on your hair every day? But if you have a whole ton of paint in it and you couldn’t get it out, you might just do it that one time. Right, there’s things we do to our hair like that one time. And some people really like using hair shampoo. I don’t know that that’s necessary, but I’ve known people like Main & Tail. (John) Another interesting note, alcohol will unbond super glue. Ya, so just keep that in mind. This is really your gonna throw the brush out and you are just sorta like maybe I could save this brush You know don’t soak the whole handle and ferrule and everything you have in the alcohol to see what kind of glue they use, your not testing their glue, your just trying to get some paint out of your bristles. If you do however unglue your ferrule, super glue can sometimes repair that. But remember the alcohol will undo it again. But the alcholo will unglue it But I’m just saying, you guys know me man, I’m like sometimes when things have gone really wrong wrong for a brush, this brush has led a bad life, now its a scrumbly brush, now its my scrumbler (John)And you actually go and search for these sometimes. (Cinamon)I do, I do and again painting party places, the sip and paints, oh I don’t know how friendly the painting party companies are about this but maybe a locally owned, maybe a national, I don’t know, but if they are throwing them out any ways, because this is, people will come into a sip and paint and they all scrumble, right, that’s like the default and the brushes break down in a month. I’m sure if you’ve been to one your like there is no way I could ever make this twig with this flffff, (laughing) do you love when you are this place and they give you a flfff, there’s just no way, that is the thickest branch I’ve ever seen. I mean brush pressure ain’t gonna fix that. I have been in sip and paints where I flipped the brush around to the point of the wood and been like, I’m just gonna paint with the back of the brush because this is the only way I’m gonna get a twig. Everyone around me was like flip, flip, because sometimes you have to. If you see that, you can be like, can I buy some of your brushes? when you don’t want them any more? Don’t paint with oil and then paint with acrylic, brushes are like, no… Don’t do it. The oil is bad for the binding on the acrylic. Just don’t mix those mediums up. Right. We’ll have a whole thing on like painting oil over acrylic because you can’t paint acrylic over oil and there’s a reason Don’t get that stuff in your paint. (John) I remember Daniel talking about that, there’s a whole thing on that. Ya if you ever want to just see someone rant, just ask Daniel about painting acrylic over oils and then he just starts reciting poems and hopping all around the art store, he gets so upset. The only thing that upsets him more is suggesting that you should pour resin on your painting. Its the only thing that can him more hopped up. (John)You can probably ask him about using, uh, modge podge as a varnish. (Cinnamon) I can’t even imagine, he would have a heart attack. He would just have a heart attack and fall down in the art store. Things to do when you are bored, go by and mess with your local art expert. (Laughing) So deerfoot stiplers. So the ones, this one was okay, this was the Royal & Nickel one. I bought this whole set nothing really else in it did I want to use but this one was okay. I do like these little rubber grips. If you are having trouble gripping your brush, because you have grip issues there are things that you can buy online, you can find them at Dick Blick for people who are differently abled They have this little, they are kind of like a pencil grip and you put them on there and they help you grip your brush And there are special brushes, yes. Long handles, I’ve seen long handles this long, seriously Don’t do it, you are not that painter, you don’t even want to be that painter, you don’t want to be them, I’ve hung out with them, you don’t wanna be them (John) Those guys, those long handled brush guys. You know what, I think you are starting something. (Cinnamon) You know what, I think I can take them. I’ve been to a couple of retreats I think I can take them (laughing). (John) Is this gonna be like a West Side Story thing, cause you know, (Cinnamon) Cause they’ll be like this, I fought you from over here Laughing (John) And they are gonna have you by reach. (Cinnamon) No they are barely going to be able to brush me because you can’t have any control from back there (John) It’s like the brush throw down. (Cinnamon) Sometimes art smak talk is a hoot. If you don’t actually mean it And I don’t actually mean it. (John) Before we get going, we are gonna recap a little bit and uh I have a real quick question about glycerin Kelly has been using glycerin to reshape her brush and what do you think about that for sizing and restoring Hmmm, its inert, its inert and washes out with water and it doesn’t harm paint, so it seems cheap and reasonable (John) Ya, that would require testing and research. (Cinnamon) Ya that would definitely be like testing and research, but there is a lady who became really rich by mixing two dish soaps for brush washer back in the ’70s So I’m just saying if you want to take and experiment to see if something works, uhh maybe you have the next invention that’s gonna make a lot of money (John) Ya if you have a little time and you want to know the scientific truth email Golden Ya ask Golden what they think of using glycerin as a sizing in your brush. (John) They’ll tell you like whether its a good idea And actually if you guys ever ask Golden a question they can’t answer, please copy me on that. Because I need to be there for that. (John) Ya they research everything, like human spit as a cleaning agent (Cinnamon) It is, that’s a conservancy cleaning agent If you get blood on your canas, guess what? You are licking a qtip and cleaning it, not a good brush No it is a good brush actually. Angela Anderson has proved anything can be a brush. Angela Anderson has proved that definitively At 1:30 today she is gonna be on live today. She is doing the finishing to this and I have to give you a couple of quests (John) Oh yes, before you get to the quests, last thing, can you recap the brushes that you like and where you can get them, cause everyone is like what brush do you use, where do you get them, how can they (Cinnamon) I can, I have used Creative Mark, but right now and you have seen me do it, I am grabbing this number 10 Simply Simmons If you can get it, please get it. This is the number 10 Simply Simmons Bright extra firm filament and it also says plain court plano courto and it says rep dom and the number on the back is 255341010, I don’t know if that will help you (John) Can we see the Creative Mark too (Cinnamon)Ya, the Creative Marks. I like their short bristled Ebony Splendors, the long ones I don’t like But the short bristled Ebony Splendors I like and the only time to get these, here’s my feelings on when you get these Is when they are a dollar, cause you can see that they don’t hold up against me, so you know You can see like look what I did here. This is a number 18 bright, these are a little soft, I mean I can get away with it But remember how yesterday on this I was pointing out it really wasn’t covering the canvas because of the softness, but this is also what I did to it So I do like them, they are a good company, they are around forever, um but only like when they are on sale (John) So these are the budget on sale and where do you get those at Ummm, Jerry’s Artarama, I’ve seen them on Amazon, I have not looked at Dick Blick lately to see what they are carrying. You can get Simply Simmons everywhere online, I just don’t know if they ship everywhere but I think, uh (John) We got our Simply Simmons from Texas Art Supply and they were really great So if you have a chance to go to Texas Art Supply (Cinnamon) Which is MisterArt online, isn’t it, MisterArt online. (John) We like Texas Art Supply, they have everything they have brushes and brushes and brushes and you should see our video on that later . Literally I cleaned them out. I bought brushes for my friends of these, cause I was so happy There’s a line from this company that’s called Micro Minis and if you have extra money and you love doing detailed tiny little detailed work (John) Whose that? (Cinnamon) Simply Simmons, right, so this line from Simply Simmons called Mico Minis Umm, there are good packs. You know I love the Creative Marks cause I’ve given them away, but check the bristles. The thing about it, I can’t buy them online You got to go touch them, cause even when I don’t go touch them, I get some soft brush and I’m like uh huh But when the bristles are short and they are interlocked and they are well done, they are fantastic and that’s what you want in your acrylic brush. Short bristles, interlocked, sharp edges, clean shaping, right I am not. You can do a wood handle if its coated if you are good about cleaning your brushes I’m not. I probably should stop buying wood handles (John) Yes (laughing) (Cinnamon) I should stop, cause look, its just a hot mess back here, its like embarassing, my mom teases me Okay, you know. I have a quest for you. (John) Okay, now the quests. So here’s your quest. I want you to go to whatever art store you have, if that’s Walmart, its Walmart, if its Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s, its Michael’s. Whatever local art store, just find your local art store and go feel some acrylic brushes, pull the sizing out, flick em, pull the sizing out and feel them This should be able to push into your hand, can I see stunt hands maybe you will be able to describe this in a different way than me (John) What are you talking about? (Cinnamon) The pressure, I want to see if you can have a different way, come here (John) Ok I am just going to see if another person feeling it can understand what I am talking about and maybe he can explain this in guy terms So this is the flick, the pressure, feel the flick of that alright, this would be wrong He is going to take those, (laughing) he is thinking about it, I don’t know what he is going to do What are you gonna do? (John) I am going to think about it. (Cinnamon)He’s gonna think about it So why he’s thinking about that maybe he can explain that, sometimes when you hear somebody verbalize it differently it helps bring it home and since I can’t put the brush in your hand, like in this Helen Keller moment and like, feel it, feel it, hopefully we are going to be able to verbally describe it (John) Ya, no the Simply Simmons one the fibers are stiffer and they pop back faster and the other ones are much softer, and you can just see the fibers themselves are much more flexible so that when they, like when you just touch them, they bend a little bit on that linear impact, whereas the other ones are much stiffer, so its a completely, you’re right, the Ebony Splendor feels more like a make up brush (Cinnamon) But its not all of their brushes that do that, just that one (John) Ya, just that one. (Cinnamon) Remember in the Simply Simmons when I was feeling through them I was putting some back? Cause it wasn’t right, it was like Goldilocks, it really is like the three bears, this one is too hard, this one is too soft, this one is just right And that’s why I was like, I just didn’t grab everything off of there cause I don’t do that anymore I don’t grab everything off there even if it is on sale, you have to feel it, otherwise I just have a bunch of brushes even from brush lines that I love, you gotta feel it and find out if that brush is just right for you, that is so important So go to you art store and feel the brushes and see if you can start to feel that difference in stiffness and start to think about that and then you are thinking about, well I need my you know 1 inch filbert, 1/2 inch filbert, 1/4 inch, my 1 inch bright, my 1/2 inch bright, you don’t really need a wash, right flats are better for the Donna Dewberry one stroke stuff where you are trying to double load a brush, cause its about the length of the bristles and the way it does long crazy strokes, but you don’t want that in acrylic Alright, and then you are gonna want your 3 sizes of round, try to thing about what kind of branch it would make that’s generally how to, you want a teeny, teeny, tiny one and you want a 1/2 inch angle Now you can get other brushes past that, you can buy these fun packs, just know the fun packs is probably there are 2 brushes in a fun pack you could use, the fun packs have 2 brushes, that just seems to be what I find fun packs have like 2 that I can use and then the rest are sorta decorative, ornamental brushes that just make my studio look good so its like are you buying studio decoration or are you buying tools so feel them and know about them and then the fun quest. (John) Bonus Mission. (Cinnamon) Bonus Mission. (John) We want brush action shots. (Cinnamon) Kind of like Elf on the Shelf, your favorite brush or retired brush Tell them about your ideas. (John) Oh ya, so we want to see brushes set up in like, the brushes that have seen too much action that are now retired brushes, you know lounging out by the pool with maybe a drink, chilling out cause you know they have seen too much action, or the brushes that are in it, they are ready to paint, they are ready to go, how have you got your brushes, whatever they are doing…. (Cinnamon) Your brush stories Your brushes have a secret life, they have personalities. These brushes, this guy my Goldilocks which John took (John) I got it. (Cinnamon) Oh this number 8 like does not feel like my number 10 at all. And its a bright, a number 8 bright (John) It probably has shorter bristles. (Cinnamon) Ya I know, this is crazy So like these 2 they would have different party lives, wouldn’t they? Wouldn’t they have different party lives? Well look at this, its just this is bound, this is so thick in the binding, this one has had a total party This is, oh this is a Windsor and Newton, this brush did not play, my mom usually keeps one of these around for varnish, this is an expensive brush Probably still have the price on it, it was really pricey, $27 for this brush, I see the tag, see if you can see it. (Laughing) And that’s how it ended up. So here I have some stories. Once I was a beautiful brush in the art store shining and then this woman abused me So ya, just you guys are so funny and such a lot of fun and um we love the hearts and we are loving everything you are doing, so on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, share with us your brush stories if your brushes are having kinda of an Elf on the Shelf moment, let us know. We might, we are gonna, if we get a bunch of them we are gonna do them in the next intro of the next quest. (John) Ya you will see those pictures we’ll post them up here Ya we will do some stuff. So is this helpful, does anybody have any questions before we go? I actually thought this was going to be a 15 minute quest (Laughing) (John) I think we covered most, there are a lot of questions that have been answered, I think we’ve covered most of these I hope you guys feel ready to buy brushes. (John) Ya we are going to come back out here and put some more updates in the comments, some information from this Oh to everyone who sent me like where they found the Simply Simmons number 10 bright, Thank You To the person who wrote Simply Simmons, Thank You Thank you. That was so cool because they were like, we are watching you and I was like, I have to think about what I say now Not really (laughing). I probably won’t think about what I say, I will just say what I have to say Good companies wherever you live, please, good companies that care that they have your business One thing that all the good companies, they may be all competitors, but one thing they all have in common is that they care that they have your business, deeply, and if a company doesn’t care that it has your business, I mean, I want you to think about this for a minute, this is a $3 brush, but this company cares that it has your business And ya they have all the way to a very expensive brush, I think that is probably a question that I would ask, what’s your most expensive brush But they care about having you as a customer. Big companies, Windsor & Newton is going to care if they have you as a customer, some crazy off brand you never heard of does not care So whether its an economy brush or a very expensive brush, as a consumer you should be treated well I feel that strongly and your products should be backed by the company. So just make sure wherever you live that you are buying from a company that cares about your hard work. (John) Oh Valerie says that Jerry’s online has the Simply Simmons number 10 bright for $2.47. $2.47 that’s a good brush price and under $5 is a good brush price. I mean you can see what I do to my brushes But that’s what it is for me. Can they get to be $150? Yes they can. (John) Now Angela Anderson has something going on here next, right? Yes, go over to Angela she is going to paint um a beautiful cherry blossom tree that matches this Yes, mostly, it will go nicely together in your house (John) Uh, lets see what else do we have and that’s Angela Anderson Fine Art, right? (Cinnamon) Um hum, Angela Anderson Fine Art and um, if you click her name, (John) I will have that link in the icard of course. Ya I’ve gotta go back and put that in an icard. This painting has her in the icard and as a collaborator Ya so, and that’s part of the CAC hastag event so if you were to search #coloroftheyearart you would see a whole bunch of art, my moms dropped a video for it, sunset, so there’s some good stuff out there Its happening right now, Pandemonium did a really cool one. (John)Alright, so recap. You’ve gotta freak out your art store by going in and feeling all their brushes Ya I don’t know, let me know how they react to that, cause I know I get some looks from the clerks (John) Tell them the Sherpa sent you (Cinnamon)I don’t care if they write me and say stop pulling the sizing out of the brushes Well I understand you have to ship them with sizing, but for me to buy it, I need to feel it Soooo,,, (John) Action shots. We want action shots. (Cinnamon) Action shots and please go to your local art store and feel those brushes and send us action shots. Be funny. You guys are the funniest people in the world I want to see the secret life of your brushes. Secret life. Love you guys. Love you guys. See you at the easel really soon. Bye Bye. (Music)


  • theartsherpa says:

    here is the link for the Quest Group come be a pear http://theartsherpa.com/groups/the-big-art-quest

  • beckypurple1 says:

    i am so frustrated. i love simply Simmons brushes but i can't find extra firm brights anywhere!.. anyone know websites that have them?…i want like a set of the basic brushes i need,I'm done with the crapy brushes i has πŸ™

  • marie Jones says:

    loving the hats you wear

  • Yolanda Taylor Adams says:

    I watched and loved every bit of it…took me 2 days to watch but I learned so much….we limited in Zimbabwe and very behind…but have found a good art store….to buy my brushes and paints brushes we have is Dala gold and prime art brushes. …i still have my first brushes but in poor nik so will photo and past it in fb…

  • Paula Haynes says:

    Another brand of acrylic brushes that seem like what you are saying is the Diana Wakley line through Ranger. Very reasonable $4 retail for #10 flat. Only problem is she does not have a very large line only four sizes so far. The # 10 fkat,1/2" flat, #6 and 4 round.

  • Cindy Chambers says:

    Cinnamon I am a beginner and not very mobile, so my Hubby has been running into Hobby Lobby for me. On his last trip, he brought me home a pack of brushes… lol $7.49.. assortment pack… You are SO right…NOT the way to buy them.. .the angle brushes were not shaped and were all flared out, and the first time I went to use the 1/2 round brush, the ferel popped off when I swished it in water. Thanks for this video..VERY helpful.

  • spectrequill says:

    If it has not been mentioned in the infinite list of comments below… I can highly recommend to my fellow Canadian students of the Sherpa brushes manufactured here in Canada by Heinz Jordan. I use their hog bristle and Mightlon synthetics for heavy paints, and their faux squirrel for watercolors. The Mightlon are a very firm synthetic with lots of snap and a nice sharp edge. I purchased my Mightlons at an independent art store, but there are various suppliers online across Canada. The hog and faux squirrel I picked up at a local university shop for the students. All of the HJ brushes are very reasonably priced and definitely professional quality. I am in no way affiliated with Heinz Jordan except as a very satisfied customer.

  • mkain006 says:

    I have been looking for the micro mini's pack you mention. is it a simply simmons pack or someone else? if it is a simply simmons, I haven't seen a micro mini packed named as such. would the devilish detail set be what you are talking about? I found the pack details for all the simply simmons sets at mister art. i look forward to hearing from you!

  • Candace S says:

    +theartsherpa I have a major desire to paint. The problem I have is that I live in a very small community. There is literally one grocery store and then a bunch of boutiques. Actually we just got a Hometown Shopko which was a major deal, but there are not any "quality" art supplies, that was the first thing I checked after they opened. It is a two hour drive to the closest city where I could go into a Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or something similar. I ordered brushes online through Michael's. The are "Artist Loft", but it was a variety pack and I am not in love with them. I cannot afford a trip out of town right now and usually have to order everything online. What website can I find "Simply Simmons" brushes. I found a couple, but the brights were all long and not short. They were very affordable, but I want the same ones as you have. Also, the sites I found had some variety packs in "Simply Simmons", but they didn't describe what brushes were actually in the variety pack. Feeling lost!

  • Debra Powell says:

    Haha! You crack me up. That is the biggest brush I've ever seen! I'm learning so much watching you. Thanks! Oh and I just realized you guys are married! =)

  • Maria Kellner says:

    Another way to reshape a brush is a few drops of gum Arabic work in shape leave to dry ,wash out before using.

  • Debra Powell says:

    Hi there, Cinnamon, I'm happy to tell you I got some gloss gel medium Liquitex. I can't wait to get it. Pricey from Michael's, but I had no idea where else, other than the internet. They also have canvas packs at a great price. I've never painted on a large one.

  • Debra Powell says:

    I had such a hard time trying to figure out which brushes to get. Michael's does carry Simply Simmons. sp? They're reasonable too. However, I don't want such a long handle. Hmmm? I just need like 4 good ones.

  • Colleen M says:

    I'm really enjoying this quest with you, my supplies will be in next week. Starting late but I'll catch up. Thank you so so much for doing this, I needed a good adventure!

  • Colleen M says:

    I would think that a 22 karat gold ferrule wouldn't hold the brushes in, way too soft of a metal. (Look at me, using the word ferrule!!! I'm starting to know what I'm talking about!!!

  • tina Newton says:

    Does your mom have a youtube video?

  • Meghan Slay says:


  • joyce meredith says:

    I live in england and cannot, purchase simply simmons brushes can you reccomend a web site where i can purchase them please lots of love Joyce

  • Rhonda Love says:

    Just deleted an order I was placing online at the Texas Art Supply because of the amount of shipping fees. I was ordering the brushes recommended (most of them) and the total for the brushes only came to $28.65 and then they added on nearly $18.00 to ship!!! I turned around and placed the order at www.thebrushguys.com. Ordered the same brushes and used "theartsherpa" discount. Total spent was right at $38.00 including the shipping. Saved nearly $9.00! πŸ™‚

  • Merry Graphix says:

    Dear Art Sherpa, this is one of the BEST tutorials on choosing & buying paint brushes ! You covered all the grounds & then some. ~ I used to work in an art supply store back in 1989, and we typically had customers ask for a cup of water to " test" watercolor brushes before buying. That being said, no one tested the hard bristle brushes.except by ticking them back & forth. It's also true, brushes sold by the pack are a crisp shoot. And best tip is to really take care of the paint brushes. They will last forever…

  • Rita Nash says:

    I'm on the east coast, are you aware of any retail store I can l go to that sells the Simply Simmons brushes? Thanks!

  • Linda DeChow says:

    I just got my order of Simply Simmons from the brush guys. Oh my gosh! The difference is absolutely amazing, and NOW I get it! When you said it is never the artist it is always the tools and the brushes, you nailed it! The difference in these brushes and the ones I buy at Michaels or Hobby Lobby is just amazing, and they are asking upwards of $18-$20, where thebrushguys sell them in the $5-$8 range. I believe you are an answer to my prayers xo

  • Venessa Colmenares says:

    I just started painting as hobby…I've too many paint brushes lol THen I realized…I don't really know what each brush does! LOL Can you do a video explaining what the purpose of each brush and how to use them?! You're awesome! God Bless! Venessa

  • Mia Bryant says:

    I am having a hard time finding the Simply Simmons Bright #10 and the 1/2 angle shader :(.. do you know where I could find them?Β  Thanks

  • scorpionzdezignz says:

    Very informative, thank you so much. I have been doing some watercolors and knew not to use the same brush on both mediums and been looking around online to get more of an understanding as to what I want and need. I use the red taklon synthetic brushes for watercolor or my water brushes. I stay far from natural brushes. My boyfriend bought me some cause we thought they were going to be better than synthetic. Tried them & tossed them aside. Those things were shedding worse than my cat! lol

  • Gail A Ciesielski says:

    Cinnamon, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! for this video!Β  I'm just starting out and I had no clue about brushes or their care and storage. Your video here probably has saved me future $$ and frustration.

  • Plinky says:

    Hello i am very new here, i was trying to buy brushes at THEBRUSHGUYS.COM, listed. But i am a little confused about the list.
    "Bright 10-6-4 Filbert 10-6-4 You can add a 2 and a 12 if it is in budget. Round 6 and 4 micro mini pack if it is budget. 1/2 angle shader. "
    "you can add 2 and 12…" is that for bright or filbert?
    i am also having trouble locating the 1/2 flat angle shader

    thank you so much for this video and the information, i learned a lot πŸ™‚

  • Linda Hill says:

    john do you paint also?hello beautiful cinnamon. .what an inspiration you have been to me.and also when i watch you guys im so calmed and relaxed thank you

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    How do you store your brushes in a can or in a drawer. I'm having trouble getting on your site for some reason I want to email you photos of my work and I have an idea for a class

  • Locomente says:

    madam… this was really helpful …. especially cleaning the brushes… would u also please teach about using palette knives… plzzzz

  • Raymond Hull says:

    Hi Cinnamon I live in the UK and we can order Simply Simmons on Amazon, but they are pretty expensive, can you recommend an alternative brand. Love painting along with you.

  • Michelle Pendergrass says:

    I love you.

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  • Lyne, Qc says:

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  • Marci Murray says:

    I spent three days looking for Simply Simmons Bright 10 in April 2016. I finally found three of them on The Brush Guys website and I bought all of them, plus a bright 6, and bright 4. I hadn't bought brushes online before, just at the craft store. I was pretty nervous and excited about finally getting the elusive Simply Simmons extra firm filament synthetic Bright 10. Due to it's popularity, they were only able to send two of the Goldilocks to me. It was awesome!! I look back at all the brushes I had bought when I first started this journey and now I could honestly tell the difference and I could articulate what I was looking for in a brush. The hardest brush for me to find right now is the 3/4" deer stippler. That is proving impossible. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with your student community.

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    I wish I watched this video before I bought a lot of my brushes I have many flat brushes omg and soft brushes lol

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    I can't tell you how helpful this series of videos on products is for me! I am a product junkie and started paining about a year and a half ago… I can't tell you how much paint I have wasted by not really knowing what I'm doing and I'm talking professional quality paint because that's what I seem to like… So thank you, thank you, thank you for this great information and for hopefully saving me much time, frustration and expense in the long run!

  • John Groom says:

    Hi Cinnimon, Love your videos. Thank you so much for doing them. I came to
    you tube looking for tips to help me with my painting of my carvings and
    signs; artfulcarver.com
    but now you have infected me with the desire to paint on canvas and I
    have just completed my first painting, the northern lights. I do have a question for you, how
    do you physically store your brushes? I see people all the time storing
    them in jars upside down but I don't think gravity would be our friend
    here. I have stored mine on a thin board about 4"x 12" with elastic
    bands around the board. Any thoughts?

  • Elizabeth Torres says:

    Dear Sherpa, im new to painting and LOVE watching videos and learning from you!! but I am SO frustrated… cant find the simply simmons extra firm #10 bright anywhere!! HELP please!!??? i really want that Goldilocks brush you are always talking about!

  • Karen Tun Aung says:

    Aahh Cinnamon.. I wish I'd seen this before I sat down today and attempted my first ever acrylic painting. Your Sunflowers (or Van Gough's!).. I used all my old face painting brushes, which are basically water colour ones, and it wasn't that I couldn't find my brush stroke, as I have a very good one lol.. it was that the brushes were so soft and limp, and the paint was so gloopy, I ended up using a no 1 round brush, and the lines were still horrible!! (ooh, just spotted your nails, gorgeous!) Plus the Β£3 set of paints I bought were very see through.. ugh.. Simmonds brights added to wishlist, but acrylic may not be 'MY' medium yet, but I'll give the royals or reeves a try! Thanks as always xxxx

  • Strange Knights says:

    Overly soft brushes can be used for watercolours and for glazing.

  • Patti Whitehouse says:

    Thank you for this informative video! You mentioned that Texas Art Company has a good price on Simply Simmons brushes. I know you said that you have to flick the brushes to make sure they are good but was wondering should I be able to order from them without testing first?

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    Only place I could find the goldilocks brush was at thebrushguys.com

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    What is resizing?

  • Elijah Rene Spellman says:

    How do you feel about Royal & Langnickel brushes? (Zen series)

  • LindieLee says:

    Cleaning brushes – I use a waffle or ridged texture meat tray styrofoam – from packaged meats. Splatter brush – got at Harbor Freight (like Home Fix it store),

  • Jill Flynn says:

    hi cinnamon..love your videos. you may have mentioned this, but is it best to get different brushes for oil vs acrylic? I've been painting with acrylic but will be trying oils soon and wasn't sure if I should get different brushes. Everytime I go to my art store (Michael's & Jerry's Artarama) I'm told the brush can be used for both oil&acrylic. thanks!!

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    what do you think of Sax True Flow Acrylic Paint?

  • deborah brookshier says:

    I didn't see you mention Pink Soap. It was recommended by a tole painter but I haven't seen anyone else talk about it. Do you have any opinions on it? I might just use dish soap and alcohol (as needed. )

  • Lavender Fields says:

    The "Dom Rep" writing on your paint brushes is referring to the fact that they are made in the "Dominican Republic".

  • Valerie Burton says:

    I just bit the bullet and ordered The Art Sherpa set of Simply Simmons from The Brush Guys. That was way easier to get what I needed. Today they arrived and I'm so ready to play! Oops. Quest πŸ˜‰

  • NicoleMarie says:

    I have a handful of brushes that have had paint stuck in the ferule for years and never knew that hand sanitizer would get the dried paint out. I just put them through a sanitizer soak brushing through it for about a minute to two each brush and they look great. I tried the rubbing alcohol and it didn't seem to pull the paint out as good as the sanitizer. There must be something else in the sanitizer besides the alcohol that pulls the paint out better. I took a chance on the Simply Simons brushes a few months back after just reading reviews on Blick and couldn't be happier. I agree, they are really good brushes.

  • spyralspyder says:

    I just picked up a bronzer and a blush brush for blending/smudging soft backgrounds and I feel bad for subjecting them to acrylic. Poor soft brushes lol. If you use them you will only be using them dry on wet/damp paint! Short working time and you need to rinse them right away!

  • angela maxwell says:

    You are so right about alcohol cleaning out the built up paint in brushes and clothes yeah!!!!πŸŽ¨πŸ’‹

  • Michelle Burgoyne says:

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  • Sherri Smith says:

    got my new simply simmons brushes today from jerryartorama and they are amazing. I still don't have the goldilocks because it was out of stock. But I can't wait to paint with them. Thank you!

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  • Carlina Tesche says:

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  • Michelle Lynn Fine Art says:

    Hey! I'm a long brush kinda girl LOL! That is the kind we were made to use when I was in college. It's to be able to stand back from your painting. πŸ™‚

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  • meagen kleiner says:

    who is Angela Anderson??

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    On aimerais une traduction en francais

  • Patricia Dekler says:

    Hi! I'm totally new to the acrylic painting, but loving it, watch you all the time. I'm trying to do a nebula, and well not working, what brush could you recommend? I've tried sponge, qtips, lol. Soft brush, I'm just lost. Thank you !!

  • Beth Mulligan says:

    I do put my eyeliner on w a acrylic flat brush bc of its stiffness. I wet the same pwder I've shadowed my lid with.

  • kieron1411 says:

    love your 'tell it as it is' style and passion for painting. Recently subscribed – thank you for all this great materials. I have kids too and am constantly searching for the hard wearing affordable brushes. Awesome videos πŸ™‚

  • Snapper says:

    I don't know if this common knowledge, but I'll share it anyway as it might help some people. I'm UK based and so don't have access to the Simply Simmons brushes. But from watching the video it stuck me that the brushes appear to be identical to the Daler Rowney Graduate range.

    So I did a little digging around and Daler Rowney actually make the Simply Simmons range for the Simmons brush company. So, for those outside of North America, I'm pretty sure they are the same thing, and my Daler Rowney Graduate brushes certainly seem to match the description, and are great to paint with, as are the Daler Rowney System 3.


  • Brianna Fryters says:

    My favourite brushes are the simply simmons plat long 1" and the simply Simmons round #12

  • Ms. Poetrist Lovinlife2dafullest says:

    Have anyone else have used Royal & Langickel I love they feel and look when i paint lines ect.. I don't like how Dale Rowney looks when I paint I'm new to acrylic any suggestions would be great

  • flowercat812 says:

    Hi I know this is an old video but I've been watching all your prior videos. I have a question. I see all you artists using what looks like to me a house painting brush to blend say, clouds. They come out gorgeous but I've bought those and others big soft brushes and going step by step but it's not coming out the same. What do you recommend for a big blending brush? I did order your cloud brushes but is there something else?

  • Alisha Christian says:

    Am I nuts, or are some of your brushes that are the same size as mine, like size 8, way larger than mine in the bristle area?

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    I'm new to acrylics and love all of your tutorials and quests! I watched this one and took away two main things: 1. Don't pay more than $5 for a brush and 2. feel the brush before you buy it. I went to Michael's and found some Simply Simmons brushes, but the selection was pretty limited (week before Christmas), so I took to Amazon thinking if I ordered Prime I could always return if the brush was too soft. There I came across The Art Sherpa brushes (sold by The Brush Guys). I really wanted to buy these to support Cinnamon, but I was shocked to see sets of 6 being sold for $69.99 and sets of four for $49.99. Ordering online and paying this much for beginner brushes goes completely against what I learned in this Quest, which has left me very conflicted…

  • Gregory Geilman says:

    I am trying to figure out what these brushes are. He, Chuck Black https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBTWKNqB94Q calls them blender srumbling brushes, but I am having a hard time finding them. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Cheryl LeBlanc says:

    You showed a scrubber but what brand is it and is there different sizes? Thanks. Love all this info.

  • Sandy says:

    Omg! I have had issues with hives the past few months. I thought it was a bad reaction to a different laundry soap. It has been going on for over two months. The doctor had to put me on meds to stop the relentless itching Started painting about 4 months ago. Never occurred to me that it could be metals in the paint, let alone the brush materials. Gong to have to do some serious research. Thank you so much for pointing that out

  • Angela Guinnip says:

    Learning a lot on this art quest. Thank you Cinnamon!

  • Ryleah Stargazer says:

    i clicked the top link for goldiloks and my antivirus popped up saying it was an infected link!~ just thought you should know.
    i love your videos and your a huge help on my journey!

  • Camille Rogers says:

    you and your husband seem to have such a beautiful relationship. something everyone wants to have one day! <3


    I have done that to my brushes, leaving one in water over night and the enamel cracking and peeling and falling on my painting. This is my remedy for the damaged one as well as suggesting this prophylactically for your wooden handled ones, and for sealing the crimping of any brush handles. ……. use aquarium silicone and coat the handle up to halfway over the feral

  • Katie Lyons says:

    Sooo, I have to tell you, your education really pays off. I was able
    To walk in to our local
    Art store, I was feelin up all the brushes and was able to say yep good one
    Or uhhh NO! I even plugged your line of Sherpa brushes and the lady actually asked questions, it would be cool if they could carry them. Anyway, thanks for teaching us proper supplies and how to find them!

  • Sandy says:

    I was checking out brushes on my last trip to Michael's. I was feeling them, flicking the sizing out, testing them on my hand. I'm pretty sure the lady watching me must have thought I was a crazy person lol

  • Leslie Smith says:

    the long handles are to counter balance the weight of the ferrule and bristles

  • Leslie Smith says:

    the long handles are to counter balance the weight of the ferrule and bristles

  • Dianna Abrahams says:

    great info

  • Danyelle Fell says:

    I'm SO glad you made this video. I've been struggling with finding the right brushes and I'm highly allergic to nickel, so the last thing I want to do is have an allergic reaction while painting lol.

  • Ronald Grazier says:

    Do you need to feel them in the store?

  • Patti E says:

    Hi Cinnamon and John… love this video! You two are my kind of people. I started watching your videos a couple months ago, bought your starter brushes and have a small stash of paints and canvases. I've done two paintings and it is soooooo hard for me to get out of my own way and just paint. So, I backed up and started at BAQ #1 and am excited to create my own color chart. Looking forward to the next video! Love and light to you both. πŸ’•πŸŽΆ

  • Gila Katz says:

    A friend of mine rolls a sushi mat around his brushes to transport them. I found it was a good tip!

  • Amanda Jackson says:

    Cinnamon I’m really wanting to buy your cats tounge brush but I’m just wondering as a new painter should I get the #4 since it’s smaller or do u think the #8 is ok for a newbie. Also what is a good detail brush I could get I don’t have one and need one badly.

  • Morgan Powis says:

    Thank you!

  • plookie1972 says:

    I am new to painting with acrylic. And i LOOOOOOVE your videos sooo much!!! So much info !!! Tytyty!!!!!!

  • plookie1972 says:

    New subbie btw!!! Love your paintings and info and technique!!!!!

  • Sandy says:

    This is such a great video. One thing I do when I find brushes by a manufacturer that I haven't tried, I send them a quick question via email. If they get back to you, you know there's a good chance they will stand behind their brushes. I ran into some issues with the "royal & langnickel zen brushes" this is a company that's been around for a long time. They have a site etc, but when I contacted them about major quality issues with the Zen brushes, they couldn't be bothered to respond at all. I really like some of their other brushes, but if they can't be bothered to respond, I can't be bothered to support them.

  • Beverly Oliver says:

    My local walmart actually carries simply simmons brushes. So happy, as the closest Michaels is a 3 hr drive!😍

  • stephanie says:

    Question for anyone who knows: ArtSherpa suggested a Simply Simmons Round 6 & 4 micro mini pack in her above suggestions. I looked all over The Brush Guys and I cannot seem to find them. Can anyone help me?

  • Angie says:

    I'm just starting to get supplies together and I'm good on the paints. I'm still so confused about brushes. I have watched several videos. I ordered some from Brush guys the Angela Anderson set and some others someone mentioned in comments.. I spent $110 on brushes. Then I ordered the Art Sherpa Explorer set from Amazon. Then I just watched what you need to set up under the tips and tricks I think…If I just have the one Explorer set is that enough to do the beginner paintings and add others later? Also the video on what to get when starting mentioned all the glazing, varnish etc etc do I really need out. I'm not even sure about the pears. Do we draw them first?

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