2010-2014 Mustang SpeedForm GT500 Style Rear Spoiler – Pre-Painted Review & Install

2010-2014 Mustang SpeedForm GT500 Style Rear Spoiler – Pre-Painted Review & Install

Justin: If you’re looking to help emulate
the same styling found on one of the baddest Mustangs of all time then the SpeedForm GT500
Style Spoiler here would be a must-have addition for your 2010 through 2014 Mustang. The SpeedForm option will combine a durable
yet lightweight ABS plastic for the build while also incorporating that pre-painted
finished to perfectly match just about any color S197 there is. Price point is gonna hover right around 300
bucks and the install according to the site will get a two out of three wrenches on the
old difficult to meter and take a couple of hours to complete from start to finish as
we’ll show you guys later in the video. So in my humble opinion, this is one of the
best-looking spoilers out there for the 2010 through 2014 cars as it just balances the
right amount of aggressiveness while still maintaining a little bit of that OE feel. Now I might be a bit biased here as I do have
it installed on my S197 at home, but honestly guys, I have no intention of taking that thing
off anytime soon as it really just kinda completes the rear end of the car. But as we mentioned earlier, the inspiration
behind this particular spoiler is pretty clear, right? This one is obviously modeled after the same
spoiler used on the mighty S197 Shelby GT500 and does feature the same styling cues like
the same basic overall shape, same kind of rake coming off the deck lid and then finally
your little detail towards the rear of the spoiler here. Now unlike the factory Shelby GT500 which
does feature a black gurney flap in this location, the SpeedForm is just kind of paint match
this portion to the rest of the spoiler. However, if you’re a little creative and handy
with paint or Plasti Dip, you could always black out this portion here as I have with
mine at home. Materials are gonna be pretty standard here
for the spoiler as you’re looking at a pressure molded ABS plastic for the overall build before
being painted in our in-house state-of-the-art paint booth here at AM. Now if you guys didn’t know our AM team sprays
the same base and clear coat that Ford uses on their Mustang so you guys can expect a
damn near perfect color match for your ride right out of the box. As always, guys, not a bad idea just to double-check
the paint code on the site and the availability before pulling the trigger. And hey, while you’re there, feel free to
read up on the numerous five-star reviews with this product and check out some of the
customer submitted images to get a better idea of how the spoiler will look on your
ride at home. One thing to note here, gang, is that SpeedForm
states that the spoiler is not, I repeat, not compatible with cars equipped with a factory
backup camera, so just be mindful of that before ordering. Also, the SpeedForm spoiler will mount using
the existing holes left by your factory spoiler. Now if you don’t have a factory option installed
on your car then you will need to drill, there’s really no getting around that. But to give you a better idea of how the installation
is gonna go down, here’s a detailed walkthrough as promised earlier along with a quick tool
breakdown. Man: The tools used for this install were
quarter-inch impact driver, 10-millimeter socket, alcohol prep pads, a damp microfiber
cloth, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a clip panel tool. So the first step to this install is gonna
be to pop your trunk and to remove the 13 clips that hold the interior panel to the
trunk lid. Next we’re gonna use a 10-millimeter socket
to remove the four factory nuts that hold the spoiler to the deck lid. With our hardware removed, we can go ahead
and remove our factory spoiler. Now ours has been off a few times, so it came
off pretty easily. You may have to deal with a little bit of
3M stuck to the deck lid and you can remove this with a plastic scraper, some adhesive
remover, or an eraser wheel if you have one. Next I’m gonna use a damp microfiber cloth
to clean the surface of the deck lid before I use my alcohol prep pads. And now I can use the provided alcohol prep
pads to wipe down all the surfaces where the 3M is gonna make contact. Now I’m gonna start by peeling back the corners
of my 3M tape before I stick it onto the deck lid. Now I can carefully place the spoiler onto
the deck lid and line up my bolt holes. Now I’m gonna use a Phillips head screwdriver
to install my supplied hardware. I’m gonna keep these screws a little bit loose
so that I can pull off the backing from my 3M tape but I want to get them all started
first so they all line up. Now I can slowly pull back the tape, make
sure I have good adhesion, and then tighten up the rest of my screws. And now I can fully tighten out my screws. And now finally you can reinstall your inner
deck lid panel. And that’s gonna wrap up this review and install
for the SpeedForm GT500 Style Spoiler for your ’10 to ’14 Mustang. Thanks for watching. And for all things Mustang, keep it right
here at AmericanMuscle.com.


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