13 DIY Art Hacks! Colorful Painting Ideas and More DIY Drawing Tricks

The first brush is the most important
one for any art piece. Until… AAA-CHOOO! Oh dear, you may have overdone it a bit… What kind of modern piece were you trying to make here, girl? It’s a… work in progress…? Don’t worry, just put a frame on it made of tape. Let’s upgrade it by painting the background black. Classic, right? Now remove the tape frame. And put another one! *chuckle* Bear with me, folks! Using a sponge apply any colors you want. At this point, be creative! Find your own favorite color combo. Now apply pieces of masking
paper to create a neater pattern. And spray a golden shade all over. Lastly, remove all the remaining masking tape. Yep we actually used it for masking
purposes only. We’re not trying to frame you! It’s just that this painting was quite sketchy, even shady before this hack. You get the picture! *chuckle* Hey! Oh…. Ooooooh… Wow, Emily, you’re great at cleaning up… Way to go… cracking your grandma stuff. You better grab a paper cup and fill it with acrylic paint and a drop of water. Mix it up. Be sure to prepare more colors the same way. You’ll also need a white empty plate and a trusty strainer spoon. Yep, you heard me! Pour your colors through the spoon, mix different ones, throw any pigments of your own imagination straight through the strainer. Magnificent! Art work’s in progress though! Grab the plate and move the puddle around it, so the whole surface would be covered. Don’t be afraid to go overboard with this and keep splashing! After an exhausting splattering process you deserve to rest and leave the plate to
dry as well. If you intended to trick your grandma by presenting this as the same old antique plate you shattered… …well, it may not work. But in the end art has to be always up to date! *chuckle* Art class is a place where you have to come up with something no matter how bad you are at this… Jacob. Well this looks a bit… sketchy? It isn’t supposed to be competitive but it just can’t be
helped when Emily is so… good at it… Urgh, Jacob just admit it, you’re not as drawn to art as she isĄ I guess he’s not in the right frame of mind today… Maybe this situation isn’t as tear-ible as we may think! We did enough sketching, so go ahead and start using your paintbrush directly on the canvas! Choose your desired colors for the sky. And use those rip offs as a stencil for your
mountains. PAINT no mountain high enough~ Switch the direction and the tone of your brushstrokes in order to create two sides of your mountains. Throw some brighter accents in order to create a bit of a 3D effect. And now, remove the stencil! All right! You see even true artists have some hacks up their sleeves! What a masterpiece! That’s some top-selling artwork right there! Just be sure not to brag too much about your techniques. Okay? And then he was like… oh my gosh! Oh! Speak of the devil. Oh hey there, Adam~ Oh… What’s with THAT phone case?? It looks so ancient… I’m actually surprised it doesn’t have a cable… This case sure has seen a lot… Yeah, girl, you better put that
phone down… …in the trash. I know it isn’t so often you see the backside of your own device… but still… Yikes! Cover this hideousness in dark blue using a
paintbrush. Use a sponge for a different texture and
at those extra shades. Combine different coloring techniques! You will not regret this! Now tap a paintbrush soaked in white
paint into another one to sprinkle some stars on. Get a paper stencil with a
contour of a little girl and using a sponge paint her. Just one last brushstroke and let it dry. Time to put this nice piece onto your phone and make it public! Hey there, Emma,
you may wanna take your words back. Becaaause… Jess made a slight remix on her
case! A whole starry night that fits in your pocket! So? What were you saying about this old phone case again? Where’s your judgmental look now, Emma? A whole starry night painting right there, right? Say cheeeeese~ Just the occasion for the boys
to play a bit of football. Hey, pal, fetch! Just kidding! Adam’s gotta tie his shoelaces. Uh-oh, I don’t think he heard your last comment… Oooow… Um… What’s up…? Definitely not this decoration… Now you’ve done it fellas… Let’s say… Wait… I think an idea has sparkled up! Just grab a stencil of your choice and draw lines like these using the flame of a Bengal light stick. Don’t put the flame too close though and be careful with it. You are drawing with a soot that is forming up during the close encounter between the flame and the paper. Combine it with detailed taps of a paintbrush. The trees here need some
green on them. Meanwhile the grass will be easily done with a spongy material. And we’re done! This drawing technique with fire is called fumage and
there’s a billion ways how you can use it. Let your creativity be as free as a
wild horse! You surely hoofed it off with style! Well then, the show must go on. But it doesn’t mean… that you can keep playing!!! You boys are grounded! All the best artwork start with the first blue brushstroke. Um… you could call it a part of the process… …I guess? Emily wasn’t ready to sacrifice her own self for art… not to mention her blouse! Looks like a tread-ful situation! Get the picture? So grab one and wrap it around your
fingers. Using disposable gloves grab this mini reel and dip it into two different colors of ink. Blue… or… red…. Choose both! Now align your thread on the
paper any way you want. And put a piece of glass that is the same size as your
sheet of paper. And pull the thread by it’s tail! *chuckle* Just be sure to hold the glass
still. That’s the perfect technique to create miraculous drawings of flowers or other fantastic shapes! Remove the glass and let it dry so you
could put another glass for the exposition! *chuckle* But you can always turn it
into a creative postcard for Jessica! Your artsy sister will surely love this
idea as well! I guess creativity runs in the family! Did you know that applying
paint with a sponge can create a bubbly effect like this? Use that to your
advantage when covering this round wooden board. Be sure to combine different shades together and smoothen the transition
using the same sponge brush. Let the paint dry and apply pieces of tape in
order to create a silhouette of a magical tree. Now grab a can of golden
paint spray to cover the whole thing. Let it shine! Remove all the sticky pieces to
reveal this tree-mendous piece of art! It’s perfect! Especially when you want to
bring that natural piece right into your room! Grab a wool thread reel and wrap it
all around the wooden board. Keep rollin’~ Attach the end of it on the other side
of the board using tape. Cover the surface with blue spray paint. And keep rolling some more thread around. Be sure to fasten the end on the other side of
the board. Just the opportunity to spray another shade there, right? It’s time to
set our art piece free! Remove the thread and there you have it! Ready for the art exposition! Mix up non-toxic paint of your choice with a few drops of dish soap and stir it. Set aside so you can play around with these oil crayons~ Cover the sheet of yellow paper with all the different colors you’ve got. No need to be precise. Now grab a flat front brush so you could evenly cover the whole surface with a same black mixture that we have made. Just let it dry and start scratching! Not your head! But the top layer of the piece. This mystery may just reveal the true
identity of aliens~ Or take it easy while drawing a simple landscape by letting the bottom layer show its true colors! Madison has been left after class. Apparently she didn’t press the subscribe button on her phone. Always subscribe to Crafty Panda! Class is finished! I hope you learned
your lesson! Jessica is designing a new clothing line. Yes, she definitely has a
passion for fashion! But it looks like she’s about to run out of sharpened pencils… This is what happens when you procrastinate and leave things like this until the last minute. I think it’s time for you to go on a sharpening spree. Wouldn’t you say? I know this might take forever! But on the bright side all these pencil shavings might turn into an amazing piece of art. I’m sure we could arrange a lovely gallery using these small pieces! We just need a cute little drawing and a dash of hot glue. Just stick it on and
that’s it! Sometimes that’s all you need to bring your drawing to life! From simple skirts to rocket’s fuel! Flowers and ice cream cone! Wings and more! This one is looking good, girl! But Jessica’s far from done. Her head is filled with
zillions of ideas! But there’s not much she can do with a single color… Go ahead, Jess! Suddenly, those extra markers triggered yet another creative idea on how to use all of those colors at once. Choose one marker as a base. Then take another one and let the color flow by connecting the tips. But we’re not done yet! Now throw this rainbow brush on your
paper and watch the smooth color shift take action Well this is a really smooth
way to use those extra colors! What a flawless piece it turned out to be, right? Hey, Crafty Pandas! I hope you enjoyed these school hacks! Let us know which of them you’re going to use next to the comments down below. If you want to learn
more feel free to check out our older videos! Hit the subscribe button and ring
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