10 Tricks to paint faster & better with Krita

10 Tricks to paint faster & better with Krita

Welcome to this new video about Krita
and digital painting and thanks a lot for all the feedback received in the last
video. We are growing as a community and that rocks! would you like to see ten
tricks to paint faster and better? because I’m not talking only about lagged
brushstrokes, let’s go we are going to cover here simple things related with the know-how and experience. I will say this could be useful not only for
beginners but more advanced users, so take a look and let me know what do you
think in the comments below. We go directly to the trick number one very
easy and used since the early years in digital painting. Yes I mean these days
without pinch and zoom while painting Trick number 01 “Don’t use overview,
instead used a new view”. As you start to paint more complex stuff you realize
that you need detail in your artwork Krita has the overview docker and it is
good feature because we can move the artwork, zoom the artwork even rotate the artwork, and mirror the view. To make it visible
go to menu/ Settings/ Dockers overview But what happens when we paint and want to see the effect of the last brushstroke in real time? well, for some reason
Krita needs a bit of time to calculate that, both in GNU/Linux and windows
Krita now some areas need to be improved if you’re interested to help, support
Krita with donations here is the link. But hey! we have a workaround. We can use a perfect real-time setup. To use it, we need to work with “subwindows” instead of “tabs”, but this allows you to use the “new View” feature. let’s do it.
Go to Settings/Configure Krita general section/windows
and as you can see in the drop- down menu we can select subwindows. Click OK and that’s it. Then we can see the buttons for minimize, restore and quit
image in the top right part of the interface. Ok! we want a new view we can
adjust it to our taste go to Window/ New view and then select
the image. now it’s very simple we adjust a new view and we are done. If you paint
you can see the brushstrokes in real time good! and you can mirror, zoom in and
whatever you want to do with this image bye bye continuous zoom in and zoom out …but wait there is even more! you can Check your values using the LUT management docker. Go to Settings/ Dockers/ LUT management and then activate the
open color io feature and select “luminance”. Select the original image and
if it turns into grayscale, just deactivate the OCIO feature and boom! you can work
now in color and black and white in real time Enjoy it! Wolthera, a Krita developer was the woman behind this, so give her feedback in her blog if you like it. The link is in the description below. Trick 02 “Use color in canvas”. you save time selecting color. This little movement is time wasted in terms of productivity. Imagine you spend lot of time painting. You probably do this
movement a lot. the in canvas color picker, using ctrl click is good and also
the right click to see the pop-up palette with the color wheel feature. But
we have another way to see color in canvas less disturbing and also fast. Go
to Settings/Configure Krita/ Color selection settings/ shade selector. make sure you have active the “minimal” option in type and that’s it. Now we need to know about the shortcut. Go to Settings/Configure
Krita/Keyboard shortcuts and look for “minimal” you can see the default is “Shift
+ N” , but we can change to whatever we want. if we select a key that is used Krita gives a warning and then you decide what you prefer. Trick 03 ” Activate the update
shade selector when left click”. With the latest adjustment we have an static color
changer very controllable for little adjustments. But we have a restricted
range of Hue. The sliders don’t change between this range shown in the hue
slider we need to change the hue in color wheel to get a new range here. When we want to have a faster way to change the color temperature we use this hue
slider. This way we can create more variety in our shading really fast. Let’s
see how to do it. Go to “Advanced color selector docker” this time, because
it’s faster, and we select the Shade selector and activate the left clicking
on shade selector. Click OK and we’re done now we use our custom shortcut or “Shift+ n” and just a slide the hue to change a bit to a warmer color or cooler color.
Basically what this does is rotating the color wheel clockwise or
counterclockwise Easy! Trick 04 “Use filtering while painting”. After some paintings we can gather brushes, from different users and then you can
get lost. If the brush bundle is well designed, probably use prefix and
keywords in the name of brushes. We can use tags as we saw in the latest video.
As you can see I have a lot of brushes here so how can I get the brush I want?
we can start to look for it with the scroll bars but sometimes
we have another choice. let me show it to you. When we give a name to our brushes
will usually use words like pencil draw fat dry wet and more to include in our
brushes. If you want to filter for example only pencil brushes you type
“pencil” in the search field and magically Krita filters the results, “well not
magically but some kind of”. If you press the “X” button we recover all the brushes.
That system combined with “tags” can help us a lot. Trick 05 “Instant view and custom Thresold”. If we make big big brush strokes we
notice “lag” like for example big sizes with blending brushes. but this kind of
brush strokes are limited in time because we need detail to define the
painting, so we return to more usual sizes. To activate this feature go to
View/ Instant preview mode or press “Shift + L” Now all the brushes with the feature
instant preview active, can use this feature we can set what is the minimum brush
size to compute with instant preview. For that purpose Krita can set a thresold to activate the instant preview in our brushes.just go to the brush editor and
press right click here. now Krita is faster. If you are not worried about the
pattern location (flickering) and you just want texture over your image then is perfect.
For more detailed brush stroke just deactivate the instant preview with “Shift+L”
Trick 06 “Brush spacing and quality” we all love fast brushes, but what about the quality
of the brushstroke? quality brushes are important, but sometimes our devices can’t handle big resolutions or complex effects. one way to solve this is to increase the
spacing of the brush Sometimes fine-tuning can make the difference in performance. Go to F5 or brush editor window, we see some
parameters here that affect the performance. Pattern, masked brush, brush size and spacing. Also we have a not so known feature in the brush editor. You
can decrease this, from five to one and get better performance if you need it. We
use the “flat brush”. As you can see the quality of the brushstroke has decreased
a bit, but we have gained speed. Trick 07 “Selections with lasso tool” .Filling an area with color is faster than paint it. using selections is a very common
practice in concept art and speed paintings. Ok! the first thing, the shortcut.
we need to look for “outline selection” and change the shortcut to your like. I use “L” key, because I’m very used to that shortcut. Recently Krita has added the
move selection feature and transform selection feature and also undo. Scott
Petrovic made a video of all this. Thanks a lot Scott for your hard work. You
can think about this technique as an stencil. We make a selection then we
add or subtract areas to that selection and then we can paint keeping the edges,
given the feeling we have spent a lot of time creating details and as we can
move the selection putting the cursor near the edge of the outline of the
selection it can be very good as a stencil. Trick 08 “Create your own toolbar”
Krita is very flexible to create custom interfaces. We can arrange Dockers as we
want, but also is very customizable in the toolbars like for example adding a
third slider, navigation, selection… this can be useful to not use the keyboard
for all the shortcuts. Let’s make an example. We’re going to add a third
slider to control the flow. first, you have to make sure the toolbars are visible. go to Settings/ Toolbars Shown and select both of them
if they are not selected. Now go to Settings/Configure toolbars and a window appears. Which is the toolbar we are going to use? in this case,” brushes and
stuff” and look for the word “slider” then we locate the “brush option slider 3” and add it to the right side pressing the right arrow and now you can
move up or down pressing the arrows to locate it where you prefer. This way we
can add a lot of buttons like this. If you are interested to have this bar in
your Krita let me know in the comments Trick 09 “Quick settings” docker. when you paint and need to change between bracketed values for example in comic maybe you
need to switch between two different sizes to keep consistency in the line
work. Krita has added the docker “quick settings” for this kind of stuff. is
useful when you want for example go from 5 pixel to 50 pixel and 5 pixel
again. Exact values constantly. Go to Settings/ Dockers/ Quick settings Dockers/ you can see a wide range of values available and this can work also for
opacity and flow. With the arrow keys in your keyboard you can also decrease or
increase the values. Nice if you want to work with precise values. Trick 10 “Changing angle with preview” .Last trick for now sometimes you need to fit your
brushstroke in an specific angle, for example if you paint roofs or
architectural stuff with different sizes. just make right click to see the pop-up
palette and press in the arrow to see the “on canvas brush editor” we can adjust what parameters are visible here. It depends of the brush engine we use but angle is very common. As you can see we can move the parameters up and down to fit better our needs. This way we adjust angle very fast and
accurately. Of course we can make new brushes for the most used angles. Okay!
that’s the end for the video. I hope you liked it and if you have learned
something please give us a like subscribe and press the notification
bell to stay tuned about the new videos we can learn a lot together and I will
try to read all the comments, so please comment below and share with other Krita users your favorite tricks to paint faster and better. And as in the previous
video you can see some beautiful works from the Krita community. Have a nice and creative day… or night, bye!


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