10 Black Brush Pens for Brush Lettering: a Comparison

10 Black Brush Pens for Brush Lettering: a Comparison

Hey it’s Whitney and I just wanted to
show you a pen test of all my black brush pens so I have accumulated a ton
of pens over the past two years of all this creative journaling and I didn’t
realize it but I have ten different black brush pens so I do want to do a
pen test in my new Scribbles that Matter book. I’m gonna do it in the back where
they have your set pen test pages and these are just gonna be my black brush
pens so you just you can just kind of see how they write. Some I use all the
time like the Tombow Fudenosuke pens and the dual brush pens and some I
haven’t used literally since I bought them so I’m just gonna show you guys how
these write and I’ll link everything in the caption if you’re
interested in trying some of these out. some are in sets, so like I got the black
Pentel pen it was in a set with a bunch of different colors too, so I’m
gonna flip over to the journal view and start. I’m just gonna write the name of
the pen with each pen. alright so I’m gonna lay them out I’m gonna start with
my most familiar pens that I use which is the tombow Fudenosuke pens – so these
come in both a hard and a soft tip and they come in the dual tip which is gray
on one side and then black on the other side the hard and soft – the hard is just
a little bit firmer tip, I’m just gonna write it out so the lettering is a
little bit thinner when you write with the hard tip than when you write with
the soft tip, and I use these all the time for headers – any page you probably
flip through in my journal has some writing with these pens. so this is going to be the soft tip pen
so you see the WS-BS, that means soft these are sold individually or in two
packs but you see this tip is just a little bit looser so when you press down,
the stroke is a little bit thicker, so there is a tiny difference in between
the hard and the soft, but it’s not a crazy difference and once
you start using them you’ll definitely be able to tell. so this is the dual
brush pen these are the most popular brush pens out there, I think, made by
Tombow and these are of course quite thick, and if you are unfamiliar with
them – the dual brush comes from – they have two tips so this is not a brush edge it
is just a sharp pointy firm tip. And these come in all different colors
there’s as 96 different colors but this is one of the shades of black
they do have two shades of black and a bunch of different grays. So this is the
Pentel sign pen so I got these from Amazon and they come in all different
colors so that’s the cool thing about these, but I do love the way that they
write, they’re very similar to the Fudebosuke pens from Tombow. Once again
it’s a lot thinner strokes it looks a little bit thicker actually than this
soft tip pen. Oh I forgot in the Tombow collection, there is the twin tip
pen so it has the gray on one side and the black I’m going to write in the
black. and then the other side, so this is a
little bit it is a little bit thicker, than the soft tip and they are both
called the Fudenosuke, but this is the twin tip, so this is gonna be the gray
side. The next one is – the nice folks over at JetPens sent me these – this is
the Zebra Funwari Fude color sign pens so this also came in a pack of different
colors I am just writing in the black. I use black mostly in my notebook so I do
keep these pins around a lot – so this is the Funwari -i if I’m saying that
right – I am gonna write it though – these
are definitely a lot firmer than any of the other pens that I’ve used, so you do
have to press down a little bit harder on that one to make those lines a little
bit thicker down there. This is gonna be the Pigma – BB made by Sakura. I haven’t used this in like a year,
so I forgot gonna how wrote but it feels like paint, so you
it’s very sensitive when you push down it it does produce that huge stroke
there, but now that it’s been forever and I’m trying it I kind of love it, so this
is the Pigma – I’m gonna have to add this to my collection again. Here is another one that I haven’t used
in forever – so it came in a set of some Faber Castell pens – this is the Pitt
Artist big brush pen, so this is the number 199. so it is a very large
tip, but let’s see how it writes… So it is a little bit firmer than
that Pigma pen that I just used. These now – this is just written in a foreign
language – so I know I ordered this from Amazon after seeing somebody use it – This
literally was like a year and a half ago or so, so I can’t tell you the name of it
because when I look at my Amazon history, it’s like it’s something different but
it is listed under Zebra, so I will provide the link that I use but the one
that I’m looking at just looks a little bit different, so I’m just gonna write Zebra tan pen, so it sounds a little silly and that was fun too when you press down
harder it’s it’s kind of like a paint pen, so this is the last one that I’m
doing and this is actually like a brush at the end so it is gonna be a lot more
sensitive when you push down. So it’s gonna be more like you’re painting. so
this is the Zebra Fude brush pen it’s double sided and I will definitely link
this because I did find this in my Amazon history does have the two
different sides so I’ll write with both of them. This one definitely you have
to be very sensitive when you’re writing because it’s definitely just like paint –
a little harder to control – now I’ll write right the “double sided” with this other side here. This side is a little bit smaller and
it’s not like a paintbrush so it is a little bit easier to control. Alright so that was fun I’m gonna put
little dots here. I hope you kind of got an idea of how all of those brush
pens write, I mean you never know unless you try them yourself of course, but
that’s my little pen test for all of my brush black pens so I have a ton other
regular black pen tip, so I need to do all of those too on a separate page, but
that was fun just trying out how they all compare a lot are a lot easier to
start with like the Fudenosuke Tombow pens are probably the easiest, and then
if you get to the more soft kind of Faber Castell and the Pigma pen-
they’re more like kind of paint so you have to be very careful when you’re
writing and it’s more of a learning curve so it definitely does take a lot
of practice to get real good with these pens but it is fun just to play around
and and learn with them so let me know some of your favorite black brush pens
or any color brush pens some of these do come in different colors so that’s kind
of fun. let me know that in the comments and definitely like this video and
subscribe if you want to see more like it I will see you guys later. Bye!


  • Cindy Borcherding says:

    Thank you Whitney! I have a lot of these pens. 🙂

  • Random Camy says:

    I have almost the same pens ! I love your videos Whitney, greetings from Chile <3

  • Christina Stone says:

    You have definitely provided a very concise descriptive of each and the samples are super helpful. I have more than half of these, but when you put lettering down for a few months and pick it back up you have to start from scratch. I think ill stick with the fudenosuke hard tip for a few weeks! I have also pinned this so i can refer to it when i graduate from that hard tip! Thanks.

  • TheAwkwardMaître D'. says:

    "Foreign language" 😒

  • Thomas says:

    Girl….you gotta learn how to pronounce things…but it was nice seeing the pens used next to each other for comparison.

  • P A says:

    Thank you!

  • Olivia Ashcraft says:

    I believe the pen you didn't know the name of was the "Bimoji Fude Medium Brush Pen" 🙂

  • Gabi G says:

    Thanks your review was very detailed. Nilon brush pens / paint pens are my favourite so its nice to find new places to find them.^^

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