10 Best Hacks You May Not Know for Fluid Acrylic Painting

10 Best Hacks You May Not Know for Fluid Acrylic Painting

hello and welcome to Deliberately
Creative. I’m Stephanie and I’d like to welcome you to my tips and hacks for
beginners doing acrylic flow painting. This is such a huge thing and its really
daunting when you’re first starting out, and you’re going “where do I start?
what do I do? how do I make this happen? Come with me and I’ll give you my quick
tips and tricks on how to get going. Alright tip number one always protect
your surfaces. I know that’s kind of a no-brainer but if you use something like Reynolds freezer paper (you find it
in the grocery store). This is plastic coated and when your paint spills off
onto it you can actually peel it off and use it for jewelry and other projects.
Look at that it peels right off. This is plastic coated, you can use this again,
you don’t have to throw it away every single time. Then I’ve got this
really cool thing called an Acrylic Skin you can do stuff with this too. I have
videos on that look up here for that right now.
Tip number two get yourself a scale. Any kind of little digital scale that will
weigh anything. Paint doesn’t go in the kitchen anymore. Using a scale to mix
your paints makes it so you’re consistent and when something works out
the way you want it, it is so nice to be able to do it again. So use a scale.
Alright tip number three you’re going to need things to mix your paint in. Now
this can get a little bit tricky because if you are mixing lots of paint you’re
going to want to probably go and get some of those dollar store squeeze
bottles. So you can mix up tons of paint at a time, I don’t do that. I mix my paint
in these tiny little cups because I’m usually using only a few colors and I
don’t like having my paint hang around for a long time. When the paint hangs
around for a long time and airspace is in the bottle your paint starts to dry
out and then it gets gookie and it’s not any fun anymore. So I use small little
cups, these are condiment cups. They have paint
dried on them. I use them multiple times before I throw them away. But we also
save the little applesauce cups. THIS IS A HACK –Applesauce cups, they are four
ounce cups, they’re made of plastic and they work great and if you have leftover
paint for a few days use the Glad Press and Seal. Just cut a little piece of
it and stick it on top. Next tip- Sharpie pen is your friend. It really is! When you’ve
weighed your paint and mediums on that scale, where do you write it down? I
hardly ever have my little notebook sitting right next to me. It’s always
sitting in the living room or someplace else.
So I will write down right on these little cups. Let’s see, do I have one
already written down? OOH! I’ll write down right on the little cup exactly the
kind of paint, the kind of medium and what my ratio was, So, this one was a one
to one it was 20 grams and 20 grams a house paint and Floetrol this was from
my hardware store project your Sharpie pen is your friend keep it with you at
all times. Paint, what kind of paints do you use?
What kind of paints can I use? Are there any things that I shouldn’t use? Well, since
this is acrylic paint pouring you want it to be an acrylic paint or an acrylic
ink. Acrylic inks work too. So what I’m using right now are a whole combination
of things. I have craft paints Apple Barrel is your
basic craft paint, your least expensive 50 Cent’s 99 cents Folkart artist
craft paint, (not sponsored by any of the paint companies) Decoart craft paint
another good one Golden Fluid and Golden High Flow. Both really good paints. You
use them a little differently than you do the craft paints. Then there’s the
heavy body paints, the artist’s heavy body paints like Liquitex. These are trickier
to use, you can still use them. You can still use them. You just have to
take whatever your medium is, a small amount and mix it with your paint first
and then add the rest of your pouring medium or whatever medium you’re using
to extend this paint. Then stir stir stir and let it sit for a little while to
allow the bubbles to work their way out. Because when you work this paint you’re
working it for a while and you’re going to end up with bubbles. Then there is
house paint house paint. House paint is acrylic paint 100% acrylic paint and I
didn’t know that until a few months ago. You can get 8 ounce containers of house
paint sample bottles for like three or four dollars per colors.Next tip- whatever we want
to call it. Craft sticks these are Jumbo craft sticks when you buy them
in a big box for not very much on Amazon or in any of the craft stores. They come
like this they’re just craft sticks. They are
awesome for stirring up your paint, for smoothing out your paint, for spreading
paint around, and even as a tool to draw on your paintings. But after you’ve used
them once or twice or three or four or five times they look like this, aren’t
they pretty? Lots of colors. Now, it doesn’t matter
what color is on here because, oh, and sometimes they’ll stick together you
just pull them apart. As long as they don’t break I use them still. You don’t
have to throw them away once there’s paint on them, you can keep using them,
just let them dry then you can stir them up the paint is permanent and it won’t
come off in your next color. Craft sticks. Pouring Mediums. Now, your simplest
easiest most basic pouring medium isn’t really a pouring medium it’s just thin
your paint with water. Don’t thin your paint with more than 35 or 40 percent
water. I know some people say you can go up to 50 percent but the paint
manufacturers tend to say 25 to 35 percent water. So, I go with what they say.
Another medium that you can use you can use Elmer’s glue, PVA glue, School glue,
Acid-free glue, any Mod Podge any of those things. Just be aware that they’re
going to react again with water they’re going to get soft or they’re going to
get cloudy. So if they are in a moist environment, it’s maybe not going to last
forever. But when you’re practicing and you’re learning and you’re just starting
out, use what you have. Have fun with what you have and you’ll find what works for
you and makes you happy. After that you can move on to all of the different
things that people are using, Liquitex pouring medium
Goldin GAC-800 they are artist grade pouring mediums.
I have a lot of different pouring mediums in my little studio space. It’s
not really a big studio space it’s a little studio space, it’s that corner of
a little tiny bedroom. So in my studio space
I have Liquitex Pouring Medium I have Golden GAC 800 this is an actual pouring
medium I got that straight from Golden they said this is what they recommend to
be used as a pouring medium to make acrylic skins and to do acrylic poured
paintings. I’m going to go with what they say they are the ones that know. These
are expensive and I know that. Something that’s not as expensive Floetrol. Floetrol is not an actual pouring medium so you can use this like a pouring medium
it’s going to dry matte you’re going to get some neat effects with it and you
don’t have to add anything extra to make effects happen. Making cells is another
video totally another video. First you want to get paint on canvases you want
to get it flowing and you wanted to make Pleasant pictures. Next tip–What do you paint on?
There’s so many things that you can paint on, number one- you can paint on
canvas. However, they start stacking up they get a little expensive and
sometimes you just want to practice. You don’t want to make a full-blown finished
painting and have an entire art gallery in your living room. Yeah. Things that you
can paint on that don’t cost very much money: You can buy the sheets of canvas
already pre gessoed. You can pour right on it. You can pour on heavy paper, I’d say at least a hundred
pound paper, 100 pound cardstock. You can pour on wood. Isn’t that fun? This
little frame, pick them up for a buck at the art store, the craft store. Watch for
the holidays right after Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, you can
find these sweet little hearts. You can also pour on coroplast
or the backs of those tablets. It’s really heavy,
just gesso it and pour right on it. Have fun, enjoy yourself. If it
stands still, you can pour on it. A tip that you really really need. This tip is
probably one of the most important tips- on Amazon because it’s cheap. Boxes of
gloves these save you so much in cleaning your hands. You’re going to be
way freer with your paint, moving it around on the canvas if you’re not
worried about trying to keep your fingers out of the paint.
Just let the paint flow… let the paint flow! Next tip- a Dirty Cup not the one you left on
the counter in the kitchen that has the last quarter of your coffee.
This dirty cup is going to be paint poured into a cup and when you pour your
different colors on top of each other you get a dirty cup. My paints are in
these little cups again. The recipes are written on the sides, so I know
what I used. Now, if you look, the colors are not mixing in to each other they lay on top of each other, so colors
that you would not normally put next to each other, they will sit on top of each
other. I am NOT trying to get it totally layered look. I’m getting quite a
bit of paint in here, this is going to be for a fairly large canvas I think.
This is what a dirty cup looks like. See that? Couple important things to know. I
don’t use silicone or torch on any of my artwork. It is a personal preference. I do
not tell anyone that they can’t do anything. Because we’re all people with
thinking minds and we can make our own decisions for ourselves.
That being said, for me I don’t use silicone because I don’t think you can
ever get all of it off the canvas. There is silicone, when you pour it into a cup
it gets mixed into the paint, so there’s little bubbles of silicone mixing
through your paint. When you pour that onto your canvas some of that
silicone oil is actually hitting the canvas surface underneath of your paint,
and even when you heat it and it floats to the top there’s a residue that is
always left underneath of your paint. My personal concern is that down the road
I sell a piece of artwork, I don’t want my paint to lift off the canvas. Now some
people are not concerned with that. They’re like somebody buys it, it’s their
deal if something happens. But for me, I don’t want them to ever come back
to me, you know ten years down the road and say “hey you know that painting that
I paid X amount for? The paint’s starting to come off”. I don’t want that to happen.
I intend to be doing art for the rest of my life and selling my art for the rest
of my life. So having my paintings falling apart in
ten years just it’s not good business for me for me. Like I said, I’m not
going to tell anyone else they can’t do it.
It makes incredible effects, I understand that. We are in such a society of
instant gratification and we want it to look “Wow!” the moment we pour the paint on
to the canvas and sometimes we have to work for it and I think that makes the
painting more special, my hands had to do things. I had to know my mixtures of my
paints. It’s just personal preference. I don’t use a torch because I don’t trust
that I am steady enough with a torch not to burn my canvas or to start heating my
paint so much that it starts vaporizing. Vaporized paint is known to be harmful
vaporize, Floetrol is known to be harmful. In their standard regular use
state, being used as the manufacturers intended, they’re not harmful.
They’re not going to give me a brain tumor. Let’s just get down to it, they’re
not going to give me a brain tumor. I like to stay safe in my art space. It’s
just what I do. You can do whatever you want to do and I hope that you enjoy
having fun doing it. Remember that the most
important thing with any of this is that you have fun, stay safe, make something
beautiful, be creative. Those are the things that are most
important. I hope that you have enjoyed this. If you did, please click that like
button and make sure to let me know in the comment section what you think. Do
you have any tips and tricks that you think I should try and maybe do a video
on? That is a really important thing, leave that comment I want to know what I
don’t know. Because then we’ll all know. As always go out, do something creative,
take care of yourself, so you can take care of those around you. I hope to
see you back here real soon bye bye.


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