033 – Pamela Caughey – FINISHING Two COLD WAX/Oil Paintings – Part 4 😊

– I know that this goes here
because I’ve scored the edge. That’s just a guide,
and here’s the beginning of the next stripe. So what I’m gonna try and do is just work on these
areas to make them lighter. The silicon tool works
really well for this. And you know again, I’m
working with oils now. Here are the two paintings side by side. And as you can see, they’re coming along, but this is a stage that proves
to be most challenging to me because I have to really slow down and start to look at all the things that are going on right now,
and whether my paintings, left or right panel, whether
they should stay together as a diptych, whether
they can stand alone, whether they should stand alone. You know, what are the
problems that I see? What is it about each
panel that’s keeping me from feeling at peace? The looser I am in the
early stages of a painting, sometimes that can lead to a
lot more challenge later on, especially during these final stages. And I think that’s one of
the reasons why I’ve grown to love that approach, because
I know that at the end, I will have created some major problems. And if I keep mixing up
the way that I start, then I know that the types
of problems I have at the end will always be different
and a different challenge. And so I like that, and
that’s why I continue to challenge myself in the
way that I get started. Sometimes that might
mean limiting my colors, having a limited color palette. Or maybe not limiting my colors,
that would be the opposite. It can just lead to a lot of
different ways to push myself. So right now, I’m looking at
these two panels side by side, and I feel like the left one
is a little bit more strong than the one on the right. I’m going to turn each panel around. So in other words, I have
to look at them as a pair, but I also have to analyze
each one individually, because at this point, I’m really not, I don’t feel that they
need to stay as a diptych. Each one has kind of taken
on a life of its own. The one on the right has a lot more shapes that go outside of that
banded, rectilinear form. Whereas the one on the left
has pretty much stayed that way and I may just develop
each one independently now, I’m really not sure. But until I make that decision, I just wanna look at them together. But I still have to rotate
each panel 90 degrees, keep doing that until
I’ve seen all four views and all the different combinations.

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