#007 – Oil Painting Portrait – Man and Dog on Summers Day, strong sunlight

Julian here i’m about to start a new painting
this one gentleman and his dog in the sun
it’s a really nice image i’m going to talk about the set up and how
i made the image and the oil paints i’m going to use, that kind of thing
i’m going to talk about that for probably four or five minutes, if you’d like to skip
straight to the oil painting, and miss the chit chat, click the link in the description
or just fastforward to around six minutes ten seconds. im going to do a new painting, as you can
see i’ve got a photograph here of a man in a garden sitting on a garden chair with his
dog outside in the back garden there’s a back
door and a little post box and some plants behind and he’s on a really nice patio.
This is potentially going to be a tricky one. because all the paintings i’ve done so far
have been, if you can see this Ipad down here, sort of, it’s usually a head and a big head
compared to the size of the canvas, it’s quite a large area.
and that’s a good thing when you’re painting because each brush stroke is quite a big thing
and you can’t really be super super detailed if you’ve got to draw someone’s head the size
of my thumbs. well… we’re not far off it.
basically that’s the entire of the head area here, assuming, i mean i think this is a really
nice scene. Here is the face. And here is the dog’s face.
So these are the two areas that i really have to concerntrate on most, the hands, area acutally
a good size as compared to the face and so legs and feet and the dog obviously.
so there’s a lot going on here. there’re bricks., which i dont know how to resolve yet, i dont
really want to paint ever single brick individually, that would be a total nightmare!
there is also paving, bricks on the ground, plants – now i’ve never really painted plants
before. Glass with reflections. yeah there’s a lot
going on! Potentially this could be a disaster! i’ve done the pencil drawing.
I actually took this photograph (indicates Left of screen), took a load of photographs
and this was one of the best ones, and then i took photos of his dog – Pippa, loads of
photos of the dog. And this was the best photo, and then I cut out the shape of the dog in
“paint.net” which is kind of a free version of photoshop, and luckily when i took the
photograph of this gentleman, i took several photographs with a large gap on one side and
this side and actually it was the perfect size to place Pippa, stuck there in this side
of him. So it looks like they’re in the same – well hopefully the same, moment. But they
are actually two individual moments. When i cut out Pippa, in the photoshop type program,
i also cut out her shadow, so her shadow should be perfect – well at least perfect in this
drawing as if i’d taken the photograph in one go rather than two, joined.
Right, colour-wise… i’m going to go with the fairly muted Rembrant
style palette, because it was really nice on the last one i did of “man and dog”. And
i thought i might replicate that, however… i think i might, rather than using just this
red – cadmium light red, i might add in this one aswell. so these are the four reds i’ve
got. And i thought i’d try them out with a little bit of white, now, this is the one
i used previously and i’ve called it “like vermillion” but it’s not vermillion it’s cadmium
red light. So it’s a very bright pinky red, orangey red. With white it’s a nice pink – a
touch brown but you know it’s a nice pink. Venetian red was very much a brown so i’m
not going to use that one. Now this one Alizerin Crimson – very purple, so i’m going to use
that one, but this one, Madder lake Deep, which happens to be quite an expensive colour
that is a kind of purpley pink but it’s a nice halfway. So i’m going to get rid of those
two. Today i’m going to use Mars Black for the
black Titanium white for the White.
Cadmium red light which is this one, Madder lake deep which is this one.
and this one is Yellow ochre light for my Yellow. And Cobalt blue for the blue, but hopefully not going too use much
cobalt blue. Ok
Lets do it!

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