🔴 How restore RV plastics to white with out painting – RV Living

🔴 How restore RV plastics to white with out painting – RV Living

In this video we’re going to share with you
how to restore your rv’s plastics to white again without painting.. So let’s
get to it! HI! YouTube and welcome back to another
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way let’s get started with today’s topic. First I’ll remove the vent cover from
the RV AC unit this is easy to do and there are only four screws that hold it
into place. Now before we get started I wanted to
show you what how yellow this plastic really is and then I’m going to turn it
over and this is what the original whiteness looked like just for the
contrast purposes now it’s time to get started so the first thing I did was to
take the vent cover outside and I scrubbed it down making sure that I hit
all the small spaces and then host it off so here is the RV vent cover after I
finished cleaning you can already see a remarkable improvement but there is
still yellow so now we will move on to the next part now on to the retro
writing we used a strong hydrogen peroxide cream you can find at any local
hair salon we chose to use the salon care v40 there is an amazon link in the
description below I next brushed on the v40 onto the vent cover trying to cover
all of the surface like this then I wrapped it in a plastic bag or you can
use plastic wrap then I set it out in the Sun ideally you want to come back
and rotate the piece about every 30 minutes or so at this time I usually
massage the cream around within the plastic bag this will help to give it
more of an even appearance finally after eight hours they came back
and removed the AC vent cover from the plastic rinsed it off and reinstall the
cover and here are the results you can see for yourself how much whiter it
really is this technique can be used on almost all yellowing ABS plastics in
your RV for larger projects that cannot be moved outside we suggest you use a UV
lamp instead of the Sun Lori and I would like to thank you for following along
with us today and if you know someone that would benefit from watching this
video go ahead and share this video with them and if you have it head over to
three-tails RV comm where you will find more posts and projects over there until
next time remember live simple live free and enjoy the ride and we will see you
on our next video


  • Eric Van Eck says:

    I was really lazy and just got white plastic spray paint in a can and tada white vent 🙂

  • Aron Jemison says:

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  • Roaming Raven RV says:

    Thanks for this tip.

  • RV & Feel-N-Free says:

    Just a tip, its not the uv light that activates the salon care 40, it is heat (just ask your local hairdresser). I did my rv tub on a hot day and let sit for 12 hours with the rv closed up. It went from very yellow to white. Hopefully this might save someone some money from going out and purchasing uv lights.

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