Hello friends, this week I propose you a new MODDED color called “MYSTICAL MARSHMALLOW”. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to stay informed about the next MODDED colors videos and leave a LIKE if you like the ones proposed. Before you begin, make a request to your leader or crew captains to enter the HEX & RGB values on the Social Club as shown at the moment
on the capture displayed on your screen or share the video to them. To proceed, you must place your mouse cursor on the colored rectangle corresponding to your crew color, right click on it, then “INSPECT”, a console will appear either at the bottom or to the right of your screen; locate the line “crew color…value” enter the HEX value then validate with the “ENTER” key
of your keyboard; locate the line “Background color.. RGB” enter the RGB value, validate with the ENTER key of your keyboard as well. Now, do, “SAVE THIS CREW”, then launch the GAME. If you do not have time to record the HEX and RGB values, I have indicated them in the description of the video. Once you’re at Los Santos Custom or BENNY’S, go to the PAINTING menu.
If your vehicle has two colors: “Primary” and “Secondary”, start with the Secondary to apply
The first layer. Once in the Secondary Color menu, go to METALS, select Pure Gold and validate; then go to Primary Color, METALS and Pure Gold, validate. Then go to Primary Color, Metallic, stay 4 seconds, do not validate anything then exit. Go to PLATE, select one of the first 3, validate; go back to PAINTING Primary Color, Pearlescent Color Menu, select the Ultra blue shade and validate, and then go back. Go to Primary Color, CREW, you validate.
You exit, you go to Secondary Color, CREW, you validate. Here you go, you have the “MYSTICAL MARSHMALLOW” shade on your bodyshell.

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