🐢 BestPet Heavy Duty Pet PLAYPEN Dog Exercise Pen Product Review 🐩

Hello. This is a review of the BestPet pet gate fence
by Factory Direct Wholesale. Now as you can see we have oneput together
and it’s working out so well that we decided to get another one. There are 2 little dogs that reside here and
they have a nasty habit of doing their business anywhere and everywhere in the yard so the
solution that we came up is to put up the dog pen so they come out here for a little
while in the morning and in the afternoon and evening and go back in. Now you’ll notice that there is a brick or
I guess 2 stones on either side of the gate. The little dog, Rudy, has a hard time getting
into the pen so that gives a little step. I might come up with something better later,
but it is working. Here’s the box it came in – came from Amazon
and is available elsewhere. I put the other one together myself without
any assistance in just a few minutes time just going to try to figure out as we go along
how to put the two together – there are a variety of shapes that are possible. So here it is. Really the idea is in the case of my dogs
is not to give them more room to run – actually both of them – one is a lazy pug and the other
one is a senior citizen but it expands the amount of area where they can do their business
and preserve some of the grass and make it easier to clean up. Come on
come on look, there’s a little shelter right here
yeah much more room you’ve got a little spot if it rains you’ve got shelter – hang out
in the shade – isn’t that nice? Lots of room now
Here is the back door where the dogs have scratched and scratched – looks horrible and
I want to paint it but I haven’t painted it becasue I figured it would just get like that
again.But one benefit that I really didn’t think about until after getting it – of this
dog pen is that they are not going to scratch at the door – they go outside to the pen,
stay there awhile and come right in – don’t scratch at the back door. Well this thing’s great
Yeah, their own little spot

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