🌸   Wildflower 💜  FINGERPAINT Abstract Acrylic Painting for Beginners

🌸 Wildflower 💜 FINGERPAINT Abstract Acrylic Painting for Beginners

Hi. I’m Cinnamon Cooney, your Art Sherpa, And today I want to show you how you can finger paint at home and still make beautiful art. This is definitely also for grown-ups. So, get your paint. Get your brushes. Check the materials list. Come back and meet me at the easel right now. We have wildflowers to paint with our fingers! Let’s go! I have here just a nine by twelve canvas board. This is pre-gessoed. You don’t need to do another thing to it. I have put out my acrylic paint colors that I can mix them together with my palette knife when I need to. I have yellow ochre. These two are phthalo green. This is burnt sienna. These two are cad yellow. This is cad red. This is phthalo blue. This is dioxazine purple, and these three are titanium white. I have, ready to clean up messes, baby wipes. I also have really fun blue rubber gloves. Super fashion color. I have one brush for the acrylic ground. And to mix colors together I have my- Doing doing doing- My palette knife. So that’s all I need. To start having fun, and the first thing that I’m gonna do is paint the whole canvas this yellow gold color. I’m gonna take my brush. This is a number ten bright. Really you just want a big enough brush to be able to paint the whole canvas in one color. I get a little water on it. I drag off the extra. This is a synthetic filament. So it’s not gonna carry too much water. I’m gonna paint this whole canvas this yellow gold color. You’re gonna notice, and it’s important for you to notice this, and we’re gonna do this real fast, cause you don’t need to see this whole thing. Is that it’s streaky. And it can be streaky, but what you do want to do is cover all of the white with the paint. So don’t worry about brush strokes. Don’t worry about streaky. This is all gonna be covered with paint. Just make sure that all the white…. Is gone. So we’re ready to get to the fun part. Let’s glove up. A viewer tip that I had that was so good was to double glove my dominant hand. So that it would be tighter and a better precision finger painting instrument. Because here, at the easel, our hands now are precision painting instruments. We’re just kicking this up a notch from the days of finger painting when we were kids, aren’t we? I’m gonna have some fun today. Now, I’m gonna take my palette knife and premix out some colors that I’m gonna be using around the canvas. And that’s gonna make it easier for me so as I’m going I can just feel my expression. Put my worry and stress down from the week and really enjoy this project, cause this project is gonna de-stress whatever i going on. So I’m gonna take a smidge… A smidge of my phthalo. Over to my yellow ochre. Just a smidge. I want this to be a fairly gold green. Pretty bright. Right? I might even take a smidge of my yellow over here. My cad yellow. And make some even brighter stuff. I like to have some tones and values. That I’m working with, cause it really helps me doing my background. Make it feel blended and soft. Even though I’m doing it all with my fingers. I’m going to come over to my burnt sienna and my phthalo green. I’m gonna make a nice dark color. This is going to be the low, like, leaves and dark shadows that are loosely and abstractly expressed. It’s also just really fun. Like, let’s just take a minute and just acknowledge this is just fun to squish the paint. It’s really, it’s just fun to get your fingers in paint. It’s fun to just squish the paint just in general. So I’ve got some neat colors that are sort of mixed up. I’m gonna wipe off my palette knife. My baby wipes are ready. My fingers are ready to go. Let’s start pressing in that background. So first I’m gonna maybe pick up a little of this dark. And grab some white. Getting this very foresty thing. I can even grab a little of this burnt sienna. Look at this. Just like my brush, all right there, on the tip of my finger. Dun, dun, dun! Over to my canvas, and I’m just pressing it around. The gold underpainting allows me to create the feeling of a glow underneath. And I’m just taking my paint. Feeling my canvas. Really feel it. Pressing it around. If you haven’t finger painted since childhood, this is gonna definitely bring back some of your memories. I’m gonna grab some of my… This is the brighter yellow that I made with the cad yellow and the yellow ochre and the green. I’m gonna get some white here. Cause again, this is pushed back. Right? In the world. It’s pushed back a bit. So I definitely want it to feel pushed back. You can even get some of your yellow ochre so it kind of blends into the background color. This will also help fade it. Enjoy the…. Feeling of the paint…. Sliding under your finger. I think this is why this is such a big attraction in schools. Cause it’s just… Satisfying to do. I have got this brighter green here and I’m gonna make a little shape coming up here. Each of these blurry little shape- Pressing it over to the right. Pushing it up. Maybe a little bit over to the left. Represents a distant little…. Plant, or flower. Or something. Grab some yellow here. Maybe some more green. Come here on the side. There’s a little bit of somebody here. Growing up. Being silly. Grab some of this mid green. The mid green is really nice. So I can do little circles. I can go up and down. I can actually kind of make little expressive shapes. And weird strokes with my finger. And you can do that too. I’m gonna get some of the dark green on here and maybe quite a lot of my white. Just down here. Well, maybe some more yellow ochre in that. Enjoy that down here. Right? See that yellow warmed it up. So see. All the stuff that I can do with my brush, I can certainly do with my finger. Can push up shapes and think about it. Alright. And just enjoy…. The space. You can see I can go on the back side and press down. It’s really a nice stretch and feel for your hand. And the baby wipes can come clear all this off. As you need. Maybe some more green here. You know. A you need. Just blend and think about the value. So this is quite light. Right? You can always…. Say, “Ahh! Maybe there’s something brighter yellow there!” Push a little of it in. I’m gonna get into my darker value here. Maybe a little more yellow ochre in my darker value. So it’s that base green and I’ve added some of my ochre to it. That. Now, I’m using two of my fingers and really feeling my whole hand. I don’t feel like the gloves take anything away. Besides adding a little element of safety, cause we’re using real professional paint colors. They add a nice element of just really being able to be free spirited in a canvas. I think. Grab some of my mid green and some of my yellow for right here in this corner. Push that up. Over. Maybe. Another thing that you can do is, believe it or not, is you can be quite delicate. See, I’m being quite delicate there. Be delicate. Pressing this down. In this corner here, right here, I think I’m gonna use my darkest paint. To sort of create this value that’s very deep, where the main… Bulk of my wildflowers are gonna be. So, my intent with this was even on using my fingers, and you’re using your fingers. You having fun? Bring this over. Start color over to the left. You know. I talk about tools bringing joy but here you’re just using a finger. How’s your joy? Maybe you come up here and make a little like, leaf pattern. Experiment with it. Like, how it that? How is that feeling? Here. And so when that’s nice and covered… You get to enjoy the process of taking a wet wipe. If you can take it! If it c- This one is stuck in. And just…. Clean your fingers off. So that you can get into your next colors. Willy nilly. As you see fit. Remember, this is a brush and this is a brush, and this is a brush. And we’re gonna experiment with all of those to be brushes On the next part. But I wanna be sure to dry this just a little. I don’t want to dry it all the way dry, but I just want to give it a bit of a skin, so I’m gonna give it about thirty, forty five seconds of air. I want just enough of a stiffness to the paint and drag, it’s gonna pick up a little bit when I get into my fingers, but it’s also going to drag enough to pull paint off my fingers. So I’m gonna come over here, and I think the first color I’m thinking about, I’m thinking about getting some of this yellow and green that I have here. Can get a little more green on there, and some white. Right? And I’m gonna bring a little…. A little thought. This is just the tip of my finger over here. Just the tip of my finger. Little more white. Little more white. I’m coming down. I’m gonna get delicate right there. Look at that. How delicate that is. I let that- That’s like a dry brush with my finger, see? Ohhh! This is gonna be like, get the wet wipes out. So I’ve got that in there. I’m feeling pretty ok about that. I want to get some yellow. And maybe some of my…. Just a smidge… Look, it’s just there, on the edge there. And I’m gonna come here. Maybe a couple little drop of that. And I’m gonna go, you know what? I have a smaller, more precision tool. I have my pinky. So I’m gonna get just my pinky. Got this red. Right there. It’s kind of an interesting…. Little color. Might add some yellow to it to orange it up. There we go. Oranged up. On my pinky. And I’m going to just… Make little strokes. Telling the story of this delicate little distant not a defined flower. This is far away. Alright. So I’ve grabbed some different colors and I’m letting some of the… Color underneath pick up. Distant flower. Right? I’m gonna grab- I think I’m gonna… Make up a little of my….. Cad red and yellow here. Cause I’m feeling like I want an orange. And that’s gonna give me a nice one. I’m gonna pick up some of this orange on this finger. I’m gonna pull that glove back tight. Enjoy that. Maybe I’ll…. Tell the story of a… Little bit of a far off flower that’s right here and mix a little darker red into it. But not too much. Just a… Come closer and imagine this little distant friend. Right here. See how it’s like almost even a dry brush. Because a lot of what’s underneath is showing and I’m just letting the shape of my finger create this story. Ooh! This is really fun. So you grab some paint and you go swirly swirly swirly swirly swirl. Just enjoy that, man. Life can be so serious, and everything can be so intense, and this is not. Don’t let it be. Don’t let it be intense. I’m gonna leave some nice space here for some blue bonnets that I wanna bring in. So now I’m gonna put some more of these beautiful babies up front. I’m gonna get a little more bold. I’m gonna come right here. Pulling that glove back to tighten that stroke. I’m gonna do a little stroke with my finger tip. Just pressing down. I think about the shape. Of the flower that I’m- I’m being inspired by, right? Darkening that orange. I know it’s going to be wider at my base here. And that’s ok. That’s what I want. Thinking about that. And you know… As we’re up here, I’m going to…. Add some more of these more defined petals. Just define these petals out a little bit. And then go, maybe my pinky would define a petal more. Like, how is that? How does that feel? To my hand? To the painting? How are you feeling? You know. And you can be like, Oh, I think I… want to say no no. Here’s some dark foliage there with this dark green and maybe it comes around here and it picks up some of the red. That’s sort of fun, right? You can grab a little of your yellow. A little of your white. It’s ok if it picks up some of this other color. Maybe like right here. And a little bit of that, right? Just a little bit, to this side of the flower. Nice! I’m gonna grab… Some more of my red. Yellow. I like the swirling it around part. I won’t even lie to you. It feels real cool. Pulling this back. Maybe even grabbing another finger. And being like, what if I… Touched, and touched, and then let this finger engage, and then thought about these things. How often do you get to use your whole hand? This is “your body’s much more engaged in this painting” process. Grabbing some pure red. Maybe kind of smear this out and feather this out saying, Oh! It got a little bigger here. Something around here. And that’s ok. And then you’re like, but I need some definition. In this main flower. I’m gonna grab some just yellow. Put some of that there. Maybe some there. Right there. Little bit up here. The red bits. Defined in the distance. Right? This nice…. Pulling little dots there. Just thinking about the shape. Alright. So I want to put some blue bonnets in. I’m gonna want to really make sure that the red is off my glove. Now, you can change gloves, Or you can just clean your glove. I’m gonna just clean my glove. Because I kinda like when little bits of paint get there. I’m gonna pull my gloves tight. I’ve got my white right here. I’m going to load up my pinky. And this. Because I’m gonna want one that has very tiny pinky little strokes. Maybe his little friend, right here. Cause he’s more thought out finger strokes right there. Maybe a little one up here. Just pulling that. Little bit down here. Kind of in an unexpected way. Now I can take my dark purple, and my blue. And I can think about these little wildflowers. Their shape. Enjoy them. I’m gonna put another little patch of this dark color. I’m not gonna put the dark color everywhere cause I want there to feel like there’s darks and lights. Maybe I’m gonna put a little bit there. Right? Dark and lights. And a little bit down here. You’re gonna find this is super effective and fun. Alright. Now…. Grab my blue. Maybe a smidge of white. Let’s… Put these guys in. How are they thought about? Just little dots. Filling them in. Blurring them where I would blur them with my brush. There we go. That just touching my finger. Around here. Have some fun. Putting in the blue. Gonna be real fun when I come back with a little bit of white. And blue. Gonna be like, boop, boop, boop. Maybe a little bit more white right here. But it picks up the blue underneath. So it talks about something that’s happening here. Maybe a little something can happen there. More white on here. Tighten my… Precision instrument. And I’ll add just some… A little bit. You don’t want to take out all your values, but you do want to add some color interest. I’m going to… Take my pinky. Just make sure I carved out the shape I’m looking for. The way I’m gonna want it. Bring that out. Enjoy your precision instruments. And now… Peel your hands free from their plastic confinement. Just gonna enjoy taking those off. Ohhh!!! The double glove is gonna come off. It’s tight, it’s tight!It’s coming off! And I still managed to get paint on myself cause [laughs] it wouldn’t be me! If I remotely attempted to be clean at all, and got myself at all dirty. I hope you’ll make time for this type of art in your life I had so much fun finger painting with you. I hope it really let just you relax and let it go. Be good to yourselves. Be good to each other. If you loved this, hit the subscribe button and tell your friends to get the rubber gloves on and get painting, and I want to see you at the easel really soon. Bye bye! Nerp, nerp, nerp nerp…. [laughs] Art… It’s a journey. [chuckles]


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