【OIL PAINTING TIMELAPSE】”Her Little Paradise’, Oil Interference Powder Pigment on Wood

hello everyone, it’s Lavennz here and welcome to today’s video. And today I’m going to
talk about this painting that I have completed and vanished the week before I go to Pasadena and Los Angeles so if you remember a film partially of my last video, the Sketchbook Tour, in the hotel room I stay in Pasadena so right now I’m back to Maine since Tuesday and I’m kind of miss those wonderful moments I have in Southern California I love the food there, the scenery, the weather, the unique houses I saw around Pasadena which I never saw this kind of building
somewhere else but maybe in Mexico or Southern America which I haven’t
visited yet and I also did some watercolor landscape sketches in my
travelers notebook and some travel diary so this is the mountain view I
saw from the windows of my hotel room based on the map this
mountains is supposed to be call as Angeles National Forest and I was really inspired by the view to use the cold earth tone the paint the rock and the mountains and the skies and I’m definitely going to use these color
scheme in my next video so the second sketch is a sunset sky view. I’m not very good in watercolor landscape painting so it looks rather like ocean or something abstract not cloud and sky so that’s just two sketches
I did there and I also spent a day in Universal Studio Hollywood which is so much fun and I love the studio tour around Hollywood and also the 3D rides yeah that’s amazing and I love
the feeling they create in their Harry Potter world. I don’t have a good
picture because I didn’t bring my cameras to the park I just want to enjoy
have fun there but well, this is what it looks like
based on the plastic bag from the souvenir I bought. I only bought two souvenir there for myself so the one this one is what I’m wearing, the Gryffindor
scarf. Well, it looked like a typical scarf if you’re not the Harry Potter fan but I am so, I know this is Gryffindor scarf and I also yep here’s the bag I also bought a magic one from Ollivanders The wand I choose is the great wizard, Professor Dumbledore it comes in the box. It’s a collectible
artifact And this is what Dumbledore’s wand look
like I’m not going to play with it or maybe I will when there’s no one around yeah but this is something I’m interested to collect and I keep it in my studio with me I was thinking that maybe I would do a painting with a witch or wizard and a wand in the hand so this would be the perfect props for the
painting reference photo. so let’s get back to today’s topic which is this painting I call her ‘Her Little Paradise’ and this is the first ever painting I do on darker skin tone and I already show you the
portrait study of the painting in September video so I take a new approach
in painting this piece which I’m going to show you in the painting time-lapse
later in these video basically I do a lot of wet on wet technique in the painting background and I have two important secret ingredient, magic
ingredient, that make the background shine and sparkly and reactive
with light you can see I hope you can see it I see the purple here is more
vivid when there’s a light shining on it and when you turn, err, it’s not so easy to
see but in in real life you will notice the difference and special ingredient is I already show you in my previous videos which is the interference powder pigment the one I Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigment Powder and I’m
using the green and violet The pigment powder itself is very pale that you can hardly see the colors on it but when you
apply this on the darker background the colors will come out vividly very
saturated especially when they reflecting the light so I really love the sparkly starry background this the sparkly starry background of the
painting is very fantasy which is actually the purpose of this background in the painting is to represent the unrealistic
the the fantasies of this lady which mean is something she dream of and to bring the painting balance in between fantasy and reality I also add some laundry earring, the hanging laundry earrings from her ears well I know it’s weird but
I don’t know I just have this idea like something just hanging on our head to remind us, hanging around ears to remind us what’s the reality needs and how to do to survive and to me laundry is one of the best thing to
represent reality because this is something that we don’t, nobody love to
do laundry and I know even my mother who is very clean and tidy but I don’t think she enjoyed laundry as well so and me myself don’t, but we have to do it right otherwise we’ll ran out of clothes to wear unless you’re very rich, you just buy one and throw it away after you wore which is a waste add a house on top of the lady, is represent something that she dream and
could be a reality if she approaching it so basically this painting is about
dream so to me, dream is something’s come up from our fantasy and we try our best effort to bring it to reality which mean making the dream comes
true thus without actions, it’s not a dream. It’s daydreaming and so as we must always
that I feel that we must always remember what we truly want, our honest desire the
rooted deeply in our heart and we have to like take one step at a time in
approaching this dream to bring is the reality and when it happened we are living in our own little paradise that built with
our own hands so well that’s the basic ideas, the basic concepts of this painting I have but if I’m going to go into the detail, each of my ideas of this painting this videos were going like last, I don’t know, maybe hours if I can talk too much Yeah I’m not usually can talk so fluently and honestly I actually have to write up some what I want to talk before I
actually firming it because I always, my mind always go blank so I guess I have to
like train on public speaking right so I wish you have a beautiful day and I will chat to you very soon in the next video and so let’s wrap up this video with a
painting time-lapse of Her Little Paradise Enjoy and bye!

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