⚘ The Juniper Tree ⚘// House of Tales

⚘ The Juniper Tree ⚘// House of Tales

hello friends, my name is Lilith, and I will be hosting our Friday videos here on Pyperbleu. Today, I am introducing our
weekly segment, “House of Tales”, inspired by characters and themes of books and
mythologies I studied during my pasttime. time this isn’t a tutorial per se, more of a walkthrough and time lapse of my personal work, so, let’s get started. I like working with small format because I’m quite fickle, and I’m process driven, meaning the experience of thinking through is more satisfying and
fulfilling than the end product so working small allows me to cycle through
variations of my idea and concept I did do research & sketches before filming this piece, so that’s why I’m going ahead and starting with no under drawing or outline. I don’t enjoy when things are too… “realistic” or rendered, which may sound contradictory if you have seen some of my other works, but I’m just letting the
lines guide me to where they want to go. I first came across this fairytale in a
novel written by Helen Oyeyemi, titled “Boy, Snow, Bird.” I don’t read fiction typically,
but I’m so entranced by Helens landscapes, I just can’t help myself. The themes of “The Juniper Tree” center around broken families and mistortune, which is typical
of many fairy tales because they served as cautionary messages and were passed
through word-of-mouth for generations – – that is, until the grimm brothers began
researching and collecting these stories and compiling them into the book that we
know about today. I am working with watercolor and pencil
today, and I have the koi Sakura palette which I will be linking everything down
below if you’re interested in my materials. I didn’t have a reference image, so I had to make up the lighting on my own. I decided to roughly indicate light coming
from above, creating more shadows on the bottom side of the tree. for the seeds and leaves I used a reference image because I wanted a 1:1 scale relationship, and I rendered the leaf stems just enough to provide information about the specimen. I included a Mockingbird because I wanted to draw a bird……;;; it’s not the best bird I’ve drawn, but it’s okay~ I’m not good at lettering, so I will try
and work on it the paper I used is very I will try and work on it. The paper I used is very dense, and the pen tip got snagged often. It didn’t create the flow I wanted I think next time I’ll try a dip pen or
something instead and now it’s on to assembly~~ for the rest
of the elements, I’m incorporating different textures – like transparent
paper, the translucent washi tape that my mom bought in Japan five years ago, the
glossy rose stickers – they give the page even more dimensionality, which I really
enjoy. and I’m just having fun here, arranging these extra elements in the way that feels right to me. I hope you folks enjoyed this video, if you have any comments or questions, or if you have fairytale recommendations for
future videos, please let us know. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you next Friday.


  • calista says:

    I’m so glad you guys decided to make a channel for your art! Love the contrast of Annabelle’s art and yours! Absolutely captivated by your art Lilith, can’t wait for more ❤️

  • cryingmybest says:

    as bio major this feels so darwinian ?? 😅 aaAHHHHHHHHH I LOVE IT 💖💖

  • Tanvi Shivam says:

    I loooooooooove what you guys have come up with and your art is truly magical and reminiscent, Lilith.

  • Evil bird says:

    Maybe you could try for the next fairytale The Golden Apple-tree and the Nine Peahens. It’s a Serbian old folktale and idk I think it would look very pretty with your aesthetic 💖💖

  • Ellayca Go says:

    Enjoyed listening to the story behind your illustration! Looking forward to the next videos.
    Thanks for sharing with us your process Lilith 🙂

  • Tasnime Boussenna says:

    everything is so beautiful i rly cant wait to see more im soo excited!

  • Aalka Trishita says:

    Listening to the thought process that goes into these works of art helps me a lot in bringing new ideas for my own art. I'm so happy that this channel came to being. Two sisters making art together, nothing can be better than this. Thank you for everything. ❤️

  • Nisha Chhetri says:

    This is so beautiful Lilith, I love the final outcome.

  • Dallas says:

    Ah!! Love this so much! Love your art style~ ✨

  • 15 jc says:

    Your art is so beautiful. I am very excited to see more from you! Thank you for posting <3

  • ash says:

    this is so enchanting 🔮✨💫🌃🌟

  • Carla Autumn says:

    I'm in love, big big big time! <3 I was wondering if you have any tips in order to find/improve your line, and also if you recomment any artists that you find inspiring. I'm also the kind of artist that loves the suggestion of something rather than a more realistic approach. Thank you, you are amazing! <3

  • Melody's life says:

    Really nice♡

  • najade _ says:

    not really a fairytale but I'd love to see your rendition persephone and hades 💕

  • Alice Baskerville says:

    Wow… this is beautiful. I think painting and drawing are the most amazing ways to express yourself. I can’t draw or paint and I really wish… but I suck

  • Maggie Tseng says:

    Go baby Go!

  • sofia dalla torre says:

    Wonderful artwork! Thank you for taking the time to write all the extra information in the description<3 You too have a great weekend!

  • Yami Kawaii says:

    Could you do a digital art video or what you use to do digital artwork?

  • olivia katz says:

    love your work lilith!! glad to see you on yt!!

  • clorowl says:

    Love it! Your process is so unique 💞

  • PING! says:

    Okay her voice and her just


    Is just so flippING CUTE

  • Ingrid Kuo says:

    Your art, voice, and video editing style is so therapeutic! Loved this first video~ can’t wait for more <3

  • Joy Marino says:

    Omg I feel like im in hogwarts, and lilith is the best professor of dark arts, potions, and everything tbh! I love this i love everything about this video. The magical introooo ugh the description box is very informative. Thank you lilith for making this!

  • Hanle says:

    So lovely ♡♡

  • Hanle says:

    I love how you and your sister have different styles and they all are beautiful 💞💞

  • nicetsukki says:

    this is the loveliest comment section I've seen in a while, which makes sense since this is such a lovely and informative video 🌸 also your voice is very calming!

  • William Barker says:

    Lilith, your style of making art is really beautiful in the many textures you add to make a piece complete! I loved the daintiness of the bark on the tree, and the beautiful scripture that complements the overall piece! Your art and evolving style is completely a mood and I am here for it!

  • Littlesprinkles9 says:

    UGH! The AESTHETIC! Your voice is so soft and calming 🙂 I love what you have said in this video, how you just let the lines guide you to where to go. Very inspiring <3

  • Stefanie says:

    Lilith, your attention to detail is extraordinary.

  • NykkeyB says:

    Can I suggest either talking louder or tuning the volume up in editing. I have to turn my volume up all the way just to make out what’s being said.

  • Ailina Juliona says:

    I am in awe. 😍

  • rainroadoodle says:

    Okay ive been waiting for more lilith content since you first appeared on thr main channel and HERE IT IS!!!!! I’m so excited AH

  • kingdiaries says:

    this video is making me relax and have a piece of mind 😊 im excited for their future videos 😍

  • Allyson says:

    I wish I had a sister who was artsy like me, Annabelle and you make a wonderful pair!👍✨❤️💕🍉

  • mi casa says:

    This is so therapeutic i love your art 🥰

  • puppieboy says:

    so far this channel is one of my favorites!✨🍊🌧🥀🕸🧣🦴

  • MunahidFromMars says:

    Such beautiful art! I’m so glad you two made this channel! Love you❣️

  • natcatastrophe says:

    the process of building this piece was very charming to watch! it's easy to see that art is truly your passion. the way you let the art breathe and flow, and dictate your process really shows how much of a pro you are <33

  • Zoe Fitzgerald says:

    I cannot express just through words how truly excited I am for this channel! I love both of your artworks and am soooooo happy that you guys decided to back a channel dedicated to it. I can’t wait to see the videos you guys put out! Love you guys and thank you so much for this new channel <3

  • Paige Mackensie says:

    This beautiful songgggg, thank you!

    Much love <3

  • Cynthia Blair says:

    How lucky are we to be included in this art journey with both of you!
    I have no sisters and have always wanted one! How nice that you both share art interests and can experience that aspect of your life together!

  • unicornswag says:

    truly inspiring and lowkey learnt alot more about art and it’s mindset ^^ xx

  • Joons Crabs says:

    this is the most calming, and aesthetic:)) i love liliths voice and style

  • Jessie Fea says:

    your dialogue is so beautiful it really added to this video, I aspire to have such an intellectual and pretty vocabulary. An absolutely mesmerizing video, thank you for sharing<3

  • toiletteregina says:

    the dreamy feel of your work makes me think of yoshitaka amano. so ethereal ✨

  • Alexandra Evans says:

    People always complain that block watercolors are too chalky but I use tube and cube watercolors and find them both to suit my needs adequately. Do you feel any particular way about either? (loved ur vid!! can't wait for more Fridays with Lilith)

  • Houry Jamgotchian says:

    Loved it. You are encouraging me to draw again

  • thatkccortez /// says:

    girl, okay. so, first of all – welcome to youtube, dear lilith! ✨ thank you so much for being here and sharing with us your art. 🌻 now, i cannot tell you enough how much i love everything in this video. the aesthetic, the inspiration, the details, the music, your voice. literally, everything. the way you use the proper words to describe your art is just wonderful ✨ i cannot wait til next friday! 💛

  • Lilian Chen says:

    This was so calming and therapeutic, thank you for sharing your work Lilith <3

  • Coley HS says:

    Amazing job Lilith! °~ I love the final outcome 😍 I can see this series looking incredible as a zine/mini book incorporating all the tales together in one place (especially with the vintage/fantasy vibes) ✨❤️

  • Nellie Eillen says:

    Love this concept, reminds me of art I used to create!

  • Javi H says:

    How lovely 💚 I was mesmerized from beginning to end!

  • Liz V. Art says:

    This turned out so beautiful! I loved the video in it's whole, but a small suggestions: You have a very soft voice, I think it would be nice if you turned your voice-over volume up a bit so we can hear you better.

  • artheartapart says:

    This is so beautiful ahhhh

  • Fatemeh says:

    Lilith! I always loved when you made an appearance in your sister’s videos! You are amazing and cool and this has such a fall vibe to it, the end product is perfect but dare I say the process was even more perfect? Aw, I’m so proud of you!! 🙂

  • jk jk says:

    love you sooo much‪(ᯅ̈ )/‬‪(ᯅ̈ )/‬꒰*´∀`*꒱

  • Fraan Santana says:

    This is so beautiful

  • Chaima says:

    your art is really impressive, Lilith!! Your voice is so soothing and the aesthetic in the intro is magical.

  • Rachel Hirshon says:

    I love your artwork! I’m so excited for this channel:) I can’t wait to see all the art you guys make. Do you think you guys could make a video talking about your experiences at RISD at some point please? I really want to go to RISD and study Illustration, so it would be so helpful to hear your feedback on it. Thank you:)❤️

  • Dimitria Papadatos says:

    Thank you for your video !!! So excited to see what’s in store from you guys 🙂

  • lis aisya says:

    the mystical vibes of this piece is just… wonderful, i am in love 😳🤯💘💞 definitely giving me inspirations for my future works

  • Anna Birta says:

    Hi Lilith 💕welcome to our YouTube family 😊 Your voice is so calming and nice, your art is incredibly beautiful, and the way you speak is wonderful, it makes you listen. We're all so happy to have you here and I cant wait to see more of you 💗😊🌟

  • Mirriam Neal says:

    This is INCREDIBLE. Everything. Your art, the aesthetic. I love this so much.

  • Skylar Whitehead says:

    Your art is stunning lilith!! I find your voice so relaxing. It'd be amazing if you could tell us the story you're illustrating in the voice over,,, or maybe even just a brief synopsis!!! Or not!! Either way thank you for providing us with some beautiful relaxing art x

  • Shae Doodles says:

    I am so so excited and happy for this channel, I love both of your artwork so much, and just the contrast between your styles is so cute and it'll be wonderful to see content from both of you on this channel 💕

  • karenlovegood says:


  • rosemary says:

    gosh I love this, its so unique and magical, lilith's voice is super calming! ><

  • tehya says:

    totally unrelated to the art, which is beautiful, but what color is your nail polish??

  • rich bich says:

    You should try the story of the tailypo

  • Lauryn L. says:

    This is a very beautiful channel. Love you guys! and amazing art

  • sierra says:

    lilith! i'm so excited to see more of your work n hear from you more often now! your style is breathtaking <3 n this was so relaxing to watch, so thank you!!

  • Paulo Ross De Leon says:

    this is so pretty and calming 💘🌈

  • Mary Holly says:

    Your words ar magnificent!!

  • Meggie_ Ramsey says:

    Love this channel!!! I would love to see an art book tour or a sketch book tour from you two! Maybe from when you traveled?💐🧚🏻‍♀️

  • feng xx says:

    It’s so ethereal. I’d love to read a fairytale with illustrations made by you

  • 黒歌鳥Kuroutadori says:

    Oooh Von dem Machandelboom, we had to analyse parts of this fairy tale in german class. I love your take on the tale and how you assembled every thing in the end, so beautiful ✨

  • Emily Miranda says:

    lilith!! it feels so special to be leaving a comment for you. i LOVED this!! everything about it was so wonderful. i've never watched a video with this kind of art or observed someone sketch like this and i was fascinated. to get an in-depth look at your work and process for what seems like the first time is so special and i absolutely love your style. i cannot wait for more of this series!!

  • c a r i n a says:

    I'm so happy I found this channel, watching your videos is like a small joy in life for me

  • Nija Williams says:


  • Eliza Praxmarer says:

    Omg omg Lilith, this is sooooo beautiful! Can’t wait for you both to upload something new aaaah ♡♡

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    This was so lovely!! I'd adore to see baba yaga and her chicken legged house in this ethereal style 💕

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    " i didn't have a reference picture.."
    she did all that without a reference pic??? amazed

  • Andee Noble says:

    When I saw Annabelle's old video with you, with your art school bags and all, I was wondering if you had a channel and I wished so hard for it to happen- because I was curious about your art and everything, so seeing this channel happen was really amazing 🙂 You seem so magical and calming, and I'm glad you guys are doing this! Welcome to youtube and keep creating amazing content <3 !!

  • Carol Benavidez says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I agree with all the comments on your aesthetics. Can't wait for more!

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    It's a different style from what I'm used to see or work and i love your work it's truly inspired and amazing. Can't wait to see other videos.

  • Holli Nikita says:

    Sorry Lilith but I couldn't really hear ya, even though my volume was all the way up haha.

  • Sandara Park is my Queen says:

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    I AM LITERALLY in love with your art style lilith

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    GORGEOUS. I’m so excited and happy to finally see Lilith’s art and personality in action! I have such a fantastic feeling about this channel. 😍❤️

  • Julia Wang says:

    everything about this is perfect

  • Helen Kuhlman says:

    Omg! I love ur nails! What color?

  • Christy Fung says:

    Amazing sketch!!! I’d like to know what is the background music? It makes me feel so calm!!

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  • D Fashionlovesdiy says:

    This is so magical!!! Love it. The atmosphere of the intro is so beautiful!! You are so talented! Keep up the amazing work.

    I‘ve got a small Art Channel, it would mean the world to me if you would check out my videos. Hope you have an amazing day. 🌞♥️

  • ZaazJay says:

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  • velvet says:

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  • Mandy C says:

    This is wonderful.
    A little correction for the description: yesod is יסוד, not סוד (which reads 'sod', and means secret 🙂 )

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